Battleborn vs overwatch?

So Iv been watching out for these. but dam they are like carbon copies of each other now. how will they differ really? which one will you guys choose? Personally i think blizzards Overwatch has better character design and more detail.

but honestly with how unique every hero seems itd be cool to play both lol. idk i cant tell but they look really fun. next level team fortress!

No one talks about Gigantic…

Personally I’m looking at Gigantic and Overwatch, they just seem more my style

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thank you guys for showing me gigantic…yet another mirror game lolol. whats up with the big push for this genre all a sudden anyway?

Who knows yo, I’m happy with it though, I love these kind of games

is gigantic a PC only? I think overwatch and battleborn are multiplatform

I know for a fact it’ll be on Xbone

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so many multiplatform games these days. what was the point of choosing a console this time lol

Half-life 2.5 confirmed

I prefer console gaming myself. Though I play on all 3 platforms. And enjoy gaming no matter what.

I’m pretty sure Overwatch is going to be PC exclusive, at least for a little while.

I know I’m really late to this thread, but I went looking for mentions of Gigantic and have to weigh in.

TEG, does Blizzard actually do anything non-pc these days? Besides phone app support for Hearthstone.

@kyronr600, I think that Battleborn and Overwatch are pretty different to be honest, and I’m looking forward to playing both.

Battleborn is a shooter MOBA with a co-op campaign because Gearbox also likes stories. The level up system they use involves 10 levels, unlocking your ultimate ability at level 10 and getting a choice of 2 talents per level to power up your character. There’s a currency used for turrets and extra minion spawning stations and stuff I believe. Main multiplayer mode is about pushing the enemy’s base, MOBA style.

Overwatch plays more like TF2, I don’t think you upgrade the characters during the game but you can switch on the fly TF2 style and ults are built up by doing damage (though I assume the supports and maybe the tanks can build theirs up in other ways too).

I agree that both have awesome characters and I’m looking forward to playing both :slight_smile: can’t wait to play Caldarius in Battleborn or Reaper in Overwatch!


I’ve been waiting for Overwatch since Nov. 7th, still waiting on them to open beta or something.


Played Battleborn at E3. Felt like Destiny (grind against hordes of enemies)

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Think the beta’s soon. I saw people talking about autumn time or something. I’m signed up for the Overwatch beta. Think I signed up for Battleborn too though I don’t remember it well and don’t expect to get in

@rcsrex guess that was the co-op campaign. Still, sounds like a MOBA to me! :slight_smile:

I’m gonna go for Battleborn I think, seeing as Overwatch is PC exclusive.

Not saying I don’t have a PC to play it of course but my laptop wouldn’t probably be able to run it.

All three games, Overwatch, BattleBorn and Gigantic cover different specific genre’s and split from each other, with Gigantic and Overwatch being the closest of the three. From people I know who have played all three titles, this is my general breakdown.

Overwatch: If you’ve played Dirty Bomb, this game is going to be very similar in objective style. The whole idea of the objectives are the same, on top of that the whole concept of characters being different and having their own unique set of skills and weapons is also shared. However, there is one distinct issue with Overwatch right now that needs addressing, and hopefully does get changed. It feels SO SLOW. Like, it’s not even funny how slow the gameplay feels, which does not feel addressed with how the ‘Gameplay’ and ‘Character’ trailers are done. Abilities do not one shot like every trailer shows, and due to characters not having any kind of movement ability unless built into their kit, everyone moves so slowly. Those who do have movement in their kit feel great, but kind of at a disadvantage having lost an ability spot for movement. Fix this and you have a game WAY better than Dirty Bomb, as Overwatch has ‘Character’ built into the game and will probably sell on Blizzards title alone.

BattleBorn: As someone said, it feels very grindy against hordes of enemies. More of a MOBA feel to the game, especially with the use of the enemies. Hopefully the game makes the balance of PvE enemies and PvP enemies correct, or it will feel pretty boring just mindlessly killing small enemy bots over and over and then never really killing much in the way of actual people in real, exciting combat.

Gigantic: The closest one to a MOBA, as it practically is a MOBA port to an FPS. The whole system of abilities is being moved over, as well as the idea of a MOBA style laid out map and the balance of enemies to players seems to match that of a MOBA too.

Overall, I am looking forward to Overwatch the most, and look forward to casting for this game too. Battleborn is the one that excites me the least actually, the whole grind gameplay looks terribly boring to cast and watch, with Gigantic coming a close second to Overwatch.

I’ve heard about Overwatch being slow. Symmetra is a must have just because you move back to where the action is so much faster, making her teleporter ult extremely powerful. I like how skills aren’t a one-shot though, the characters seem to have really high DPS regardless (I’m actually with the damage Tracer’s pistols do, decent aim and you can melt the squishies in that clip) and if everything was one-shot it would make ults a little less impactful. However, I do think that it would be a LOT better for the trailers to show the normal damage output, both so that people that haven’t played the game stop complaining that every character is OP and so that it’s easier to work out the damage and DPS of skills and weapons.

I don’t think Battleborn’s PvP side has been properly revealed yet, at E3 they were just showing co-op clips that we’ve already seen before. I haven’t played the game but I have a feeling that if they let people play anything it was the co-op campaign.

I’m looking forward to Battleborn the most I think, but it’s a close call really. The important thing for me is characters, both depth and their progression. Battleborn offers a clear winner for my favourite character in Caldarius and talents to pick while levelling, Overwatch is going to be awesome and there’s a bunch of awesome characters that I want to play but none that immediately click as my favourite and as far as I know no “extras” that add depth. Gigantic is looking pretty nice though, the website hints at talents for levelling up and Tripp is a clear winner for me. The other characters look cool too. They all have awesome rosters!

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this right here.

The more i watch battleborn the more I dont want to even rent it.

Xbox is luck as hell to get smite tho. I liked that game on PC.

Ill see what happens with overwatch and gigantic. but currently battleborn is no go. dont like it

Well, seeing as how Overwatch is PC exclusive (shocking, Blizzard), thar one is definitely off the table for me. I’d have to take a closer look at Gigantic, but the whole gameplay concept doesn’t sound super appealing to me. I’ve had my eye on Battleborn for a while and I love the character variety and the FPS perspective. Also, co-op in Gearbox games is always well done and that would be nice. However, the whole lost progression thing really bothers me and I just don’t trust Gearbox anymore. I think I’ll definitely have to wait for some reviews before I buy.