Battleborn Early Access


The wonderful people at 2K studios helped me secure an early release for this game and will be streaming it up until release with a real hard focus this weekend. I’ve been playing with @DB_Sinclair, @SuperBadJuJu, @StealthShampoo and a few others last night that aren’t on these forums (That I know of). Feel free to stop by my twitch and ask any questions you might have if you are on the fence or are not sure what the game is about.

Do note that we are only allowed to show certain portions currently (Just Incursion mode) with more modes/maps being unlocked over time.

Click here to show me the Battleborn!

I’ll be starting my stream back up in about 5 mins.


I loved the Closed technical test, I can’t wait to play this tomorrow.


It’s a ton of fun :slight_smile: Enjoying it a lot.


Yep, it’s a great game. Fell in love with it immediately.


Wow you are one lucky cow :smirk: I loved the Closed technical can’t wait for the full game. Will have to check out your twitch for that.


Is the early access only PC, or will it be on PS4 also?


Lucky. I loved the technical test, can’t wait for the full release. Although, my internet is largely MIA at the moment, and I have Paragon to sink my teeth into when it’s back, so I’m not TOO jealous.


I’m not 100% sure about that.

No worries. Its super fun. We made a 5 man team last night and played against Gearbox and some other high end streamers. Our team womped them pretty good :slight_smile:


It’s on PS4 as well. I need to go check my email for the code.


Been having a ton of fun playing this. Played non stop all weekend and unlocked all the characters. The nice thing is that there aren’t any characters I don’t like, barring 1 possibly but I’ve only played him once. I didn’t like another character until I played him a couple more times and realized I was playing them wrong the first time. TONS of fun. :slight_smile: Lemme know if you have any questions.

They are allowing us to play 2 campaign missions and another MP mode on Wednesday. I’m really excited for the campaign. I also got to play with Totalbiscuit last night.


So I’ve hit level 87 and have been having a blast. The story campaign is actually much more in depth then I thought it would be for a MP (Mostly) type game. I don’t think there is a single character that I hate. I might not like their playstyle, but they are all generally well balanced :slight_smile:


Going to post a couple videos shortly about our Gearbox Challenge (Beat a campaign mission on the advanced difficulty on hardcore more {Once you die that is it} on your first attempt) as well as playing against the Gearbox Devs and a decent team. I’m playing Galalea in these videos. While I’ve played TONS of games, they are spread out fairly well among all the characters. I want to say these were my 6 and 7th game ever as her. Not too bad.


You said you unlocked all the characters, is there a money wall in front of them, or are they easily unlocked by simply playing? I know a lot of MOBA type games are heavily funded by DLC, I’m simply curious. :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to see your gameplay videos!!!


They are all unlocked via in game achievements or your account level. Level 40 unlocks all characters if you did nothing but level your account. Some characters can be earned by say, play 5 of this faction, beat this single player level etc… All DLC characters will be free (Similar to Evolve Variants) money is for new taunts, skins and single player content. I think the unlock requirements are pretty decent tbh. I hit level 40 maybe around the 20-24 hour mark?

The coolest part of the campaign is that it sort of feels like MMO style raiding but at a much faster pace. Positioning, tactics etc… are really important on that mode it seems. At least on advanced hardcore mode.


Wow, that sounds bomb!!!
Purely cosmetic DLC is a HUGE plus!!! :smile: I’m gona have to look into this game more.


I should have the videos up within 30 mins. I’m just watching them as I don’t have too much time to fancy them up or edit them.


What does the single-player mode have access to? A full campaign or something like Evolve without in-depth story building? Or something else entirely?


The video is almost done being uploaded. If you don’t mind spoilers you can see. I was surprised with how in depth it was compared to all the MP only stuff I’ve seen. The missions take about 30ish minutes with a solid group. The dialogue is the same with a few slight changes that it doesn’t feel repetitive. GREAT humor.


Well shit. Spent an hour waiting for Youtube to process the video and it was the wrong email account -.- I’ll upload it later today, it’s 3am and I need some sleep. I’ll post back for you guys though.


Does this mean the NDA is lifted for the closed technical test and I can post my Rath match?