Battleborn, an MMO shooter from the Borderlands team, is due winter


Gearbox will release Battleborn this winter, and it’s marked the announcement with a new trailer and more details about its cartoony “hero shooter.” That’s a more action-packed way to say “online shooter where you kill creeps and level up like in a MOBA.”

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Does it have a specific release date? I was actually very interested in this I love Borderlands


No actual release date yet.


Ah well if it says this winter hopefully it won’t be delayed :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think it will be delayed. There’s Overwatch coming up, 2K will have a huge competition.


Ya know big blizzard fan I’ve got a few 100s in WoW, maxed every class twice in diablo 3, was in heroes of the storm beta, but I’m not that into over watch it just doesn’t have the dark gloomy flare of other blizzard games lol


You consider Blizzard games to be dark and gloomy? That stopped after Warcraft 2 and still somewhat exists in the Diablo franchise but it’s MUCH more cartoony than grim and dark and has been for a while.


This looks very good :smile:
Never played borderlands, but am definitely interested in this. Can’t wait to see some ingame footage :slight_smile:


I ain’t hyping myself until I see something from the gameplay!

…No, okay, maybe I’m a bit too harsh. It seems like it’ll be interesting at least. But honestly after playing Minimum I don’t expect anything revolutionary.


Not dark and gloomy as in depressing but more just like an atmosphere like in heroes of the storm all those characters can work together where over watch looks really colorful and vibrant…I guess I just have a hard time putting my thought into words lol


Fair enough. Either way, I really wish Blizzard would stop going the easy route and start working on some more original work/iteration. Their Copy Paste formula REALLY bugs me lately. Can’t stand most of their recent releases. Starcraft 2 is the only solid franchise that I feel hasn’t gone completely terrible. That being said, the story for the second expansion sucked nuts. -.-


Diablo 3 is such a disappointment when it comes to the dark aspect when u compare it to Diablo 2 :confused:


I agree. I feel that Blizzard just like bright shiny colors to get people to notice that and not other issues with their products :stuck_out_tongue: Bright + Flashy = Wooing a lot of people who are content with mediocrity. Like, their games aren’t ‘terrible’, just that I feel that can do better.


Look at Heroes of the storm, they feature Diablo as a character. Not only Diablo but him from Diablo 2 his best version. They made him a joke and no where near as bad ass as he was in the game. I’m dissapointed in blizzard by this point. I hope that in the future when they make Diablo 4 they go back to there dark, BADASS, and gloomy roots.


My brother and I both think (Spoilers for Diablo 3) I really felt that Cain shouldn’t have been killed in Act 1. It was so stupid. I think in order to contain the Soul Stone that Cain realized that in order to keep it out of Evil’s Hands HE would have to stab himself with it and become Diablo. Either that, or the forces of Evil force him to do it etc… Having it happen to his daughter was really stupid. Then, the final battle would be SOOOO epic… You know you have to stop Diablo, but Diablo is still part Cain. It would have made it much more emotiona during that engagement. Never mind the plethora of other issues with the game. However, I really hated the story going the way it did… ugh… And no offense to Heaven, but they literally got their asses owned bad. Why are they even around anymore? :stuck_out_tongue: You would have his daughter worried about you killing off Diablo and Cain could have this internal struggle trying to break Diablo’s control over him. In an effort to ‘stun’ Diablo Cain has you kill ‘him’ while he suppresses the Diablo.

Sorry for the long paragraph, spoiler only works for 1 paragraph and I’m too lazy to break it up :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree, would have been so much more dramatic…I hate this because Diablo is the only Blizzard franchise I play currently. Warcraft is meh and I just don’t play star craft. I give them time to make up for it Diablo 3 isn’t bad…Its just not the Diablo i know…more like a mainstream ripoff with better graphics. Also I think that Malthael was not relatable enough. They could have made him a much better dramatic villian.


Yup. Also, the Lord of Lies didn’t seem… really lying. Yes he was a certain character, but it was PAINFULLY obvious who it was. Just felt like going through different levels to hit a crappy loot pinata. (Seriously hate that farming bosses aren’t as good as the stupid ‘pack’ crap they forced on us) Ugh… anyway, I’m de-railing and could go into it forever. Needless to say I was woefully disappointed with the game :frowning:


Isn’t Cain her uncle? It’s been awhile since I’ve played it. The story was pretty non-interesting, but it moved it along well enough. I personally loved D3. It would be nice if they would come out with a few new characters.


I agree Malthael could’ve been a more integral part of the story.


Ah yes, sorry, I was thinking of Adria’s relationship to her. You are correct, niece.