Battle of the Monsters [Oct 31 2015 finale] Potential GiveAway

HI all so here is the challenge. Depending on how many people decide to play, I might give out a free Gorgon code to the winning monster. Anyone can play and here are the rules.

Must play hunt 2.0

  1. When you find a match I will need a screenshot of all 4 of the hunters ranks.
  2. I need you to record the last 30 seconds of the match up to the part where it says monster wins.
  3. I need a final screen shot of the final match results showing the damage of all the abilities and match length time.


  1. For each hunter if they are [Gold = 3 points] [Silver = 2 points ] [bronze = 1 point]
  2. Monster Win [Stage 1 = 9 points!, Stage 2 = 6, and Stage 3 = 3]
  3. [ 5 points = 5min or less match ] [ 4 points = 5-10min match ] [ 3 points = 10-15 min match ] [ 2 point = 15-20 min match ] [ 1 point = 20 plus min match ]

You may post as many different matches as you like to maximize your final point total.

#Points are only received apon winning the match.

If more than 30 people participate within the challenge I’ll buy the winner with the most collective points any of the four tier 5 characters of their choosing or the fifth monster Gorgon.

#Spread the Word


might want to do 2 for silver, 1 for bronze, and 0 for determining. this way it doesnt sound like JUST for silver/gold. lol.


Cool idea man :slight_smile:


Dont you think this is a disadvantage to all Bronze-Silver 2/3* monsters? Because the are not facing any gold hunters at all ( well very very rarely maybe if there is some bug in matchmaking )


Ninja. :stuck_out_tongue:

I changed it Opps :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Zeon Gold teams are by fair the hardest to win, also monsters playing gold teams will lose a ton of points trying to reach stage 3 in a 20 min plus match. I think its fair because I cant see any monsters recieving the points for match win time or stage level win…but silver and bronze monsters might have a easier time with it. I also think that bronze monsters get more matches played than gold monster do because there are more bronze and silver hunters than there is gold. should balance nicely for when the gold monster finally finds a match.

Hate to be that guy…
Should be:


Lol thank, but shouldnt it be “Hate to BE that guy” instead of me that guy :blush:


lol thanks. But should it be

instead of

[quote=“ArcticStorm321, post:8, topic:74091”]
Lol thank
[/quote]? :joy:


no way… you guys planned all of that. right? that was hilarious! :joy:

LOL I think I just made a new best friend :blush:

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It really does look that way :joy:

thoroughly checks through post for spelling or grammar mistakes

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Ps it takes awhile before your game clip shows in your history so just post it later.

recording post

2+2+2+2 all silver
stage 3 = 1 point
time bonus: 13min = 3 points
total: 12 points

This is legit, congratz thinking of it.

I love the idea of a community challenge and I really respect the idea of it, however I feel that most ‘gold’ monsters trying for this are most likely already really committed to the game and most like already have the monster via the season pass or some other form. Just food for thought and am in NO way saying don’t do this :stuck_out_tongue:

You do have a point, but I can still give it to a friend :wink:


Oh I think that is most likely what is going to happen, it was just something I came across while reading :slight_smile:

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Yus, I agree with you again senpai.

I mean… Friend…


I can try talking to @MacMan and see if he can give us a exclusive skin for the winner. I just thought it would be cool to give out something to those who don’t have the funds to get a chance to play with the tier 5 characters. Its the only prize that I have the power to give to you guys. I wish I had something more to offer you guys, sorry.

You could always get the first skin(s), those aren’t something that can be pre bought.