Battle Cabot Tips

Everyone who says Battle Cabot sucks needs to chill out and consider that Battle Cabot has a different playstyle than regular Cabot. Just like Rogue Val plays completely differently than OG Val, Battle Cabot is his own hunter.

Battle Cabot is a long range indirect support. He is there to help his team from afar, which is new to supports and if you try to play him like Cabot or Hank you’re going to complain about how much he sucks because you’re playing him wrong.

Find a vantage point and use your Solar Burst on the monster. If the monster comes after you, try to get away or use your stealth ability.

Your stealth ability can used while chasing the monster because it provides a speed boost. The range on solar burst is insane. Once you know how to lead a target you can rain death like a champ. The cooldown is nothing with max perks.

The shield burst allows you to shield a teammate without being in the thick of combat, which again is new for supports. Learn to aim and you’ll be fine. If all else fails use your mic and communicate with your team. They may not have played with a Battle Cabot on their team enough to know what to do.

Only use your primary gun when solar burst is on cooldown, and try not to attract the monsters attention. Ideally he shouldn’t even know where you are.

Battle Cabot isn’t perfect yet. I think Solar Burst could do more damage or hit quicker, and the range of the cloak field should be increased, but he is mostly a solid support as long as you don’t try to play him the same as normal Cabot.