Battle cabot seems to need a buff?

this game,

I started match and the medic was like battle cabot? really? dont you find him underpowered? (not in a rude way)

the end of the match was, if you had chosen any other support we would have won this.

evolve, battle cabot seemed a bit under powered
medic and trapper had max self survival builds i guess,

I didnt get much healing, battle cabot damage out put seems a bit limited,
I have to go full damage dot 2nd and 3rd perks to be vaguely useful.

ideas to buff cabot:

pick any of the following might (i am not saying all of them)

the invis thing does aoe damage to any monster in it, or damage amp stacks on any monster in it.

more rounds in the gun to cut down the reload time,
more damage per round,
a dot built into the bullets,
3 to 5 seconds more invis for people
the invis thing makes people go 400 to 500 percent faster, higher and or recharges
jump jets to people in it,

the invis thing heals people

the heal ball also damages, damage amps or slows the monster,

the heal ball does 400 to 500 percent more healing, seems to do almost nothing atm,
or the heal ball has 200 to 400 percent more aoe.

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I think invisible healing would cause Battle Cabot to be the new Slim enabler. People would go insane.

But I agree that he needs a tiny buff. Mostly to his invisibility, possibly through duration.


Problem is he is not particularly good at anything, even when played well. His damage is mediocre even when you land his orbital, his shielding is light, his abilities are all extremely situational and inconsistent. There just doesn’t seem to be any reason to use him over any other support, including OG Cabot.

My ideas:
Buff his shielding substantially. Either decrease the cool down substantially, increase the size of the shield by a LOT, or give him several “bursts.”

His concealment is barely useful because so many things reveal you. How about making it provide light shielding and movement speed instead, and no concealment. Concealment is not very useful for hunters and annoying for monsters.

And his orbital…I think it would be perfect if it just did more damage.

His cannon is probably fine.

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I think the concealment is just meant to help run away is all

He’s pure trash. Right now the worst support, and the reason for that is because he was conceived with the current devs mentality of desigining stuff based of an excesive need to balance the fuck out of everything to the point nothing is fun, and everything is constantly getting nerfed to the ground. Do you think the devs designed Battle Cabot and had a few laughs and excitement when they were testing him? no, they werent. That’s why the character feels so useless, because instead of getting fun they were probably just thinking: “oh what if the orbital does more damage than an assault and kills the monster? nerf!” “oh what if the hunter shoots through wall to chip damage when the monster is running away? nerf!” “what if cabot shields the team when they need it the most? nerf!” and every possible situation that can be exploited to obtain an advantage was nerfed to the point absolutely every situation you would pick battle cabot for is not viable at all. That’s why they let you spam his orbital because considering how long it takes for that damn thing to land and how little damage it does, the monster shouldnt even worry about it.

It’s such a sad thing, but I think Battle cabot is the Parnell of the support class. Funny thing is both are free on the rotation right now, so you see lots of hunters losing a lot. :joy:

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I don’t see how Parnell is bad , I don’t think he got any nerfs since legacy


nerfing something that already sucks makes no sense, I think battle cabot will not get nerfed either. Mark my words, any new changes for Battle cabot are going to be buffs, considering how useless he is.

Parnell doesn’t suck


Yes, he does.

If he is like in legacy and didn’t change , no he doesn’t


It doesn’t take long for the orbital to land

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I’m with @Echorion and @ROOST_er Parnell does NOT suck. If you’re going to say an assault “sucks” then say the Markovs (imo they don’t suck, just aren’t as good as other options)


Alright but what if every other option is better?

Than Parnell? Strongly disagree. Lennox is marginally better (and I’m not even sure about that) against Goliath and Behemoth. Actually I’m not even sure of that. Torvald can out damage him if the monster is slow and the Torvald is skilled. Hyde is great but can’t match the damage output.

Never played as Rabe though so can’t give my thoughts on that.


all of those outdamage him except for rabe, and rabe is situational.

Parnell depends on a skill to fully be competent, he suffers from the same weakness every other assault, when they activate their combat skills to solo the monster is when the monster just ignore them. Parnell is useless 90% of the time, the other 10% he’s worse than the rest.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you, maybe in your experience it’s been that way but for me he’s always been a top assault


Yeah we all talk from experience, and as a monster main, that’s my opinion.

Parnell is regularly picked in competitive matchups. I don’t know why you think he is bad but he has great damage and only one particularly bad matchup (wraith). Especially if you pick damage/swap/damage or capacity. But this is kinda off topic. Get some practice with him sometime against a Goliath or Kelder and get some shotgun headshots with SuperSoldier on and you will see the monsters health MELT.


Parnell is good because he has great burst, and is good for chase damage. Maybe you’re just not very good with him? You said yourself he does require high skill.

being able to use his primary usefully against kraken is also a plus that not many assaults share.

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