Battle Cabot, Crates and Balance! - Update 2.13 [LIVE NOW]

New Support adaptation - Battle Cabot

  • The latest Support adaptation has hit Evolve Stage 2. Sporting a kit built around skill shots, Battle Cabot will be a challenge for any Support player to master. Be sure to check him out in game today!

Check Battle Cabot here:

Crates - Map Variant specific drops

  • Now when playing The Deepest Dark, Overpowered or Cataclysm the winning side will have a chance for a crate drop that will unlock one item selected at random.
    • Each Map Variant has it’s own specific crate for players to unlock.
    • Be sure to give each map a try at a chance at the new crates!

Learn more about crates here:

my2K Sign-In Incentive: Savage Goliath Skin and Markov Blood Eagle Skin

  • Starting with Update 2.13 all players who sign up with my2K will be awarded both the Savage Goliath skin and the Markov Blood Eagle Hunter skin.
    • If Founders previously owned Savage Goliath, the Silver Key exchange rate will be awarded once the update goes live.

Behemoth’s Reactive Armor UI

  • We’ve added a new UI icon when fighting against Behemoth to display the current number of Living Armor stacks as they build up during fights.
    • Each stack will be displayed with a number between one and ten. One being the lowest and ten the full stacks.

Co-op AI Behemoth has been added

  • Bob will now be available in Co-op vs AI!

Balance Updates

Dome Timer

Last week we introduced a feature to stall the Dome timer when a Monster attacks the Hunter team. While this accomplished some of our goals talking and watching a lot of our community we have some initial changes based off our players feedback to help this system feel much better to play against as a Hunter while still giving the Monster a tool to use against the Hunter team.

  • Damage over time Monster abilities no longer stall the Dome timer
  • Combat range reduced to 40 meters from 50 meters
  • Combat timer stall reduced to 2 seconds from 5 seconds
    • This means that after dealing damage, the timer will be stalled for 2 seconds before counting down again.
    • This will be reset after dealing damage to a Hunter.

Heavy Hitter Perk set

Watching a lot of the feedback over the past week with this new perk set we decided to make some initial changes to see where the new perks land for all players. We’ve stepped down their power just a bit and we’ll be watching their power over the next week. Note the Damage increase has not changed but the cooldown %’s have increased on both perks.

  • Brute Force (Superior)
    • CD changed to 13%|14%|16% from 18.75%|22.5%|25%
  • Heavy Hitter (Major)
    • Cooldown changed to 8%|9%|11% from 9%|12.5%|15%

Monsters can climb slowly while harpooned on a wall

  • Before this change a Harpoon would detach a Monster instantly while climbing a wall. Now, Monsters can continue climbing at a slower rate while harpoons are attached during wall climb.
    • Currently will slow Monster climb rates by 50% on walls.
    • Dev Insight: Harpoons felt way too punishing against Monsters while climbing walls. This is our first move to bring down Harpoons overall impact against Monster and remove some of those frustrating experiences falling from the top of a wall with a Harpoon in your back.

Wasteland Maggie - Balance Update

It’s been no secret that the Community didn’t think Wasteland brought much to the table compared to the other trappers. We made some AI changes to Daisy before committing her buffs but now we’ll be bringing out our first pass on Wasteland Maggie. Wasteland Daisy will no longer revive Hunters, but she’ll solely focus on dealing damage to the Monster which should help her overall DPS compared to other trappers. Let us know what you think!

  • Burst Pistol
    • Secondary burn DPS increased to 21 from 14
  • Flame Harpoon
    • Harpoon launch range increased to 18 meters from 15 meters
  • Wasteland Daisy
    • No longer revives Hunters
    • Will now focus on positioning herself to deal damage in combat
    • Range increased to 25 meters from 15 meters
    • Health increased to 1600 units from 1100
    • Damage increased to 50 from 28

Quantum Caira

  • Neutron Barrier
    • Cooldown decreased to 28 seconds from 30 seconds
  • Generyst™ II Field
    • Cooldown decreased to 15 seconds from 16 seconds
  • Dev Insight
    • We want to start bringing up Quantum Caira slowly and we felt these were two small buffs to help her overall performance over the course of a Dome fight.

Rogue Val

  • Healing Field
    • Heal other increased to 40 health per second from 38 health per second


  • Armor Reducer
    • Capacity increased to 110 units from 100 units


  • Sentry Guns
    • Damage per bullet increased to 9 from 7

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the inability to use class abilities while tumbling.
  • Deepest Dark minions will no longer stack on top of each other. - AI bots will not be more efficient when using their beam weapons.
  • Fixed wildlife not spawning near the monster drop area on Wraith Trap and Weather Control.
  • Gorgon’s Mimic deaths will no longer count as a Death in the Player’s profile for Gorgon.
  • Players will no longer lose their bottom UI when joining a match from another match.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some players to get stuck in a ‘Draw’ loop when starting tutorial.
  • Removed overlapping and incorrect text that was appearing in menu and game options.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the player to 0 as their currency amount.
  • Fixed co-op Meteor Goliath using 3 of regular Goliath’s abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI would not properly display the user’s level progress bar when going from level 39 to 40.
  • Fixed players not receiving Silver Keys when completing the Goliath Hunt Tutorial for the first time.
  • Late joiners into the Overpowered map will no longer see fog in the world.

Discuss the patch here: