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**Markus:** _The Marksman_

Database: Markus Guz (Mark-Us Guzz)

  • Expert Marksman
  • Efficient Healer
  • 2 Years in Special Ops
  • 4 Years in TG (Training Grounds)

**Haze:** _The Huntress_ Database: Hazel Preth (Hey-Zul Preh-Th)
  • Expert Hunter
  • Expert Pickpocketer
  • 1 Year in TG

**Ardon:** _The Veteran_ Database: Ardon Borx (Arr-Dun Boarx)
  • Expert Defender
  • Expert Tactical Gadgeteer/Mechanic
  • 3 Years as A Soldier
  • 2 Years in TG
  • 6 Months in the Limos War

**Greyson:** _The Tank_ Database: Micheal Greyson (Mih-Cuhl Grey-Sun)
  • Expert Navigator
  • Travels Space
  • Stole from Aliens

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**_Monsters Info_** **Miasma:** _A fast and poisonous monster, he relies on his Damage over Time abilities to get the job done. Miasma also has an undesirable hunger for meat. He is never full due to his acid that sits in his stomach, it will dissolve anything in less than a minute._

Brooder: Walking by this beast is unsafe as you will die up close or afar. It uses its tentacles to whip enemies as a defense it eats you. It will deploy dangerous life that has low health.

Leviathan: The slow damage dealer he will manipulate the ground beneath him and use it to damage or stun enemies.

Hunchback: A deadly virus that sleeps, lives and fights in air. He can send parasites to attack you as well as creating a deadly cloud and slowing down enemies.


**_Gamemodes Info_** **Arena:** How to win: Reach 100 kills in total Restrictions: Can't kill teammates

How to win: Survive as the last player while killing all the others, 1st place gives 350 EXP | 2nd gives 250 EXP | 3rd gives 150 EXP
Restrictions: No mini-map, No perks, No Abilities/Tools

King of The Hill:
How to win: Reach 100 points in total, the more teammates in the hill the more points you gain (Max is 6)
Restrictions: None

How to win: You can’t, survive more rounds to earn more EXP, Made only for Gladiators. Each round survived gives 150 EXP
Restrictions: No Secondary, No Perks, Only one Tool and Ability

(Spec) Gladiator Questions Poll (Battle Arena)
(Spec) Gladiator Questions Poll (Battle Arena)

If you ever want any concept art done for your little creations, feel free to hit me up, it might be scruffy (you’ve seen my drawing style right?) - but I could do it. I gotta get back into drawing anyhow.


Yep I’ve seen your drawing style, I’ve put down “Stinger’s” appearance if you’d like to do that. But just go ahead and draw them if you’d like to. You have full permission, thank you!


Just, curious. This Stinger, humanoid-esque monster? I’m thinking a Slenderman vibe from the description provided.


It is humanoid but I forgot to add in the tail which is in the middle of the spine


Would you be able to see it from a front view?


Yea, “Torso” has been updated


Me again, I finished the bizarre creature, though I don’t know if it meets good standards. ;w;

Runs off making squealy noises


Honestly I love it, I didn’t know how you got the 3 legs and nub as first until I looked back up and saw how you accidentally got that but still I love it!


Glad you like it! Was drawing it and then looked back at the description to see “3 ½ legs” and I was like Aaaalright… Gotta… Just slip that in there… xD


My sister was just telling me “Can she be the concept artist instead of me?”


@ToiletWraith I’ll try to get Vermin uploaded tonight if you want to do them all or just that one, but hey I have a feeling you just might!


I was asleep, was like midnight when I finished Stinger. Sure I can have a look later XD


Haha, I went to sleep as soon as I “sorta” finished up Vermin


Today’s edits:

-Vermin’s 3rd Ability (Finished)

Name changes- Open to suggestions and will make a poll if no suggestion are made.

Open for all monsters



I added in another Monster “Titan”

I have perks almost worked out and about to post them!


I added in a “News” section at the top of the page so I will no longer make new posts to say what is different. Also it will say future updates and added characters


How did you draw Stinger? Cause I would love to use the same app


I used Paint tool SAI! :smiley:


I might also add that I use a drawing tablet, too.