Batman vs. Superman ⚠ SPOILERS ALLOWED ⚠


I just finished watching this last night at the Drive In movie theater…yea I know right? Can’t believe those are still running.

But hey Spoilers, Discussions are welcome


It was an OK movie, but they tried to do too much without properly setting it up.


Yea definitely, it was like Superman and Wonder Woman never even met and Lex’s hair? Omg

Off to bed, I’m tired


Lex lacked the confident smug charm he usually has. This version was just… irritating.


Best scene was the entrance of Batman in the Jeep Renegade, he he. :wink:

Didn’t care for Batman’s new Punisher-esque style - killing and branding people, nor his pit bull moreso than bat armor look. And how does Superman not hear his mother but can pinpoint where Louis is anywhere in the world? Meh, it was an ok movie for entertainment and pew pew sake at least, but so much seemed forced.


They never explained why Batman left an obvious clue when he stole the kryptonite either.


Four things i’d like to go over…

Lex Luther: Having the back story for his baldness be prison, fine. But, dude, no. Excellent rando phyco killer vibes; not so much for the Lex vibes.

Superman/Wonder Woman: I felt those may have been the best casting, but where’s the long standing friendship vibes?

Doomsday: You made him a minor character. Omg why? Oh, and yoU KILLED, AN OTHERWISE UNKILLABLE, CHARACTER. NO. JUST NO.

Plot/Camera Work: So rushed, so little information, and so. Many. Cut aways.

Oh… And one more thing… Ben Affleck as Batman just wasn’t the right choice in my opinion.


He killed Superman, and he’s also unkillable (except if you use Kryptonite). But Superman came back to life. So who’s to say Doomsday is dead for good? He could still come back. I want to see him come back, he’s my favorite DC character. Maybe as the main villian in a Justice League movie. And make him speak, please.

As my thoughts on the film itself, my rating is a 8/10.
Not enough Doomsday
Doomsday was a minor character
Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman barely seen

Awesome combat scenes
Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne
Lois’s boss (forgot his name) saying “breaking news: water, wet”.
Armored Batsuit
Awesome soundtrack


Worst Lex Luthor ever. Just saying. He was a makeshift Joker, not Lex. Really sad.


He would be good as Joker or Riddler.


I really good Riddler actually.


there should be a batman villain called the fiddler, and whenever there’s a sad part, the Fiddler would come in and start playing…


That wouldn’t be so unrealistic compared to some of his old villains.
cough TenEyedMan cough


And Batman not killing Supes was pretty dumb. “What? Our mothers’ have the same name? And she’s being held by hostages? That entirely undoes all the reasons I hate you!”

I just wish they’d ended up actually talking instead of having that really rushed change of heart. Especially when Batman is supposed to be a genius who plans everything ahead; the fact that his mother was kidnapped does nothing to change why you wanted to kill him. Hell, you challenged him before you knew what was going on.

And yeah, Batman killing sorta put me off as well. And his weird friggin’ dream within a dream nonsense… Like, Batman felt unhinged.

I thought Wonder Woman did a great job, and them not previously being friends makes sense; there’s other Justice League origins where they didn’t know each other prior.


Yeah the movie was enjoyable but of course there were some quirks. This version of Lex was just too psychotic for me. Genius but too crazy as a Lex character. Shame they couldn’t get the guy who voiced Lex Luthor in the Justice League series as Lex in this movie.

Now as for Superman’s death… it’s a toss up. He will be back but it’s just a matter of how.

Does the power of the Sun (Praise it!) heal his mortal wound?

Or does an organization take his body and make one or more clones of him?

My Dad thinks they will go with the Clones but dunno really.

I noticed the dirt lifting up from his coffin but it could mean a number of things really.


Sees spoiler warning

opens thread

Whelp. Now I don’t need to see it. :stuck_out_tongue:


And Injustice universe.


Injustice? Like, they rename the Justice League the Injustice Bros?


If you’ve ever read the comics, that exact fight between Doomsday and Superman happens. They end up killing each other but they also both revive.


No, they took the Injustice universe, where Superman kills Joker and goes insane, taking over the planet, and Batman and those from another universe where Superman doesn’t kill Joker all fight each other.