Batman VS. Ironman

In an all out fight, who would win?

  • Batman
  • Ironman

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Lock er up @MidnightRoses

@Donut Oh my sweet lynch he actually did it.

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had to be done, I actually enjoy making these kinds of polls… I might do a deathstroke vs deadpool even though im pretty sure that wouldnt be a fair poll… lol

Everyone who says Batman is kidding themselves

Hides in Marvel comics shelter


I dont even know why this is such an even fight right now. Iron man has a flying metal suit with lasers, missiles, and bigger lasers.


Batman would just press a button and have Ironman explode from the explosives or whatever that he secretly installed in his suit… because Batman is paranoid like that.


I much prefer Ironman, but Batman just knows things right. He’s a ninja at dodging and stealth, and Tony can’t kill people he can’t find. I prefer Ironman, but Batman is just so kickass…

Then again, Tony does sort of have a crap ton of heavily armoured suits, and Batman doesn’t kill…

I’m going with batman all the way here

Tony might have a shiny suit, but I guarantee you Batman studied his opponent’s strengths and weakness forwards and backwards before the fight went down.


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Batman easily.

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I’m surprised that this is such a close match here…

Iron Man is too cocky. Batman is skilled and focused.

Sure Tony can shoot lasers. So what? Batman has brains, brawns, and a deadly arsenal of weapons designed to combat even the most vicious of beasts.

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Same goes for Tony Stark.

Sorry, I’m a robot… I have to be unbiased. T_T


I’d also argue that batman could also invent his own iron suit…
Which he’s done before… Kinda

He actually did in his battle with Superman, if I remember correctly.

My initial reaction is Ironman, though Batman likely has some sort of EMP weapon. It likely comes down to how much knowledge they have of each other beforehand.

At which point, I would say the opposite of what many would expect to happen. If Tony knows not to get too close, he will win.

There are cool info graphics saying how expensive it is to be each superhero:


Tony Stark doesn’t have the luxury of anonymity. On the other hand Batman does. Iron man would be at a total disadvantage upon their first encounter, and I guarantee it’d be on Bruce Wayne’s terms

Only one thing I need to know. How much prep?