Batman: Arkham Knight


So who is gonna get this beast of a game? iknow @Akaarshinobi is! only a small month left till the release of the mother of all batman games! i am more then hyped about this since i LOVED the other games in the Arkham series. and now that Rocksteady is back for sweet sweet revenge i cant wait!

Fun trivia! Did you know it took 1 guy 2 years to animate batman’s cape in the first arkham game. there are about 700 cape animations! HOLY CRAP!


I was thinking about it.


I’m probably gonna get it, I like the series so why not


Yeah the series are really good. I love the dark athmosphere they capture kn the game really fits the batman story


I won’t get it because it will be released at the same time Devil may cry 4: special edition is released, and i love the Devil may cry series more than the Batman series.


I actualy pre-ordered early enough to get the Batmobile Edition. I was thinking about getting the Season Pass but I can’t find any information as to HOW MUCH it actually saves you, because if it only saves like 5 bucks I’m just gonna get the packs I want as they come out.


What is the batmobile edition? is that the one where you get the prototype batmobile? since i got that one to haha


The transformable model, yeah. Niiiiice :sunglasses:


Sweet :slight_smile: this game looks so great and i cannot wait for it :smiley:


Neither can I. I’m going to attend the midnight launch at the GameStop I pre-ordered from in 21 days.


At GOTY I shall


Im juwt gonna recieve it at my home when released haha. Work does that to jah haha thx postman!


I don’t have the self-restraint otherwise I would’ve went that route as well, lol.


Awesome! Delivery service is always nice :smile:


I feel ya! Im gonna do a nonstop story playtrough stream is my schedule allows it!!


Yes! Didn’t preorder the batmobile one because too pricey, but I did pickup the limited edition version. I also preordered the limited edition Arkham PS4. Will keep the stuff I want and sell the rest.

I really hope this game delivers as I’ve been wanting to drive the Batmobile and run through the story as Robin and Nightwing since the first game. Also, Harley Quinn?! I’m excited.


What stuff would you think about selling?


The duplicate preorder bonuses and game I’ll end up with and likely the statue. I really wanted the artbook, comic and DLC, but the statue is not really my thing. I’ll have to see it in person, though.


So I got this free, and I’m kind of glad I didn’t pay full price.

It’s technically impressive, but they’ve made a huge misstep by including the batmobile and trying to go bigger on the map. Man, the convoluted excuse for why the city is empty except for thugs is… well… convoluted. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the story as I play through, but the other two Rocksteady Batman titles really felt better for not being so “huge”


Edit: Batman started out as all atmosphere and epic fights, and has ended as battle tanks.


I was supposed to buy this today but i’ve not been impressed with all the batmobile gameplay i’ve seen,i mean i hear most of the game is with it.