Bath bombs


This is the coolest thing I have never wanted. :smiley:

There’s even red ones that you can use to troll on public pools. :stuck_out_tongue:

I so want to make this but I don’t have a tub to try it on. :frowning:


Yellow or brown bath bombs would be nice to troll people :stuck_out_tongue:


Brown bomb omg =-=

Maybe a galaxy bomb would be a safer alternative.


I’m really bad for thinking of this image when I hear "Bath bombs"

The internet has destroyed me. ;_;
But! I do enjoy bath bombs. I had some cupcake ones not too long ago.

They kinda looked like this. Smelled very fruity. :3


dude, dat toaster finished me :joy:
lol af


The Black one looks like death and the red one well it’s what you already said


Whenever I think of toasters, I think of Chucky 3.


oh yeah ive had these once or something similar when I was a little kid elmo was on the package I believe and I loved the blue one