Bat thing(monster idea)


hunters aimlessly look for tracks, eyes carefully scanning the jungle around. with loud screaming it comes crashing through the treetops out of the treacherous skies onto an ally, who is about to be consumed.
hurry! the gun in your hand will be your only friend left…

  • retractable fin-like ears
  • the ability to leap hi into the air and glide and/or fly
  • shoot compressed sonic wave at a long distance to mainly set off traps and alarms falsely and do minor sound damage to the initial target. this would not revile the location of the attacker.
  • mimic the sound of the last heard animal call, to lure more of that animal to the area
  • dive attack where it tries to pin and eat the target

i should have given it a large circular jaw/torso structure that catches wind and expands to gulp prey it pounces on, catching multiple hunters if it where large enough.


nice, but i think the wings need to be longer to be able to glide or fly.


Sounds like a frightening creature, I like the concept! It reminded me of Nargacuga from Monster Hunter.


as for flying and gliding i agree they are small, i had to fold them up so i could show off other parts of the creature. i’m not a biologist or someone who understands the concepts of aerodynamics, but ill do more research to make this more than just a brushed over concept.

thanks. sadly i never got to fight the Nargacuga, its farther in freedom unite than i had the patience for. does it fight similar to the Tigerex (-_-), i imagine it jumps around more instead of freight train around the field.

That is what excites me most about evolve, monster hunter + clever playable monsters.

if it where to pounce would u mind this image burned into your skull?

obvious things i changed;

  • i think beady black eyes say my vision isnt so good
  • its face seemed plain so… give it a beak
  • i added the maw i was talking about. i think it should be larger creatures that gulp things can have mouths a wide a they are
  • to dive it has its ears closed and wings folded
  • i like the idea of body builder muscles but does that fit a flyer?
  • if u dodged this i imagine it superman spearing into the ground

-_- i forgot the scar


sounds like a very ineresting and tactical monster, using its sound waves to confuse/distract the hunters and seperating them for the kill. If it fails and gets caught in an energy feild or trap, it doesn’t seem like it would last too long in a firefight. The thrill of confusing the hunters and going in for an precise insta-kill does sounds pretty awesome though!


Anything bat like is good to me, if you guys have seen Cabin in the Woods something like the bat monster would be perfect. It could attack swarms if you were planing it as a world creature, or make it much larger if its a PC monster.


Cabin in the Woods had so much awesome creatures, and the merman! :stuck_out_tongue:


cool id never seen cabin in the woods. i gota watch that.