Basilisk monster?

could the 5th monster be the gen one basilisk soldiers that are so commonly referenced

I’m not sure how that would work, the monsters are not a native species so I doubt any were used as soldiers.

Taht would give us an insect Monster (players’ request) and keep the premise of every Monster being somewhat human like (Dev requirement). Nice thinking!

Wouldn’t Slim and Hyde know about them in that case?

I think if we ever get story on where they came from, that will be it. Like some of gen 1 escaped or are unaccounted for and are now breeding, or someone/some corporation has copied the technology and is using it as a biological weapon. Maybe when humans spliced with bears, squids, etc didn’t work, but some reason it worked with insects, which explains why Slim is “normal.”

I already suggested this before, I think it would be a pretty interesting tie-in with Slim, Hyde, and Laz. BUT apparently there are problems with this within the canon of the game

Maggie knew about the Behemoth.

can you post the link so I may see the thread

Behemoth wasn’t used as a soldier.

I can’t imagine the monsters joining a faction and going to war.

slim refers to them as monsters and it took an army of Chem troopers and lazarus men to fight them they are obviously strong enough to be the monster and it would follow the theme of giving tiny hints towards the next characters but hey its just a theory

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True, but I took it as they were crazy and/or rabid and became Monsters similar to the four we currently have, they escaped, and started working with the other four kinds of Monsters for whatever the same reasons are that they are working together and trying to take Shear over.

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to follow-up on my statement about preluding the characters abe and parnell talk about sunny laz and Hyde hint at basilisk soldiers and apparently Maggie hints at behemoth I don’t play her much I don’t know about torvald and crow but if anyone does then we can go ahead and probably confirm that female assault and basilisk monster and that guy from sword possibly you get where I’m going

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The four we have now aren’t native though. They didn’t start out as one thing and become another.

I also think if three of the hunters faced these, they’d realize what they were now.

It’s possible, but I personally, don’t see it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s true… I still want a bug Monster, though :grin:

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What if someone spliced gen 1 insect stuff with something like a tyrant or armadon to create some new monster by accident.

exactly mountain it would further the story to the others being possible mutations and I am pretty sure that those aren’t native anywhere anymore

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A T5 basilisk might work, they are pretty sexy

could you show me a picture of them

Strongly doubt Basilisk soldiers would work with the monsters. I’m 99.99% sure that the Monster’s are the work of some alien civilization. At one point during development we learned that there were ‘ancient’ civilization ruin maps that could be fought in. These were later scrapped but at some point in the development of Evolve, there was talk about another sentient race that has/is existed/existing in the universe.

My theory is that Caira helps disprove the idea that we created the monsters specifically because she believes that the tech to make (The Wraith specifically) just doesn’t exist yet. Yes, it could be a shady organization within the human empire, but why go for the fringes? If it’s the main Hub, they would (As Parnell says) just park a dozen cruisers in orbit and glass the planet. If it was the outer colonies looking to strike back at Hub, why test them on off water worlds?

With the mention of ancient alien ruins I really, strongly believe that there is something out there that either doesn’t like us, or got woken up by us. Yes, it is cliche, but it also seems to make the most sense from a narrative perspective.

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