Basic version to version monster after release? (Steam)


If you buy in Steam basic version pre sale there any way to upgrade to version monster?



You can only buy the DLC that will come after which will cost more than buying the PCMR


Cancel your preorder on steam add funds and re purchase the addition you want you may need to contact steam support.

Or buy the dlc you want


I think he means he wants to take the basic game to test it first before upgrading to something.
Unfortunately this can’t happen.You can of course later on buy everything there is nothing exclusive but it will be at a higher price.


Problem for my country 2 x price of the basic price, and as I did not have access to the beta, do not know if it worth.


Yeah i feel you.I can say this tho.If you like what you see from live streams and gameplay videos you are prolly going to like the game very much.

Its exactly as it been showed.The graphics are amazing and the controlls are tight as hell.Everything works really good.
But that’s the only thing i can tell you.I can’t tell you if you will love the game


I am having the same similar problem, but I don’t think its as easy to fix. I already pre-ordered the normal version of Evolve for PC, but then the Monster Race edition was released. I already tested the game on Alpha and Beta so i’m getting this game day 1 no matter what. Is there any way for me to upgrade my pre-order to monster race edition? Also, its worth noting that the pre-order was gifted.


Since it was gifted unfortunately no.There is a way of canceling your pre-order and taking your money back but not if the game has been gifted.
I’d reccomend to contact steam support because some people actually found help.BUT
Steam support is something that would take AT LEAST 5 days to get response back.By then the game will have been released so you pretty much can’t do anything rather than wait and buy the DLC seperately.
Yeah we know 2K sucks


Darn. Oh well, at least I got the game pre-ordered :smiley:


Yeah pretty much i bought the PCMR for the support of the game.And Behemoth+5th unannounced monster.I don’t care much about the hunters.
But oh well you already get Behemoth even with the standar one.