Basic User


I’m not really digging the fact my trust level is at “Basic User”. I mean I get I’m not always that active, or trustworthy, or helpful in any sense at all, on the forum, but can’t we make the title a little more extravagant from ‘Basic’?

I mean I’d think if my title was more along the lines of “Infinite Supreme Leader of the Evolve Forums”, it’d be more appropriate. Just something to think about.





Well if you get more active you will be named “Member” and if you meet requirements you are called “Regular” and then Leaders I believe can change there titles


You’ll get membership status after a certain period of time.

@Buckets_Sentry_Gun do you know the specifics?


Unfortunately, this is not something we can really change. It is a function of Discourse that effects permission levels and prevents new accounts from abusing certain functionalities.

Your status will automatically change from new user to basic user to member just by sticking around for a little while. I think it is a function of activity - I doubt you’re far off from that. If you don’t get flagged a lot and generally participate in the community, the system will automatically bump you up to regular. If you are recognized as an outstanding member of the community, the mod team or developers will bump you up to leader status.


If that were the case I’d be “Sewer Queen” by now or something among those lines. :smiley:


Outstanding? Hmph I’m fabulous why aren’t I on the team :stuck_out_tongue:

@ToiletWraith Why Sewer Queen XD


Because ToiletWraith! Queen of the sewers of Shear!

Ahem. Anyway.


Ohhhhh, I didn’t catch on quick enough…my bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So what I’m getting from this is that I have to actually work towards a better status and not just expect it to be handed down to me, because of a dictatorial computer system?

Well that just takes the fun out of everything.


If you’re active enough then it shouldn’t feel like you’re working towards it, it will just happen. Apart from becoming a leader which Takran explained.

I’ll find the general requirements for you.


You’re too kind, thank you.


Here you go. :slightly_smiling:

These are just the general requirements for discourse and may be slightly different in this specific forum. Just thought I’d let you know.


I’m basic right or member


member. you can see it on your profile.


Figured I’d ask. Is your name based off the book Lord of the Flies?


Member is pretty easy to get. You just have to stick around and post a few times, I think. Regular takes more work, and you can only get Leader if the Mods decide you’re good enough.


It’s based off my awesome lift tricks bro.

In all honesty it’s because I use to wear aviators all the time in high school and my dad would call me the king of flies. Don’t try to understand it, I don’t.


Ooh hey look, I just got member status.