Basic Monster Suggestion


So people constantly complain about Kraken for a multitude of reasons.

Something I constantly see mentioned is that he is the only Monster ever played in the competitive scene. My suggestion is, like with Val, we bring all the other Monsters to his level of good.

That’s it, a simple enough suggestion I think.


I think the devs are already working on that @10shredder00


Simple enough said but not as easily done I think you may find. :L

I don’t think TRS ever really intend for one monster to be more favoured or OP to everything else, in fact the exact opposite. It just happens with Krakens mechanics it seems OP to a lot of people where as I think its just dealing with him in the right way.


Yeah, I don’t think any monster was supposed to be better than another.

The only reason behind Kraken’s “OP-ness” is his range, his damage, and his Banshee Mines. Kraken is really the only ranged monster out there; allowing him to attack from afar and surprise the Hunters.

The only thing on Kraken that needs to be somewhat nerfed is his damage output. And I mean only a slight change. And the monsters that aren’t Kraken shouldn’t be buffed in anyway, because then it would be near impossible to win as a Hunter in competitive because if Kraken’s OP, then won’t the other Monsters be, too?


I think this is the reason people hate the Kraken so much. When I play online this is the thing I hear the most.


I have always felt that this game was based around the Hunters working to kill the Monster. At this point, he’s the only one that requires work to kill. I am all for a general buff.

Kraken has some pretty unbalanced parts that need adjusting so he’s not actually unfun to fight. Banshee Mines, for example, should actually be mines. Aside from that, he’s really close to how I always felt they should be.


I feel all monsters barring Wraith are in a good spot.

Goliath - Behemoth - Gorgon

TBH, It would be better to tone down Kraken to the other monster’s levels.

And since they are already (hopefully) fixing wraith.


Considering that most Monsters are UP and Kraken is the main choice for competitive play, I don’t get why it’d make sense to bring the Monster with the biggest chance down to the other’s level.

He should be treated like Val is being treated. He’s clearly very strong, he’s going to stay that way, so it’s nigh time we bring the others to that level.


If every monster were as good as Kraken, no team would win.


But I thought Kraken had a below 50% Winrate?


Thats because he’s hard to play and has bad stage 1 engages Kraken is probably the strongest monster right now at stage 2 and 3 though

I’d say Meteor goliath is a close second seeing as he is strong against the current meta of Cabot/Kala/Bucket and Laz and most comps that dont involve alot of hard defense


I only dislike Kraken beacuse he hard counters so many Assaults. Characters like Lennox and Hyde stand no chance against a Kraken player fully abusing his ranged abilities. I don’t really know how to solve that problem, though :smiley_cat:


Kraken isnt hard to play

Just different.


We run the same comp and we beat kraken 9 out of 10 times the comp works good against all but bob


Whats the comp? :open_mouth:


Wasteland maggie, cabot, blitz kov, emet


You’re not wrong lol.


No, Kraken is good but people overestimate him. Bringing Monsters to his level won’t mean the end of days. It just means it’ll take skill to kill them. Not to mention that Kraken has flight and ranged attacks, things no other Monster has.


Im hardly a Hunter player at all.

I main Gorgon

I just cant think of any way to buff her without making her Pubstomper supreme


All Monsters are supposed to be giant pupstompers. They shouldn’t be balanced to uncoordinated, unorganized, and generally bad teams. They need to be balanced around the good teams and when you look at competitive, it’s clear no Monster is close to that except Kraken and maybe Wraith.