Basic Help w/Evolve Characters


This is a very basic thread to help out new player hunters and monsters get the hang of their roles and weapons. We’ll try to keep it short but informative so it’ll be more like a quick tip reference. Hope this helps you better grasp your tool kits!
V = Variations of hunters/monsters already in the roster.
(Special thanks to Pyro for the in-game shots.)

Trapper Class

Class Skill: All Trappers are equipped with a planet scanner that reveals the monster’s location for a short period of time. This also gives the trapper a short burst of speed. Use it both to find the monster and also in combat to get out of a pinch.Try to anticipate where the monster is headed so you can cut them off and be the first to throw the dome, but be careful that your team is not too far away from you when you do. Also, hit that “Q” button ping to let your teammates know where you saw the monster, it’s tracks, or possibly heard it. The ping is your friend, especially for non-talkative teams. Inform your team if you are going for a cut-off move and let them know to stay on course as you branch off. It can also be helpful to say the direction the monster is heading to your team.

Maggie -

  • Machine Pistol:
    Basic weapon. Used best between trap placements and in short, controlled bursts…especially on fast monsters.

  • Pet Trapjaw:
    Daisy the trapjaw. She sniffs out the monster and heads directly for it, also granting everyone within a certain radius to her a slight speed boost. She will lead you on the shortest path to the monster and will indicate with a red icon above her head if she sees it. When a teammate is incapped she will attempt to revive them by licking them. If Lazarus is on the team she will not go to revive unless Lazarus has fallen.

  • Harpoon Traps:
    You get 3 harpoon traps you fire into the ground. These will stop the monster in their tracks and they will have to swipe them directly to snap them off. Often a great way to prevent their mobility and limit their abilities. Place them on the edges of cliff faces and in prime locations on the battlefield where the monster is fighting. Do not place them too close together and try to have some on the ground and some up high, especially for flying Krakens. Fire your main weapon between placing traps. Also good to use for escaping, holding the monster back from their pursuit while you run away.

Griffin -

  • Gauss SMG:
    Basic weapon. It deals good damage. Used best while in the dome fight, fired in controlled bursts.

  • Harpoon Gun:
    Tethers you directly to the monster. This is the best way you can slow the monster from escaping. Fire your harpoon and snag it to slow it down and make it waste traversals. It must turn around and swipe the cable to break it, buying your team time to catch up. Also good to use when the monster climbs, since it often prevents them from doing so. Keep your feet on the ground while harpooning and move backwards once you catch it. When you see the monster turn to swipe, break the cable off yourself so you can reload another harpoon quicker.

  • Sound Spikes:
    You get 3 sound spikes which pick up the sound of the monster and show you it’s location within a set radius. These give you a bearing on the monster’s location and visibly tracks them while within the radius if the monster isn’t sneaking. You can still see a monster sneaking if it’s close enough to the spike, however. Try to place spikes in multiple locations so you cover the largest area of the map possible, especially in key areas the monster will most likely have to traverse. Pay attention to the radius of a spike and don’t put them too close together. Ideally you want the radius of the sound spikes to almost overlap but not do so. Place in safe locations because both the monster and wildlife can attack the spikes and take them out. If you see a spike go down where the monster just was, you know the monster probably took it down so head over there. You can also see the monster’s location and direction it’s heading on your map so use this wisely.

    Abe -

  • Custom Shotgun:
    Basic weapon. The faster you shoot, the wider the spread of bullets so you may miss your target unless you’re very close to it. If you shoot slower, you deal more damage and more bullets are likely to hit their mark.

  • Stasis Grenades:
    You get 3 of these. They will slow the monster’s mobility, especially Wraith, and cause them to have to use traversals/abilities to escape the area of effect. This makes them burn through their kit faster. Throw the grenades around the battlefield both high up and low, and often, and shoot between throws. Also good to use outside of the dome when the monster is trying to escape. Toss them out ahead of the monster’s path when possible. You can sometimes use this tactic to herd the monster in the direction you want it to head.

  • Tracking Dart Pistol:
    Dart every wildlife you see when you’re running in search of the monster, especially meals they tend to love most like striders and mammoth birds…elite wildlife and larger prey as well. When the monster eats one of the animals you darted, it will swallow the dart and be tracked for a time. Also, when you see the monster itself, dart it, especially right when the dome drops and it rushes to escape.

    Crow -

  • Kinetic Long Rifle:
    Basic weapon. This deals damage to the monster, as per usual weapons, but if you charge the shot first by holding down your trigger, you will deal damage through the monster’s armor and directly into its health pool. Monsters that take significant health damage will try to restore their armor by channeling or feeding, but Crow can shoot past that armor. Use this to your advantage! It’s best to charge your shots on monsters low on health bars but high on armor. Shoot normally if monsters are high on both.

  • Stasis Gun:
    This gun is murder on monsters trying to escape and deal damage in the dome. It slows their mobility for a time and forces them to burn through traversals or abilities to move and fight. If you charge the shot first the effect will last longer on the monster and is best used when a monster is trying to run away after the dome drops, or to slow it when you see it off in the distance so you can catch up quicker and toss out the dome.

  • Pet Batray:
    Gobi is another set of eyes, but from above. If you think a monster is trying to juke or hide, throw out Gobi into the direction you think the monster is heading. He flies straight ahead a certain distance and will pinpoint the monster’s location if it sees it. You can use this to your advantage while hunting in conjunction with your trapper sat. ping for best results. If you completely have lost the monster’s trail and you don’t have your ping off cooldown yet, throw Gobi into the opposite direction you’re running. Sometimes he will see a monster trying to work its way around and behind you.

    Jack -

  • Dual Pistols:
    Basic Weapon. Deals good damage in combat.

  • Repulsor:
    This beam of energy literally prevents the monster from advancing when they go to use traversals or abilities. It often wastes their ability so try to hit the monster with it when they go in for an attack on teammates or directly on your face. If the beam is green, you are preventing them from moving and using the beam correctly. If it is white, you are not quite preventing them so re-position yourself or try to bend the beam to get it green. Best used as soon as you’re able, all the time, but especially for protecting medics from blows. Note that the beam only stops the monsters, not things they throw like rocks, banshee balls, or fire. Used from above you can even push Krakens to the ground.

  • Survey Satellite:
    This is a spike you stick in the ground which sends out a laser beam in successive wide arcs. If they hit any animals they will register. A monster that gets hit will take damage and also get tracked for a while. Since it does take a nice amount of damage it can be used like a weapon while within the dome so don’t be afraid to pop it down during the fighting. Also helpful for monsters able to juke while within domes and stop them from armor channeling. As soon as the dome drops, or just beforehand, try to get one down so the monster will get tracked. If you feel that the monster is close but don’t have your trapper sat. ping off cooldown, pop this down so you can prevent juking/hiding.

(V) Wasteland Maggie -

  • Burst Pistol:
    Basic Weapon. Deals damage with afterburn effects. Best used in short, controlled bursts when monsters are fast.

  • Flame Snare:
    You get one harpoon trap but it will snag the monster from farther away and deal burn damage. Place your harpoon and focus on firing your pistol. As soon as your harpoon snags, get ready to put another one down when the monster swipes free of it. Since you only get one harpoon, try to place it directly on the outskirts of combat so the monster can’t destroy it before it can go off. Placing it on a cliff edge is usually best or just as the base of a cliff the monster is currently on. Keep shooting until you need another harpoon.

  • Combat Trapjaw:
    Daisy with some literal fire. On top of her usual tracking prowess at being able to pinpoint where a monster is and take the shortest path to it…she wears a flamethrower on her back. When a monster is in close enough proximity to her the flamethrower will burn the monster. Combat Daisy will also lick to revive teammates but will not do so if Lazarus is on the team. If Lazarus falls she will go to revive the team, burning the monster if it tries to prevent it. Daisy has a knack for running towards monsters that pounce teammates, burning them as they do so. The combat trapjaw does not grant a bonus to your movement speed if you are in proximity to her.

(V) Electro Griffin -

  • The Laser Storm:
    Basic Weapon. This SMG will slow the movement of anything it touches, so you will want to fire in-between using your harpoon in battle. It doesn’t do a lot of damage but the slows are very effective, although short-lived. You will need to keep up the pressure by swapping often to your harpoon.

  • The Final Lockdown:
    This harpoon gun will damage and restrain the monster at the same time. It fires at very short range so this is not much of a pursuit-stopper in terms of an escaping monster. It’s predominant use is in preventing a monster from climbing, using traversals, and stopping abilities mid-way while within a dome engagement. Keep your harpoon in for as long as possible, since it deals a lot of damage. Always try to be behind the monster slowing, and harpoon when you believe it will be using an ability or chasing the medic up a wall.

  • Sound Spikes:
    These sounds spikes have a very small radius, so they are best placed in key choke point locations or within a dome to prevent a monster from hiding and armor channeling.

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Assault Class

Class Skill: All Assaults are equipped with a defense matrix shield. This absorbs some of the damage you take from direct combat with the monster. You should always be in the monster’s face dealing damage, and popping this shield will help you do this if you’re in a facial confrontation with the monster pummeling you. It is best to pop it only after your health is at least half way down, giving the medic more time to heal you while you deal damage. Do not pop it the instant you go into battle, only if the monster is really dishing it out to you. You always want to be in the fight and in the monster’s way. Once you pop it a monster will often change targets, not wanting to waste its energy on you, so use this to your advantage and deal heavy damage. The shield can also be a last resort used when you are incapped, to slow down the monster’s damage from killing you completely, buying your team more time to revive you.

Markov -

  • Lightning Gun:
    Basic weapon. Get in close to the monster and hold down and fire for as long as you can. Once you expend the lightning juice, swap over to your assault rifle or throw some mines down and repeat. If it’s a Kraken, try to get up on a ledge nearby to shock it while it flies and focus more on your guns rather than mines.

  • Assault Rifle:
    If the monster is far away or flying, switch to your rifle to get damage in at longer range. It doesn’t deal the same amount as the lightning gun but keep up the pressure…you’re the assault and constantly need to be dealing damage.

  • Land Mines:
    You get 3 of these. When the dome drops try to place these on the field of battle but not directly in the monster’s face, since it can destroy them before they arm up. They need some arming time so try to place them where you think the monster will head next, and also just at the top of cliff edges or just below them, for monsters that like to climb. Mines are often safe havens for your teammates to run to when they weaken and you can sometimes run towards them with the monster following. It will eat the damage if it continues pursuit so tell teammates to run to them that are in trouble. Also useful to tell the medic to stick near the mines. Place new mines in new areas once they go off and then keep firing your guns.

    Hyde -

  • Flamethrower:
    Basic weapon. Get close to the monster and keep up the burn. When your fuel runs out, swap over to your minigun.

  • Minigun:
    Best used as a secondary to your flamethrower, on monsters that are far away or escaping, or on those that fly.

  • Toxic Grenades:
    Don’t underestimate the toxic grenade. Always toss one onto the combat field as soon as you are able, directly where the monster is engaged, even if it’s engaged with you…just chuck one at your feet. It deals damage over time the longer the monster stays in the toxic field. Also good to throw onto downed teammates if you can’t get to them for a revive. It could keep the monster off long enough for the medic to heal them up. If monsters want to try and hide within the dome or try to force you to enter a cave to fight on their terms rather than yours, throw a grenade in there to smoke them out. When your main gun runs out of juice, swap to a grenade, then to the next gun, then grenade, then back to your main gun again, repeat.

    Parnell -

  • Combat Shotgun:
    Basic weapon. Fires with impact.

  • Multifire Rocket launcher:
    Best for long range fired at an escaping monster, or those in flight.

  • Super Soldier:
    This is a boost to your overall weapon firing and movement speed, but it costs you some health to use it. Give yourself the super soldier shot when engaged closely with the monster so you can use your firing momentum to best effect. You deal more damage by being able to fire much faster, but need to keep that monster in your sights. If it gets too far away the benefit of your boost can be negated if it keeps away from you long enough for your ability to run out. You can also use it to gain some speed on the monster in order to throw the dome but this would be something of a waste of its power at your health expense. Best to shoot your rocket launcher instead for monsters just out of your doming range but still in your visual range. It may also be tempting to use the shot when you’re low on health and trying to escape the monster coming down on you. Try not to do this since, again, it costs you…plus if you’re running away you aren’t shooting the monster, which is the main benefit to this ability. Keep the medic informed that you’re going super soldier so they can keep topping off your health. Also, when fighting a flying monster like Kraken, try to only go super soldier if the Kraken gets grounded or if you have very clean shots at it in the air with your rocket launcher.

    Torvald -

  • Autofire Shotgun:
    Basic weapon. It deals damage with rapid-fire.

  • Mortar Cannon:
    This is a mid to long-range weapon that deals significant damage to the monster. It takes a few seconds for your mortars to hit the target so try to plan where the monster will be moving and aim accordingly. This can be especially useful in hitting a ridge where a monster is about to climb up. A monster that doesn’t move much or that’s static in flight is also ideal to hit with mortars. It is also helpful to try and steer a monster that is running away by firing in front of it or along its flank. If a teammate gets incapped and/or if the monster persists in focusing on one teammate, aim for that teammate so that the mortars will land right on the monster’s head.

  • Shrapnel Grenade:
    This is a discus grenade that explodes on contact with the monster (or the ground) and paints targets onto the monster which boost damage totals your team tallies when they hit your marks. Try to throw the grenade and then swap to your shotgun so you can take advantage of your own targets. Repeat as often as possible.

    Lennox -

  • Plasma Lance
    Basic Weapon. Get in close, and I mean really close, to the monster to use this weapon. Every consecutive hit you make to the monster in a row builds the amount of damage you do, so try to string as many blows as possible together without missing. It is often good to be behind the monster when doing this, as their knockback abilities can screw up your punching rhythm.

  • Autocannon:
    If you can’t be on the monster’s tail then swap over to your secondary gun. It doesn’t fire quickly but it is useful to hit escaping monsters with or those that are flying.

  • Thunder Strike:
    When your main guns are on cooldown you can leap onto the monster and deliver a powerful blow. This is like a Goliath Leap Smash maneuver. Aim yourself and fire, launching yourself into the air and slamming onto the monster. This move is best used when the monster has pounced a teammate, is trying to camp a body, or refuses to move from a position. It is also easily used while you’re atop a cliff and the monster is below you focusing on someone else. Once you thunder strike, follow up with the plasma lance.

    (V) Blitz Markov -

  • Tesla Gun:
    Basic weapon, much like the lightning gun; however, it’s most potent use is when holding focused fire on the monster as long as possible. The electric beams will glow different colors from blue all the way up to gold, increasing in damage the longer you hold the beam, gold being the hottest and more damage-inducing color. Blue-Red-Purple-Gold. Be sure you have enough jetpack fuel to pull off some flight maneuvers in your pursuit of the monster while holding the beam on.

  • Assault Rifle:
    Your main secondary, capable of firing at targets too far away to hit with your Tesla gun. Use when your Tesla gun and mines are on cooldown, or for flying targets.

  • Tesla Mines:
    You get 3 of these, and they work similarly to standard Arc Mines. Unlike Arc Mines though, the longer they stay on the ground the more power they build, changing color at they go. Once again, the most potent damage will be delivered with the golden-charged mines. Place your mines in areas where the monster won’t encounter them right away, but after they have spent some time charging up. You can set them up closely together to create a safe haven for hunters to run to or for the medic to stand in. These mines are more of a deterrent to monsters and should be treated as punishment for those that are foolish enough to follow you into them.


Support Class

Class Skill: All Supports are equipped with shield burst. This grants a small shield to every teammate during battle that will absorb some of the monster’s damage. This is best used when the team is in the dome fighting with the monster, especially in tight situations when a monster has a teammate cornered or is being especially aggressive on everyone. Use as often as possible, but only after the team has determined that this monster is really into bringing the fight. If the monster isn’t being aggressive, you can wait to pop the shield until damage is being dealt to everyone.

Hank -

  • Laser Cutter:
    Basic weapon. It cuts deep into monster flesh and can be used both long and short-range.

  • Shield Projector:
    The shield projector provides a damage-reducing field over your targeted ally. When the monster is focusing one of your teammates, provide them with a shield as long as the monster is pummeling them. If the monster changes targets, so can you, at least until it runs out. Try to always have some juice ready to take blows meant for the medic, but also don’t forget to shield the assault who should be in the monster’s face. When your projector runs out, this is a great time to pop your class shields ability and swap over to your laser cutter to do some damage of your own.

  • Orbital Barrage:
    Call down fire from the sky. The orbital barrage is best used on top of downed teammates to prevent the monster from body camping, but also as a general use attack for monsters out in the open. The barrage can only be used if you have a clear shot to the sky, and cannot be called down while you’re within caves or under buildings. It can also be used to steer monsters to go into the direction you want, which can help during tracking and doming. Lets not also forget to use the barrage on monsters silly enough to evolve under the open sky. The orbital deals heavy damage that cannot be ignored by monsters. If the fighting becomes too intense, place the orbital on top of your teammates engaged with the monster. This can actually help blast them away from the monster while the monster is forced to tank the damage. However, use this last maneuver wisely and inform your teammates you’re doing this.

    Bucket -

  • Guided Missile launcher:
    Basic weapon. It shoots both short and long range but you have to draw a bead onto the monster to make sure your shots hit their mark. Aim well and they will find their way to your target on point.

  • Sentry Guns:
    You get 3 of these and they continuously fire at the monster when it gets into their range. They work best if spaced out a bit and placed both high and low, encircling the field of battle on the outskirts where they will avoid most damage but still be dealing it. Monsters can take them out easily so replace as needed. Hunters will often retreat to sentry guns when being attacked by the monster since they act as deterrents. Try to keep one placed by the medic. Also use in conjunction with harpoon traps or land mines. Always have 3 out at once and when you’re not placing them, be firing your missile launcher.

  • Mechanized Recharge:
    This ability will quickly recharge the class cooldowns of everyone on your team. This is incredibly useful to give trappers a speed boost again with their sat. ping, medics another heal burst, assault more shield protection, etc. There’s really no wrong way to use it but inform your team of so-doing so they get the full benefit of knowing that their class skill is going to go back off cooldown shortly.

    Cabot -

  • Rail Cannon:
    Basic weapon. The rail cannon is both short and long-range and can deal some nice damage. One benefit of this weapon is that it can also shoot through walls. However, if shooting through walls, the damage will be reduced cumulatively depending on how many walls you are shooting through. After you have dust tagged a monster, or when you have it highlighted behind objects by some other means, feel free to shoot. This can prevent it from armor channeling and stop it from feeding.

  • Damage Amplifier:
    Work in conjunction with assault and put the damage amplifier on the monster while assault is dealing their damage, preferably with their main weapons (which deal more damage than their secondaries). It is useless to keep the amp held onto the monster if nobody is dealing damage or not within range to do much, so only apply it when you know assault is going to work and don’t waste it. Co-ordinate as best you can to maximize the benefit of this weapon and inform your team that the amp is ready to go. When the whole team is firing away while the amp is in use it’s a beautiful thing.

  • Dust Tagging:
    This aids greatly in finding the location of the monster. When you are unsure of where the monster is, don’t be afraid to call down a dust tag in a direction…you never know what you may reveal. Also, once the monster is visible but too far away yet to dome, place your tag in an area you believe the monster to be moving into so that when the dust comes down it will get tagged. Also tag just before or right after the dome falls down to aid in pursuit of escaping monsters. Can also be used while within the dome to show where the monster is hiding or attempting to channel their armor. Stop it from doing so by shooting through to its hiding place with the rail cannon. The dust tag can only be used when under open sky and not blocked by buildings or when within caves.

    Sunny -

  • Mininuke Grenade Launcher:
    Basic weapon. It can be used long or short range to put some hurt on the monster.

  • Jetpack Booster:
    This tool is an essential part of Sunny’s kit. It has so many uses. While first hunting for the monster you can use it to boost your trapper (and the rest of the team) onward faster, gaining on the monster’s trail more quickly. When the monster is in sight, boost the closest ally that isn’t the medic towards it so that the dome can be thrown. The trapper is the one you will be boosting the most outside of the fighting…but if Val (or Rogue Val) is on your team you may also be boosting her so that she can hit more tranq/poison darts in to keep the monster slowed between domes, or Griffin so he can hit more harpoons, Crow for Stasis shots, etc. Keep the team together though and don’t boost only the trapper or he will get too far ahead. You don’t want to separate the team too much. When under the dome and inside battle you will need to use the booster to get your allies out of harm’s way…mainly the medic! Sometimes you will need to boost assault as well, and anyone whose health gets to be dangerously low. A well-placed boost can prevent someone from taking a killing blow or a rock throw to the face! After the dome falls you will want to push either your trapper or assault forward towards the monster to get every ounce of damage or slows in that you can.

  • Shield Drone:
    This little drone will shield your allies, one at a time, that are within range of it from monster attacks. Place the drone up high and in a central location on the battlefield. It takes a moment to charge up. Be sure to inform your allies where the drone is and tell them to try and fight within range of it. Do not stand next to it or heading towards it in retreat where the monster is likely to take it out while in pursuit of you. When it gets destroyed be sure to place another quickly and get back to work boosting and shooting.

    Kala -

  • Siren Missiles:
    Basic weapon. These glowing power balls are deadly missiles that home in on monsters. You can stick them to walls, the ground, or anywhere you think the monster will be passing by, as well as outright shooting the monster itself with them. When a monster passes nearby missiles that you placed around the battlefield they will auto-home in on it. There’s very little escape for a monster when these missile balls are after them. A good way to place them is on cliff walls. You can trick a monster into following you over a cliff and the siren missiles will attach to them when they go over it. Same if you place them on top over the edge of a cliff and get them to climb up after you…have some siren balls ready for them to eat.

  • Armor Reducer:
    Not exactly a standard type of weapon but it significantly reduces the monster’s armor pool while in use. The monster’s armor will once again go back up when the beam breaks, so let your team know you have it active so they can make the most of it, putting as much damage onto the monster as possible while the armor reduction is active. This is especially true once the monster’s armor gets low, as you can sometimes remove all of its current small amount of armor while the team is putting in real health damage.

  • Teleport Pads:
    The teleport pads help the hunters get back to the centers of maps faster, allows them to make long distances a snap in transit, and can even help get hunters outside of the dome in case of trouble. This is all dependent on where you place the pads of course. Place one down at the spawn point and when you finally engage the monster you can put one inside the dome as an escape route out for hunters low on health. Also, while hunting, by placing the pads on opposing sides of the map, or separated by large distances, you can cover more ground quickly. If you hunt down a monster to the far east side of a map, and place a pad there, and the monster goes back to the center near the spawn point…you already have a pad there and can instantly travel to that point, and so on. Be very careful though, since you do not want to separate teammates. Make sure you communicate well to let people know you are using the pads.

    (V) Tech Sgt. Hank -

  • Laser Cannon:
    Basic weapon. The laser cannon works much like the laser cutter, punishing the monster at close and long range, but with a nice solid beam of pain.

  • Shield Charger:
    Unlike the standard Hank’s shield projector, this charges up something of a personal shield onto your ally that will remain on your ally until it is chewed through with damage. The longer you hold the charger onto your target, the more shield they will have, so you will want to be charging up these shields before battle moreso than during it. Once you have a decent amount of shield on one ally, swap to another. The medic and assault will require your shields the most.

  • Orbital Drill:
    The orbital drill is called down from above in much the same way as the barrage. It is also inhibited by buildings and caves in the same way. However, it is a laser beam that tracks the monster over a short distance, burning it as it goes. This is especially useful on Behemoth or even airborn Krakens due to their slowness overall, since the beam is fairly slow moving itself. It does stay on the field longer than the standard Hank’s barrage, however, so it can be used to greater deterrent effect. If a teammate gets incapped, summon the drill down over them to prevent body camping and allow for medics to get their heals in, or for teammates to revive - especially Lazarus, as the drill does not push allies back like the barrage does.


Medic Class

Class Skill: All Medics are equipped with a healing burst. This you can use both on yourself and teammates at the same time. When you see someone needs a topping-off of healing, or need one yourself, pop the burst while in close proximity to others and you will all share in the healing. It is useful to sometimes quickly dart into battle, pop the burst to heal those that are in the fight, and then jetpack back to safety again. Remember, you can also pop the burst while airborne. Always keep the team topped off health-wise between dome engagements. If you are incapped, wait until your remaining health is nearly drained out and then pop the healing burst. You will get a small dose of health which may give your team just enough extra seconds to revive you. Please note that Rogue Val’s heal burst is the exception to these rules and only works on herself, however, and not teammates.

Val -

  • Armor-piercing Sniper Rifle:
    While this is your basic weapon, it is used only a little when in combat. It fires single round shots which penetrate the armor of a monster and leaves a weak point target for your fellow hunters to hit for bonus damage. If this weak spot happens to be on the monster’s head, that’s even more bonus damage your team can get. Use the sniper rifle intermittently, as you are not the assault. You should not be focusing on using the sniper rifle. Your primary job is to heal but try to get at least one or two targets painted on the monster during a dome confrontation. It is often best to fire from the hip rather than zoom in, unless it’s a Kraken.

  • Med Gun:
    This is the bread and butter of your kit, so use it often and use it well. The med gun can be used from afar so use this to your advantage, typically up high and out of harm’s way. You don’t want to be in direct battle with the monster. When you see a teammate’s health get low, shoot for them, especially assault who should be taking the most damage from the monster. Your green healing beam bends but only so much. If allies get pushed someplace blocking your line of sight your beam will also be broken, so try to maneuver to stay outside of combat but within eye/healshot. Also note that you can jetpack straight up into the air and heal from above. Heal, heal, heal, your weakest ally to your strongest. When you run out of healing juice, switch to your tranq. and your sniper rounds, then back again quickly.

  • Tranquilizer Gun:
    When you’re running to catch a monster and have it in your sights, whip out your tranquilizer gun. Not only will you slow the monster a while by getting a successful shot, but it will reveal the monster to the team so you can track its path and get the dome up as soon as possible. When a dome falls and the monster escapes, this is also a key time to get a tranq. dart in. While under the dome, try to get in some tranqs. between healing to cause the monster to burn through their abilities and traversals more. A good time to try for a sniper shot is also right after you get a tranq. in and the monster is slowed just enough for you to paint a target on it for your team. Note how long your tranq. lasts and be ready to get another dart in when the last one runs out while on the chase.

    Lazarus -

  • Silenced Sniper Rifle:
    Basic weapon. Surprisingly good. Each shot you make on the monster paints a weak spot on it which acts as a target for the rest of your team to hit. This will score bonus damage onto the monster, so use your rifle as much as possible. The targets are smaller and shorter-lasting than other weak points like Val’s sniper shots, but you can paint a lot of them quickly. When you see the weak points start to disappear from the monster, add some more. Also, keep track of your healing. It is harder for you to heal others than other medics so when you heal burst yourself make sure you are around others. You can cloak, run into battle with a heal burst, and rush out again…if you think you can get away with it.

  • Lazarus Device:
    This is what makes Lazarus different than all other medics. He can revive teammates with the device and prevent them from getting downed penalty strikes as long as they didn’t die and were merely incapped. If a hunter dies, Laz has a short timeframe where he can still use the Lazarus device and get a revive, but the hunter will take a strike. Use of the device is tantamount to success with Lazarus. You need to get in, pop the revivifier, and get out fast because the monster will be gunning for you. Often, a monster will incap a teammate just to watch for you…and once they spot you they will go all-in trying to kill you. Your team has to work hard to keep you alive but you also need to know when to best use your cloaking device. The second an ally falls is usually not the best time to try for the revive. Try to wait a bit while you and the other hunters punish him for body camping. Hopefully assault will provide enough of a distraction to draw the monster away so that you will have time for the revive…and be sure to use your glove, not revive in the standard way which will give your teammate strikes. Remind your team that you are Lazarus and will get your teammate up. However, if you are unable to get your teammate and are about to go down yourself, do tell your allies to revive others if they can. Better to have a hunter on the field with a strike than dead if you are down and almost dead. Also remind them that you should be revived first if possible, so that you can use the Lazarus device on other downed teammates. Sometimes in battle the monster gets so weakened they cannot finish the job and will run off, leaving two or three incapped hunters behind. The monster probably intends to armor back up fast and return to clean up. In this brief snippet of time whoever remains should get Lazarus up first so he can, in turn, revive the others.

  • Personal Cloak:
    You can go invisible with your cloaking device. Use this wisely. A good monster can sniff you out and see your tracks or your jetpack light. If a Hank support is shielding you this will also point a nice target right on you that the monster will follow, wasting the point of the cloak. Be sure to tell your teammates not to shield you while cloaked. Get out of the way of Sunny’s shield drone if possible. If you go into water to hide your tracks, stand still so the monster cannot see the ripples you make. Don’t always cloak immediately once a hunter falls and rush in to revive…monsters are looking for this. Wait it out a little. Sometimes you can rush in and get the revive, then use your cloak to escape, rather than pop the cloak first to sneak in for the revive, leaving you vulnerable in the monster’s sights sooner. Always anticipate that a good monster is looking for you and waiting for you to make your move. The longer you make him wait and take damage while hovering over your incapped ally, the better. When you make your escape, go to sentry guns, land mines, harpoons…whatever you can to cause the monster to either take damage, get slowed, or in general punished, for hunting you down. As always, be ready to jetpack up, down, and around cliffs.

    Caira -

  • Napalm Grenade Launcher:
    Basic weapon. The grenade launcher allows you to put damage on the monster and afterburn damage, both at range and up close.

  • Healing Grenade Launcher:
    Shoot your teammates with grenades of healing. This is best achieved from on high where you can survey the open battlefield. Shoot the 'nades at your allies as their health takes hits from the monster, then swap to your damage-dealing 'nades while your heals are on cooldown. Also remember that you can self-heal with your own grenades by firing them at your feet, even if the monster is on top of you. Used in conjunction with your healing burst you have a greater survive-ability, giving the rest of your team a chance to distract the monster from off of you.

  • Acceleration Field:
    Mostly used when hunters are in pursuit of the monster either for that first dome or once a dome falls and the monster is escaping. However, it can also be used in battle to escape from a monster coming your way or to help your teammates get an extra speed boost so they too can escape or at least maneuver around easier. You can always be shooting the ground in front of you to self heal as you do so, or run down the escaping monster while firing napalm. When tracking or running down a monster as a team, try to be at the back of the pack so that everyone gets the benefit of the boost. You literally can push them along. If teammates are too far behind you they will be left in your dust, and a separated team is not a good thing.

    Slim -

  • Leech Gun:
    Basic weapon. You will be using your whole kit so get ready for quick switching. The leech gun is your best friend, firing shots that drain health from the monster and top up your heal burst. You will want to shoot the monster as much as possible and heal burst crazy often. This will require that you get within range of the monster…but not too close because medics are juicy targets. It is not always easy to shoot from a high-up place because your heal burst radius needs to reach other hunters in the middle of battle, which means you must be on the field as well, fighting in the trenches. When your leeches run out, swap to your spore launcher. Also, while giving chase to the monster, use your leech gun on local wildlife to top up the health of your crew with your heal bursts.

  • Spore Cloud Launcher:
    The spore cloud limits the monster’s smell range while it’s within the radius of the cloud. This can save you precious second of time to escape a monster tailing you or just overall confuse it as to which targets are which. Leech as much life as you can from the monster but also remember to swap often to get those spore clouds in the air. Confusion is key to helping you “get lost” in the fray.

  • Healing Drone:
    This little bug drone can help you while in combat by reviving downed teammates without anyone risking their own necks to do it. However, if the monster returns and begins combat over the body, the drone flies off. You can toss it to hunters that are not engaged directly with the monster to help them heal up, but as soon as the monster engages with them the drone will disengage. Still and all it is useful to always be tossing the bug around. And when you are giving chase to the monster, toss it onto a teammate that needs topping off and the drone will take care of the healing for you.

    Emet -

  • Replay Cannon:
    Basic weapon which tags the monster and fires rapid shots that home in on those tags. When they hit their mark they explode, dealing damage.

  • Healing Buoy:
    You get 3 of these which you can place all around the battlefield and will heal teammates over time. Try to place them both high and low for hunters to retreat to for healing, and also on the outskirts of the battle if you don’t want them destroyed too quickly. They do require a few seconds to charge up when placing them on the ground but they also can be thrown and bursted while airbrone if you pop your healing burst while throwing. With this method you can toss healing towards your teammates in need. Also, when you pop your own heal burst, the buoys on the field wherever you have placed them will burst and expel all of their healing powers within their radius.

  • Respawn Beacon:
    As soon as a teammate dies, get out of the way of battle and place down the respawn beacon. It will allow your dead teammates to come back into the battle faster and in far less than than if they had to wait on the dropship to arrive. A good monster will seek this out to destroy it so try to place it around harpoons, mines, or anything undesirable for monsters. Also, don’t make it easy for them to reach…make them climb for it, so place it up high…or tucked away somewhere they will have trouble getting to quickly.

    (V) Rogue Val -

  • Sniper Rifle:
    Basic weapon. This gun will not paint weak points onto your target but will allow you to rapid-fire 3 shots to put damage onto the monster yourself. Best when fired from the hip unless you need to zoom in on farther-away targets.

  • Chain Med Gun:
    This med gun is weaker than the other med gun of standard Val but it can chain to multiple allies at once. As Rogue Val you also put out a radius of healing automatically so the closer you are to your teammates, the better for healing them up to full without even using the med gun. Unlike other medics in the class, however, your healing burst works only on you, and will restore a huge portion of your health back up, almost to full…so it is best used only after you have taken a lot of damage and might go down. Your area of effect healing after this is done, however, will cease for a time so you will need to focus on using the med gun after heal bursting. It is still best to use the med gun from up on high but you will want to try and be a little closer to the actual battle in order to get that area of effect healing around your teammates. Let them know that they can take shelter near you (but not too close because you don’t want them bringing the monster to you) for heals as they shoot at the monster.

  • Poison Dart Gun:
    The poison dart, once injected into your prey, will reveal the monster for a time to your teammates and also do some damage over time to the monster. Unlike the tranq. dart though, it does not cause the monster to slow down. Even so, its best use is when on the hunt where you can plink the monster and keep it in sights of the team for as long as possible. Swap to your poison darts whenever you can while in battle to add a little extra dose of pain on the monster, especially right when the dome drops.



Basic Tips:

  • Monsters need to feed quickly to gain armor and their evolve pool. Put as much distance between you and the hunters right at the start and eat everything you can as you run. The trapper’s satellite ping will track you and make you visible for a short while so use this time to get more distance and run. Once the ping goes on cooldown, however, this is the time to attempt a juke or to double-back on your tracks. It is especially useful if you have continually run in one set direction, then as the ping clears away, run in the other. They will think you are still traveling the same way and it’ll buy you some time. Food will normally have re-spawned along the path you just took so don’t worry that you ate everything there and are returning to a poor feeding ground. Only worry about disturbing birds when the trapper ping is not currently active and do your best to avoid them since they give away your position.

  • When you are ready to evolve, pick a spot that is underneath something if either Hank is on the hunter team, since the orbital barrage or drill will cause a massive hurting if called down as you.

  • If Lazarus is on the hunter team you will need to focus him. Try to down a hunter and then watch the body. Lazarus will usually come out to attempt the revive. Fire will reveal him if he is cloaked but if you do not have fire just assume that Laz is nearby and return to the body to try and prevent the revive. If you can kill the hunter outright with damage, do so. Eat him if you can since eating the body prevents the revive altogether. Lazarus takes away all the work you put in on a hunter to get the downed penalty strike so make it your mission to seek him out and down him. If you can’t find him, do your best to take as little damage as possible while guarding the incapped hunters.

  • Combo your abilities onto one or more hunters at once. If hunters group up together this is the best time to use combos. Also mix your standard attack abilities with melee and use knockback moves to set a hunter up for another attack ability or a pounce. Separate the hunters if you can so you can work on one while the others have to catch up to try and help.

  • Take advantage of lone hunters or hunters that stray too far away from their teammates. Pounce them and get as much damage in as you can before the team catches on.

  • If you’re finding it difficult to escape, cut around walls, take sharp turns, anything to break line of sight. Use your traversals and abilities to escape but try to grab a bite on the go as you do. If you’re still unable to shake the hunters, ambush them when they least expect it and fight it out. If you can incap one and then leave they will need to take time to revive their teammate so maybe you can escape.

  • If you are able to armor channel, do it! Stand still for 4 seconds if you can get far enough away from the hunters and your armor will start to regen. You can bring the fight multiple times if you can get your armor back again and again, turning even a poor battle in your favor. This is not easy though, and good hunters will do all they can to prevent it, but if you are a monster that often pounces, hunters may be too scared to go around corners to get to you and won’t take the risk.

  • Keep them guessing as to your tactics. Act like you’re running away when you have no intention of doing so to set up an ambush. Change up your maneuvers and be fast. A moving target is always harder to hit.


  • Rock Throw:
    Goliath’s primary damage dealer. Use this ability to deal a large amount of damage to Hunters, but be wary that experienced Hunters will actively be trying to dodge your rock throws. Counter this by grabbing a rock, waiting for a Hunter to dodge preemptively and then throwing your rock. Also fun to pretend like you are going to throw at a target in front of you, then whip around quickly to hit a hunter that’s behind you. If they do dodge your rock they probably used jetpack fuel, so follow up with another attack on them while they are spent.

  • Leap Smash:
    A skill-shot ability where Goliath leaps through the air and deals damage at a nearby targeted location. This ability has a fairly large radius which increases as you add more points to the ability, and is useful for closing the gap between you and a Hunter. This ability doesn’t deal as much damage as rock throw, but has the added benefit of bringing yourself into melee range of the Hunters. It can also be used as an extra traversal out of combat, but will have a longer cooldown when not in combat so it can only be used every now and again.

  • Fire Breath:
    Speaks for itself, really, and is mostly useful in killing multiple prey targets at once. But don’t underestimate the flame’s reach, as it can hit hunters annoyingly flying right over you or just out of your melee range. It leaves residual burn damage as well.

  • Charge:
    A skill not often utilized but one which can work to best effect when comboed with other moves, and is good to separate a hunter from its team so you can get some alone time in to deal some damage. It’s good for pushing your target into areas you want to engage and also moving to places quickly…like to incapped bodies to prevent revives. It can also be used as a traversal to put more distance between you and hunters. Follow up a leap smash with a charge to really disrupt hunters that group up.


  • Lightning Strike:
    A blast of lighting from the sky, but one that is also not limited to open sky areas…it can be used under buildings or in caves. It deals a great amount of damage and can be moved a short distance while casting it, allowing you to focus on certain hunters. It can also be used to help juke the hunters by casting it far off into the distance. The sound from the blast can confuse hunters as to your current location and they’ll often head for where the sound came from rather than where you are at. Best used after the trapper’s ping goes on cooldown.

  • Banshee Mines:
    These screaming balls are potent. You get 3 of these and can use them at any time, even when not in battle. Place them just under cliff edges or on cave ceilings so that when hunters follow after you they get ambushed by them. In battle they are used to best effect when comboed with other moves and hunters are forced to dodge them, only to land into another of your abilities. If they move to avoid your banshee mines perhaps they are inadvertantly jetpacking into a lightning strike. Or maybe your vortex is pushing them into your banshee ball placements. Don’t forget that while in flight you also have a melee of little electric particle balls. Be throwing them between your abilities and try to always stay afloat, as Krakens on the ground die faster. While in the air, keep dodging back and forth and moving around…don’t remain a static target in the air.

  • Aftershock:
    This is an area of effect ability that comes with a little price, since you will need to remain almost still to cast it and will be taking damage. It is best started while airborne, then drop down quickly on top of hunters for when the effect goes off. Think of it as a sky ambush that way, or a way to get hunters to back off of you if you find yourself on the ground. It is deadly in close quarters combat for hunters, so if you plan to go into caves, this is what you’d choose to use. If you cast it while in the air, be sure to drop down before it goes off or the ability will be wasted. It needs to encompass hunters in the area of effect to be useful so you will need to be on the ground with them predominantly to use it.

  • Vortex:
    This is a burst that pushes hunters back. It is amazing just how far you can push hunters at times. It is great for when they give chase after you to prevent them getting too close. Also, use the vortex to push hunters into areas where you will be casting other abilities…basically pushing them into a lightning strike etc. Combo your abilities for best effect and remember, that assault really want a piece of you and has to be close to deal the most damage…keep them away.


  • Warp Blast:
    Wraith warps forward and explodes shortly after landing at the target reticule. Targets in the explosion radius take damage and hunters are knocked back slightly. This ability can also be used as an extra traversal, but has a longer cooldown when not fighting…so it can’t be used all of the time as a means of traveling the map. Note that you can warp blast far away or hit the button a second time to blast within a shorter distance. You are not limited to casting the ability and watching as you overshooting your mark if hunters jetpack away. You can pop your explosion any time along the warp path. Especially useful for hunters who like to hover overhead.

  • Abduction:
    An aimed skill-shot with long range that grabs a target, pulls them back to your location and deals damage while allowing you to separate them from their team and deal some more with pounce, melee, or another ability. Use this ability to prevent hunters from escaping you and also to isolate high value targets such as the Medic or Support. Aim it a little high over the hunter’s head for best capture. You can also use this ability to survey a battlefield by warping into the air and then holding the abduct button. You will hover and slowly fall but get a good idea of everyone’s location. If you are stage 3, you can survey what the encamped generator area looks like and where hunters are before committed on your entrance to the fight.

  • Decoy:
    Spawns a clone of yourself that rapidly attacks a nearby enemy. This ability it useful for attacking a separate target whilst you attack someone else, or for putting more pressure on one single enemy. This ability is also useful out of combat as it allows you to feed on wildlife whilst your Decoy kills surrounding wildlife. A good use of this skill, if you plan to attack one target, is to let your decoy go to work on the target’s front while you take the rear, attacking from both sides to prevent escape. It is a valuable distraction hunter’s can’t ignore, especially those already low on health. Camp a body but send out your decoy to do some work. Combo the decoy with supernova by popping supernova before or after you pop your decoy and your decoy will also have it’s benefit.

  • Supernova:
    Creates a cloud of energy that increases Wraith’s melee attack speed for a short duration whilst she remains in the cloud. Useful for dealing large amounts of damage to a single target in a short period of time. Use this ability when an enemy is low on health or when they have a damage shield in order to rapidly deplete it and get back to dealing damage to a Hunter’s health. Very useful to prevent hunters climbing up cliff walls to escape.


  • Lava Bomb:
    Behemoth’s main damage ability. You spit out these balls of lava at your enemies, where they explode on contact with them or the ground. Where they land they create a danger zone for hunters to move through, depleting their health rapidly. It is always a good tactic to spit lava balls onto an incapped hunter, especially if Laz is the medic, as it will be difficult for him to move through the area to try for a revive. If you don’t want hunters to go in a certain area, spit lava bombs there.

  • Tongue Grab:
    Your tongue can be used to grab hunters that are far away and pull them in close to you. This is best comboed with the rock wall, so that once you get the hunter next to you, you can block off their allies from assisting for a bit while you pounce or deal melee damage to your isolated victim. If the medics are staying too far out of range, pull them in closer. To ensure that they don’t escape easily, also have the field in front of you full of lava bombs so if they escape they will still take damage.

  • Fissure:
    This tears up the ground in an increasing arc out from where you punch the earth, dealing damage even to hunters trying to jetpack upwards away from the ground. It travels far so you can use it to force back hunters or reach targets too far away. Can be used to throw hunters off their feet long enough to get a tongue grab in.

  • Rock Wall:
    Puts up a burning wall between you and the hunters, blocking their path. This is best used when you want to separate a hunter to try for a down. Get the hunter near you, then throw the wall up, preventing them from escape while you pounce and pummel them. The wall will dissipate after a time but the other hunters will not be able to reach their ally easily for assists or healing. It can also be casted to block hunters pursuit of you while trying to escape. It’s especially useful in caves…in fact, try to get into caves to fight because a Behemoth fighting in caves is a deadly beast.


  • Web Snare:
    This sticky web is key to making combo strikes, since it slows hunters down a huge amount and sets them up for more abilities to be used on them, or a pounce or basic melee. It can be very effective to web snare and then acid spray.

  • Spider Trap:
    You get one of these at a time, but use it often! You can place these just about anywhere but they are best placed at the edges of cliffs where hunters will be coming down in their pursuit of you, or tucked away in some plants for an unsuspecting hunter to come along and get grabbed while they are tracking you. While in the dome, always be throwing these out behind hunters because they cause chaos and separate a hunter from their team, also forcing hunters to change their target to the spider trap and not to you, so you can maneuver into a better position. Place them high up on cliff edges to so that when hunters climb up they get grabbed and pulls away. Be sure to place one next to an incapped hunter so anyone that goes to revive might be grabbed.

  • Acid Spit:
    Speaks for itself but can be shot out pretty widely, doing damage over time to everyone that it touches. Also note that Gorgon can stick to walls herself by holding the space bar and focusing on a wall that allows the action. Hunters that don’t look up will miss you entirely and you can get significant pounce damage if you can pounce down on one from above. You can also throw a spider trap out to confuse them and keep them focused on the ground in front of them right before pouncing.

  • Mimic:
    A pale shell of yourself you can send out to cause damage by exploding in hunter’s faces. However, once cast your real body is frozen in place, and any damage that it takes will cause the mimic to explode early and ruin your plans. The mimic is best used as a kamikaze but can also be used to survey a generator battlefield while your body is safely tucked away. This takes a lot of skill to use properly but can bring some serious hurt to hunters not paying attention. Hunters can shoot the mimic to explode it early so try to move in on your targets fast, usually using traversals to swing their way.

    (V) Meteor Goliath

  • Rock Throw:
    Your basic damage dealer, this rock is ignited and will cause additional damage to any hunters it hits.

  • Leap Smash:
    An area of effect aimed ability that is best used in combo with Charge following shortly after. Anyone caught in the leap smash area will take burn damage.

  • Fire Breath:
    A gout of blue flame that ignites every enemy in its wake, leaving burn damage over time as a result.

  • Charge:
    A rush forward to separate hunters from their team or an escape move while hunters are in pursuit. If anything is caught in the way of your charge they will take additional burn damage as well as the damage from the hit, same with your other abilities.

    (V) Elder Kraken

  • Lightning Strike:
    This is an aimed skill that deals significant damage out from your forehead. It is best used as part of a combo and can be difficult to aim, so practice on local wildlife first.

  • Banshee Missile:
    This banshee ball shoots out with gunshot-like speed towards your target, exploding on contact and dealing good damage. Unlike the standard Kraken’s banshee mines, however, they cannot be placed on locations to act like ambushing mines. This Kraken is suited for battle both in the air and on the ground, so use the space of both and keep moving, keeping your enemies guessing as to what you plan on doing next. Also note that while in the air you do not have a basic melee ball lightning move like the standard Kraken.

  • Chain Lightning:
    Chain lightning is an arena-of effect ability that will damage all hunters caught in it’s radius. Also, the lightning that jumps onto other targets increases the damage amount dealt. Try to hit as many hunters with it at once as possible. Best used in close quarter fighting. Trick them into thinking you plan to fight on the ground (like when camping a body) a while so when they move in close enough, pop your chain lightning.

  • Death Spiral:
    You cast this from your forehead as well, and it shoots out in a long spiraling beam towards your enemies. The beam stays in the area for a short amount of time so it can be used, for example, over downed hunters to prevent a revive. You can also use this ability to block hunters off from taking certain paths, or splitting their team into two.