Based on the new map - make Cataclysm map Coop only with Meteor Goliath as an opponent


Meteors raining from the sky + Meteor Goliath. It adds up, doesn’t it? Especially now, when we have Deepest Dark map with Gorgon Queen to slay.

Making it coop only would solve the problem of this map being annoying - both for monsters and hunters - in “normal” hunt, and also random fps drops (that still happen, although rarely) wouldn’t matter that much. Also, this would be kind of nice to have another variant of coop enemy - alongside new Queen - instead of being forced to fight Goliaths all the time.

Just a suggestion :slight_smile: What do you think?


Perfect,they will just reuse the asset and with some coding,i can see content and more coop value,make a polls.
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We were talking about something like this!


Put Overpowered into console Legacy and only have Kelder as the monster. Fits perfectly.


I came up with this idea when Cataclysm was released.


Woohoo! Take more content away from the Monsters!!!


It wouldnt be taking away from Monsters, it would be adding more to the coop experience. they will likely have a map for all of the Monsters that has some special mechanic that relates eventually


So denying Monsters access to a map isn’t removing content from them?

It’s already available in coop so this adds nothing. This just removes content from the game.

No they won’t.


I don’t want to remove it from regular Hunt, but adding a co-op voice over and some kind of objective would be super fun. I dig it.


It actually does add something to co-op by adding a nice bit of theme to the map. And also changing it up from the boring goliath every match.

  • how do you know they won’t add those maps? Source?


But it isnt denying anything, because there is no possible way you could balance a map like these for PvP, and it is not that hard to play one game as Hunter to experience the content. Not taking anything away, just adding somewhere else.

Once again, this is only adding content to the game, for anyone to do. There is no wall stopping anybody, you just cant play the Monster that is specially modified for a specific perpose on a specific map.

Why not? As GentlemanSquirl said its something being discussed already, and it would only make sense after this Deepest Dark coming out with Gorgon, that they would continue into more similar things to both flesh out the coop game mode, as well as work towards some kind of campaign type thing like there was in Legacy. Where do you get your evidence that there is no chance for it?


All it changes is the Monster and makes it so it’s a bot. That removes fun because Monsters have less possible maps.

When was the last time Monster’s got content? Oh yeah; six months ago.

It’s not meant to be 100% balanced. That’s hunt. This is arcade. This is meant for more fun rather than seriousness.

So making this a coop exclusive map isn’t removing content from Monster? Because coop is player VS AI.[quote=“unhappycupcake, post:11, topic:100231”]
Why not?

View the above.


Co-op is a team of players vs AI(duh). So, are you saying they are going to add coop experience for monster players…? mutiple monsters…vs AI? Not sure what you mean by that.


Having something available for monsters to do and then removing it is, quite literally, removing content, as far as PvP is concerned. Adding a different version of this map to PvE would be strictly adding; modifying and moving takes content away from one spot and adds it to another.


Six months was the last time monsters got content?

grounder Perks.
two new map variants for hunt queue.
bug fixes.
tunings and buffs.
other things that I’m forgetting at the moment.


Or, we could add a single-player monster experience.

Defend makes a comeback. Take down two generators guarded by various hunters and Ebonstar guards, leading up to the third one where all the hunters have retreated to, along with more guards. Kill them all. Shed light on the deaths of some characters and the fall of Shear. Make the monsters feel, well… monstrous.


I don’t consider perks to be “content”. They’re perks. Do they add much to the game? Hardly. They’re basically behind the scenes numbers that get changed.

It’s like staging a play and the writer of said play changes something small in a scene to make it that much more effective. Does it change much? No and frankly it doesn’t effect the play too much but it’s there.

I consider these as general content. Not content for either side since everyone uses them.

Bug fixes and balance aren’t content as they’re exactly that; bug fixes and balance.


I’d also consider new hunters as also monster content in a way. More types of food. :slight_smile:

EDIT: and also, next couple of patches should be wraith variant and then maybe behemoth variant?


Well that’s your opinion. As I recently said:

I’m glad you can find fun with all this; I personally cannot. Not until some Monster content starts rolling out.


Coop only? No. This should never be an option. All it does is take away from people that don’t like to/ can’t do coop.

They should add extra stuff for coop, for certain, but no way should they make it exclusive to only that mode of play. It’s simply a ridiculous notion.