Baseball season predictions 2015?


Well not sure how many people on these forums are baseball fans, but I am and want to ask people that are if they have any predictions for the upcoming season? Like who do think will make it to the world series for the National league and American league?

Here are some of my predictions on who will take there divisions.
American league East: Baltimore Orioles
American league Central: Cleveland Indians
American league West: Los Angeles Angels

National league East: Washington Nationals
National league Central: Pittsburgh Pirates
National league West: Los Angeles Dodgers

World Series: Los Angeles Angels VS the Pittsburgh Pirates.


The new calico mammoth birds will win


lol fair enough.


Mariners vs Cubs in World Series


I could see and would like the Mariners. The cubs they put a lot of money at the team, but they are young and need to prove them self. With teams like the Pirates and St Louis with a lot of great talent that have already shown there skill it will be a hard one for the cubs. National league Central this year will be a blood bath worst team in there are the Reds, and they are still pretty good.


I’m all about my Miami Marlins, baby!!! Got my tickets ready!


I live an hour from Pittsburgh and have been raised my whole life a Pirates fan! Which is a good reason I put them to go to the world series! That and I really do think they are one of the better teams in baseball this year.


I like when the Marlins play them, cause they really are a fun team to watch.


I remember last year when Marlins where playing really well, the Pirates had a really good series with the Marlins. I remember Casey Mcgehee the 3rd baseman getting really mad over something in that series.


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I mean if Cthulu wants to talk baseball then sure.


Mariners,Twins,or Pirates