Banshee Monster Idea


Here is a monster I schemed up, It would be a flying venomous beast with a large scorpion like stinger at the end of the tail. The player would have to rely on a strafing tactic once it hit stage 3 but anything below that would require a more hit and run tactic much like wraith I have deemed it Banshee and it is inspired by wyverns, and the Great Leonopteryx from avatar. The down side to this monster is if the hunters shot the wings they become tattered slowing the monsters flight speed eventually forcing the beast to land were the hunters would have the upper hand. The monsters wing would regen over time and evolving it would completely restore them. Send me some head back i’ll try to make a sketch! :smile:


Cthulhu is cool, but I’d like to see a legit winged Monster, maybe it glides rather than flies. Give Kraken some company barely ever getting hit.


Quick question: Will Kraken be able to shoot them out of his mouth?


Like the idea Drakon ive been wanting a scorpion monster and like villain said maybe it glides cause flying is the krakens thing


True it could have a similar thing much like behemoth were its ability bar slowly depletes, with only a limited amount of time in the air.


Since it has a scorpion tail it would have a general venomous theme going on with it cause you would think on a planet like shear some creatures would evolve toxins right here are some moves I thought up nothing final just ideas. It would has an acidic spray out of its mouth much like so types of cobras. It could us a dive attack were it would charge at a hunter in mid air grab the hunter withs its talons and stick him with the tail, hunters would have to shoot the monster in order to get the monster off their fellow hunter. It may also be able to expel a large amount of gas out of its body creating a could of toxins that would slowly do damage. The final I came up with is more of a tactical move, It could release a roar that would cause 1/3rds of the birds in the map to fly completely confusing the hunters. I must add this creature could not hover like kraken, it would need to continuously be moving in a forward direction in order for it to remain aloft. Give me some feedback, I’m working on a rough sketch.


Sounds pretty cool BUT ORRION TERRORSAURS COME FIRST :angry:… I’ll be watching you…


Okay I haven’t heard of that monster concept it sounds pretty cool I’ll be sure to check it out


Griffin has dialogue about hunting one. I have heard it is supposed to look like a Carnotaurus. There are multiple replies on my profile. You may have to scroll down a bit.


Oh sounds awsome