Banshee Missile Suggestion


I was just watching the pubcast stream and they were talking about some different things they could do to make Kelder’s Banshee Missile less of a shotgun move. What if they made it start off slowly and then speed up, or add a short charge time to it, to keep him from pouncing a hunter and then slamming it in their face before they can react?

  1. That would hurt his close range capability since watching his missile head towards his target would feel like watching my grandmother cross the street.

  2. Combos are the nature of the game, a pounce + missile is fair game. Fun? Probably not so much but no matter what speed you put on it, it’ll be impossible to stop that combo given that it literally spawns from Kraken and goes to a target no more than 5m ahead of him.

  3. Elder “spits” or casts the ability in a fashion that gives it momentum. To change this would also be to change the animation because the current animation wouldn’t look right. Imagine spitting into the grass or something when you’re out for a walk, now imagine that once the spit leaves your mouth it is going a fraction of the speed that your motion would suggest it should be going. Just doesn’t make sense, like two cars getting into a 100mph collision but then they act like bumper cars going a mile per hour and the drivers just laugh and drive off.

######King of bad analogies at it again.


Well yes combos are a part of the game, but to an extent. The devs have said multiple times they want to move away from players having control taken from them and then forced to take unavoidable damage. So the point is to try and think of a way to make Banshee Missile dodgeable while retaining a semblance of power. As for a charge time being slow, it doesn’t have to be. Just some indication that it was coming to give the hunter player at least a chance to dodge.


how many abilitys in a combo are we talking?


Well, I rather like the idea of making it move slowly, and then quicker. Not in the sense the OP is making it out as, but still.