Banshee Mines


I’ve been watching the livestreams and I’m curious about the banshee mines’ applications in a match. They don’t seem to get much attention, and the commentators almost seem surprised when someone pulls them. This has led me to wonder what exactly is the point of having them.

In the tutorial video it say’s they’re “great for ambushes”, but I’m lead against believing that because A - they scream at you and B - in the most recent stream, game 4, kraken left a bunch of mines at the hunters’ drop point. Not a single one of them hit a hunter, and this is when they’re least expecting them as well.

In my observation it seems inferior to all the rest of kraken’s abilities because it can be negated with just one bullet. Arguably its closest relative is vortex - as it’s also an ability that seems more about controlling the hunters. The problem I see here is you can shoot a banshee mine, and you can’t shoot a vortex.

A well placed vortex will isolate you for several seconds, or force a hunter team way back while kraken gains distance. I’ve yet to see what a well placed banshee mine can do. My only guess is that it momentarily takes the targeted class out of it’s goal. I feel like this would specifically be most notable against Val or Hank. But even then it seems like peanuts compared to vortex.
(EDIT: I unpaused after posting this and immediately the commentators talked about the benefits of mines, which are very similar to what I guessed here. Still, I feel like it’s not enough when you could have used vortex to get out of the fight in the first place.)

Thoughts? Maybe some developer insight as well (nudge wink)?


While I agree that they are probably my least favorite kraken ability, I would probably take one point in it early on to prevent ambushes. The scream alerts me to hunters so I can place them on ceilings and blind corners to alert me if I’m being followed or flanked. As they are leveled higher, you can place them on dead bodies to prevent hunters trying to be heroes and going for a res.

I’m sure there are more subtitles than that. I noticed they have a REALLY short cooldown too, which could be useful. I think they take a lot of flack, because they are the only monster ability that can be countered directly with bullets.


I just finished watching the game 4 I mentioned earlier, and kraken won stage 2 with three points in lightning and banshee mines… I guess I might have to consider the possibility that the advantages of the mines aren’t something easily noticeable, but still useful. That kraken probably would have had a much tougher time if all he had was the lightning.


They should make it so they require more damge as you assign points to them


They require more damage as you assign points ? If i recall correctly banshee mines are leveled by damage and AEO size i believe.


I meant as in require more to destroy .-.


I find that the limiting factor of Banshee mines is the slow movement speed of the mines…they seem so easily shot out the air.


What a lot of people miss about banshee mines is that having to shoot them down is exactly what makes them good. Many hunters have secondary tools that they spend much of the match using: Val’s tranq gun and healing gun, Hank’s shield beam, Maggies harpoon launcher, Daisy (all the time), Griffin’s harpoon gun, Lazarus’ device. When the hunters are using any of these, they are completely defenseless. They either have to A) Stop supporting the team and defend themselves B) Get someone else stop shooting you and defend them. Or C) Take massive damage. Any of these outcomes helps you.

The key to using banshee mines is that you NOT rapid fire them at hunters already shooting you, but rather save then for an open target or to shoot behind you when you run away to distract/surprise the hunters.


Vortex/Banshee mine split is my go to stage one build. I’ve found that Lightning strike is a very obvious attack, that is less likely to hit more advance player unless you are comboing or being very tricksy(to dodge a lightning strike, jetpack towards them and to the left or right). Banshee is my “auto attack” buff skill. I pepper in a banshee mine every couple of seconds to add a constant stream of extra damage while pushing people directly into the ground with Vortex. I don’t use it as an ambush skill at all. I want the hunters to have to focus on what is killing who I am targeting(by killing the chasing mines) and not them shooting my face off. Also, if a hunter is running from a mine, I have a pretty easy time predicting where they are going.

TLDR: Banshee4ever.


From what I have seen, the reason to use banshee mines is less for offensive maneuvers and more for defense. Think of it, they are loud and shiny. and they go wherever the mouse cursor is. Kraken could pop them down, distract the hunters into shooting them, and either lead them the wrong way or hide behind a bush or something.

Now if I could only thing of a good reason to use the Goliath charge…


In Tandem to what Squirrel is saying as well, bullets spent not shooting you is bullets not doing damage. It can also take a while to ‘re-acquire’ you as a target if you are also moving around a lot.


If I play Kraken I don’t see myself using the Mines as an offensive sort. More/Less I will max out Lightning Strike, Vortex, and spend two points in aftershock and one in the mines. I see them as a utility/annoyance than a full on damaging unit.


they decloaks cloakers as well I think.


The charge attack is both a good damage dealer/disorientation attack as well as a mobility move. Think of it as a makeshift sprint button for Goliath, same way people use leap smash to get an extra jump out of Goliath


Goliath charge is probably his best move.


I love Goliath’s charge. I personally feel at least one point in that and leap would be preferable. Plus, have you seen the way it scales? at stage 2 you get a 15% damage and range increase, and by stage 3 you get another 34% damage and 39% range. It’s hard to say how that stacks up with base numbers, but I’ve seen some excellent dash hits (plus, utility is so important).


It may have changed but for example during E3 I’m 99% sure b-mines didn’t aim on cloaked hunters…


I feel like it’s harder to see banshee’s main power.

Just like flamethrower for Goliath, it’s not so much pure damage as it is utility and chaos. If even just for a couple of seconds you break the focus on a group of hunters, you can kill one of them. They’re too busy running from the flamethrower / banshee mines, they stop focusing for a second, maybe turn away, and bam, someone who was getting healed or shielded is now dead / worse off.

I foresee banshee mines being extremely powerful, just because they’re a focus breaker. If you DON’T shoot them down or run away from them, they actually seem to hurt quite a lot.


And lets not forget about that bone-chilling scream they give off. I feel like that’s where a good portion of their power comes from. That scream is very distracting


In my opinion, banshee mines don’t inflict enough damage to justify the points spent on them.
It’s just better to put 3 points in aftershock, vortex and lightning strike so you can kill the hunters easily.