Banshee mines deflect rockets?


Why do banshee mines deflect rockets? Was that the intended purpose? I noticed as parnell I shot rockets at one after Kraken ran from the power relay, but instead of Hitting it they flew off in random directions.


I don’t think they deflect rockets but there were probably multiple banshee mines stacked on each other.
The explosion of one banshee mine sends the other ones flying away (and perhaps the explosion sends rockets flying away too, not sure)


I think he meant that the rockets were flying off, not the mines. I might have misunderstood though.


Yeah, I edited my post


I’ve never seen this happen, but it would be kind of cool if level 3 Vortex sucked in projectiles and sent them flying back at you.


I think I recorded it I’ll check after I get back in the house. I shot my rockets at one mine above me it connected with the mine then went flying off at a different angle no explosion