Banshee mines and markov


So i though the recent patch was supposed to fix bashee mines from being destroyed in your face? Im sitting here fighting a markov whos shooting his lightning gun at my side and im throwing bashee mines out infront of me yet not a single one makes it out of his lightnings chain range


I’m pretty sure that the last thing we need right now is to make Kraken more powerful.


You misinterpreted it. Kraken can’t corner Hunters and drop them on the Hunters for instant damage.


That’s weird, the only change I saw in the patch notes to the banshee mines is that they would take longer to arm, I don’t remember that change that you’re saying o_o


Exactly, they are nerfing the banshee mines not buffing, so sorry buddy( deriac)


Mines now except from the 1sec arm time also have 0,3 sec invurability.If the mine stays for more than 0,3sec in Lighting gun range they will be destroyed.That means Kraken must spit them far away so they get spitted fast.I think that way Lighting gun doesn’t have time to destroy em


But where is this info?


It was in the PC micropatch.Macman posted em.


Ok, I guess I’ll trust you, but that means it’s only on PC for now, maybe @Deriac has a console


Yeah im on console im about to re read the patch i mightve read it wrong.


Yeap the Kraken mines was only for PC. There will be a title patch that will add everything on consoles


I did sort of read it wrong, it was the invulnerability time but its only .3 secs and that was just a pc patch.


Can we get someone to close this please :)?


No, we must be mad at you for getting it wrong…