Banshee mines after mini-patch

I don’t get how they work now, last match i put one point into them and i had to spam them every time the cool-down was done, which is really annoying. do i need to put more points into to get more banshee storage? or is it just better to take lightning strike?

Each point you put into banshee mines, gives you one more banshee you can toss out.

So at 1 point, you can spit out 1 banshee,

2 at 2,

and 3 at 3.

The cooldown “per mine” also goes down per point as well, from 7 at 1, to 6 seconds at 2 points, and 5 seconds per mine at 3 points.

This means at 3 points, you can spit out 3 mines, and they recharge at a rate of 1 every 5 seconds. At 2 points, you can spit out 2 mines, and they recharge 1 per 6 seconds. yadda yadda

Hopefully this helps :smile:

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Thanks! Ill be taking banshee mines from now on :smiley:

Also, you still can have a max of 5 mines in the map at any one time.

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I feel like banshees aren’t really worth taking anymore. Except against a sunny. In that case, I’ll go 1 point in them for easy shield drone disposal.

Yeah, but Lightning-strike almost misses every time.

I assume that you’re question is answered then?
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Thank you for bringing this to us Shredder, but, I would like to see if @daanrex is waiting for a response from B wood, just want to make sure I’m not closing down a possible discussion :sweat_smile:

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Hence my question mark :smile:

Always… waiting…

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