Banshee mines a bust?


Seeing alot of videos where people aren’t even specing them.


No one is properly using them. I feel a dev tutorial might be needed to explain just how helpful they are.


Personally, I think abilities all are going to boil down to your playstyle and how you normally go about doing your business.

For example, a ranged Kracken may clearly want to max out vortex as fast as he can not only for the damage but also for keeping targets at a good ranged distance and could forego aftershock.

Furthermore, a monster who loves to play as a setup kind of style, may find those mines to be a great buy. They not only can be used around corners you anticipate hunters to come around, but also serve as an additional escape method while fleeing from combat…Using them as a distraction or a nuisance while you continue to gain distance apart from the pack.

All the videos you are seeing, you need to keep in mind are typically of people who never have played the game before nor have played it for prolonged periods. Strategies won’t form yet until public testing begins if anything, then you’ll start to see some interesting uses for abilities you may feel otherwise useless.


There was one video where the Kraken would put the mines on the ceiling or behind pillars in the caves. I think it’s more ‘ambushy’ instead of ‘throw mines out in the line of fire’. It’s also good to chuck some behind you and slow the other team down, even for just a moment. It’s more of a utility skill then zomg dps lazers! So it will get bypassed by the majority as it’s not really a aim at central mass, push button, explodes ability. Even the lightning storm had people not really aiming it well.


Personally I think it comes down to intention. If I wanted to keep hunters busy, I’d place a cluster to slow their progress down in a chase. No only would it make plenty of noise, but they’d have 3 mines to deal with (preferably around a blind corner or on a ceiling to have the element of surprise).

Alternatively, in combat or if I just wanted to keep tabs on where they are, I’d place one at a time to optimize space and damage control.


I also noticed that they always placed them all in a cluster, but Macman said that if one blows up it pushes the others away to prevent clusters from killing people… seems like to be used properly you spread them out so they all hit from different angles


Excellent suggestion! One on a cave top, one behind a pillar, and one tucked away behind foliage. Sweet!


Too bad you can’t shoot them on your tail/back and then charge head first into them yelling, “And what you fail to realize is my ship is I’m dragging mines!!!”


I have that movie sitting on my desk right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Great movie :smile:


You could also use them as a false trail, since people would surmise that since there are mines here, the Kraken is close by trying to ambush them.


You’d be surprised how useful they are. I used them today to roll a team of experienced hunters as a Stage 2 Kraken.

They’re fun to try and hide for ambushes, but because they explode when shot they’re also very effective up close.


they seem FAR more situational than the other abilities and seem a whole lot less reliable.


They look useful in battle. While your other abilities are cooling throw them out and the hunters then must switch focus from you to let you get some shots on them or vise versa. There shooting at you while the mines close in on them for not shooting at them.


useful for one point, sure


This is why I still would like some more in depth ideas of how good they really can be.


I think they would be great for a tactical attack if you don’t have a plan then I wouldn’t use them like can you imagine that the hunters are walking around then all of a sudden a banshe mine comes screaming at them from around the corner scare the hell out if them and then as the monster you could easily come up from behind them and mess them up


I noticed in a few of the E3 tournament matches that they served as useful distractions during battles, and could catch hunters off guard. So long as they’re avoiding/shooting the mines they’re not shooting you, and if they’re too focused on you then they don’t notice the mines until it’s too late.


I just saw someone use them in a match by leaving them at the dropship location and damaging some hunters straight away. Pretty clever, actually.