Banshee mine edit


Kraken players tend to spam banshee mines when in combat. Why not change banshee mines so that they have increased cool down time and slower flight time but increased damage. This having the banshee mines having more of a risk reward. This encourages monsters to put banshee mines in more thoughtful places.

watch maddcow and how he places his banshee mines in the finals of the esl.


Mad props @maddcow :slight_smile:


gameplay starts at 4:20


They’re going to have an arm time in the next patch


Sure but increasing cool down and increasing damage would help with it being spammy. Arm time doesnt really help with that problem. I my self spam them because its effective in combat however it you yake that away it will force players to think about where they are placing them.


Theres nothing wrong with banshee mines they are easily destroyed so there is no risk reward


Can’t watch it, all I see is Kraken in the top ranked stuff. -.-
Let me know when someone plays another monster well, and doesn’t pick the most powerful. ^.^


Nooo. my point is that I want ppl to use them differently. Having these edits would encourge thinking about smart places to put them.


rather than just spitting them randomly.


Well the only time you can set up is when you are waiting for the hunters to come to you or when you have cover in a dome to again set up. So you really van only set up once and during actually face to face combat you cant.


My hair got nerfed! :frowning: OH and hey, juking Daisy to :stuck_out_tongue:


Macman said that they’re giving them an arm time in the next patch.


Daisy MVP!


But an arm times doesnt help the style of gameplay i want to support and stop! With these changes it will enforce thought of bashee mines placement instead of spam.


No. Just no. Kraken players that are good with banshee mines are few and far between. It’s an art. If it’s nerfed, it’ll hurt the monster as a whole. His abilities merely need a longer cool down.


Its not a nerf it will give increased damage.


Their doing this anti-spam thing for other chacracters to inforce the same reasons as mine. why not banshee mines? People I have seen other comments in other threads of people thinking that his banshee mines are spammy and they are! They are still very effective when spammed. There should be more of a reward for placing mines smartly.


The monster skills are generally supposed to be versatile, and able to be used in many different ways. There’s nothing wrong with using Banshee mines as missiles instead of mines, Goliaths flame breath as a tech destroyer instead of easy sustained damage, and etc.

Making the skills more specialized would only result in reducing the amount of play styles one can use for a single monster, and it’s very clear that’s hardly what TRS wants. With only 4 different monsters in the game, it would be boring as heck if they were all reduced to predictable play styles.

Must I also mention it would be a severe nerf to a monster if even just one of his moves was turned into a predictable ability that could only be used for one thing?

While we’re at it lets nerf Aftershock, because people should be “Using it thoughtfully” by timing it to catch hunters that get too close, instead of ambushing the hunters right as they drop into the map with three points in the ability and the damage perk.


Increase the dmg? Are you crazy? 3 point banshee mines do way too much actualy since 3.mines nearly kill a target and i mean they do 1568 dmg a hunter has 1600 health why do you think going close vortex bansheemines is a sure kill?


No. Leave mines as is.

Adding an arm time to them will make them worthless; They’re already destroyed in one shot.

Banshee mines are also not specifically just for combat: many kraken players use them as an early warning system.