Ban certain players from matchmaking with you


Add the ability to block certain players from getting match up with you again into a hunt


Why so? If you have a decently sizeable lists, you might take very long to get into a match, especially on PC. But yeah, I do agree on some kind of in-game report system of some sorts


it would be cool if we can block no-life players who didnt play right so like he cant join ur match
i see so many monster play who goes on troll mode and never finish a match


For those of you on Xbox. If you report them, it prevents them from being matched with them in the future (or it should at least)


Doesn’t ps4 have a similar feature too? I thought it would have.

Still, it would be nice for pc players.


Then if you had people in your match its going to take longer for them if they get a game with you.


Like the old LFD “prefer player/ not preferred player selection”? That was nice.


Your avatar pic is great, thanks for the chuckle.


Tyranaseahorse Rex- T6 unconfirmed monster.


Quick play? Sure. Some trolls just keep letting Hunters respawn and killing them.

Hunt 2.0? Definitely not. It will be abused.


Yah back on the OG xbox it did and i think for certain games on the 360 it worked like that too but xbox 1 it does not… :confused: theres plenty of people out here in the xbox 1 scene that whether they win or lose will send hate mail or party invs just to trash talk. Funny thing is, is that its the “high end” players smh


If they add this it might be exploited so all the people who are higher ranked than you won’t be matched with you. It can be used as an easy way of getting points.

Maybe if they put a cap on how many people you can block with a legitimate reason?


You can do this on Xbox. I block obnoxious people or trolls all the time. In any game that I play.


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