Balancing vs. New content


I understand that a lot of people feel that the third tier content is powerful… but why would I want to spend hours investing in characters if I didnt feel like the new tier is more “powerful”… If you pay close attention you will notice that most of the characters are made more powerful at the expense of something else
Wraith is the squishiest monster for all its mobility and power at level three lending it self to stage one disaster
Abe sacrifices firepower for tracking utility
Caira sacrifices healing per second for team AOE healing
So on an so forth… as opposed to having,to need characters and curtail there effectiveness and the hardcore crowds competitively balanced fun, I propose that the balancing come in the form of the new characters… imagine a Hunter that is fast enough to catch the Wraith easily if played correctly, but he has absolutely no ability to track past the physical gameplay and chance… I think this would be a infinitely more interesting way to see the balancing of the game play out… of course the balance must be maintained but maybe there are other ways to stop the Wraith without cutting her nice big tits off