Balancing transparency?


The basic question to the devs here is this: Is there a major downside or reason to not be fully or nearly completely transparent with how you plan to go about tweaking the game?

One thing I love about the TRS team and Evolve is that there is a constant interaction between the devs and the players. Whether it’s @MacMan saying he likes a poem, or @MrStrategio interacting with those that report bugs, they’re definitely around. So in no way am I trying to claim you guys aren’t at all active.

It just seems as though right now everyone has opinions on how something should be “balanced”, ranging from cool down increases, to damage reductions, to full on restructuring abilities. Obviously there are going to be flaws in every single suggestion, no matter how well thought out one person plans them. Currently, these threads are still being made about X hunter and Y monster, despite a patch in the works.

So why not just have an open forum on balancing to some degree? As it stands, devs get feedback from the community on what they believe to be too strong, anti-fun etc. By creating a general topic that goes “Hey we got your complaints about x, and we’re thinking about doing y”, there’s a central location for people to the offer their suggestions to the developers and further refine the balance of the game. Clearly this has some drawbacks, like extreme opinions one way or the other, but it also has some potential. After all, there are a heck of a lot more players than there are devs (and the devs are mostly apart of the playerbase as well) , so there are a bunch more opportunities to find viable methods of balancing something. Ultimately, the devs have the final say as it is, but it still gives the players a chance to contribute to the game they so enjoy playing.

I don’t know, seems like a win-win too. Players get patch notes essentially early (Bug fixes, problems that aren’t so much game balance, and the like can all be clif-noted in), less threads on the TRS forums about how each person thinks something should be tweaked (Obviously there will still be plenty though), more opportunities to refine the game, a lot of entertaining/insane/great ideas in one central location, and a closer relationship between devs and consumers. If there are reasons that prevent this I totally understand (Not entirely, but I won’t be too terribly upset), but hey, this is what the feedback section is for right?