Balancing Progress

dont u dare to say that hank is fine ! :smiley:

Right now Hank is the only real problem with balance to be honest. He practically has perfect offense and defense. Orbital = Area of denial. Laser cutter = Great offensive weapon, does a lot of damage. He’s like a mini assault in that regard. Shield = Very good obviously. Cloak = Works, but prone to firebreath. Cloak/Orbital/Shield = Defensive. Orbital/Laser cutter = Offensive, so practically the Orbital can be used defensively or offensively. There’s a reason why he’s picked for most ESL/High play matches. Lawl.

How do you balance that though? If you buff the monsters and they already stomp PUBS nobody will want to play. It’s rough because if you look at PC competitive Monsters get rekt’d but on consoles they usually win a bit. All I have to say is I’m glad I don’t have to balance this…

Still gonna wait for the rest of the DLC to come out till I make any comments on the way this game as balanced because until then things can change.

Balance is in a really good spot right now. There are some outliers, but for a game this unbalanced by nature to be anywhere nearly as close to balanced as it is, is a testament to how well TRS is doing. A 4V1 game has no business being this close to fair.

Bucket needs some buffs, Torvald needs dug out of his hole, Bob needs some love and Kraken needs Aftershock brought back down to size. Maybe even slow the Kraken’s flight speed down when stasis’d or harpooned, not sure. Goliath feels good, Wraith feels good if we ignore Decoy. Basically the same stuff everybody else has said.

I still hold true that Torvald does not need changing. His kit is now harder to use, yes. His kit is still good, and he still is viable as an Assault. There are multiple Assault players in the competitive scene who have used Torvald to good effect in scrims and practices, but he just does not fit the current meta right now.

If anyone does not believe that Competitive players use Torvald, LIQUIDUTY (myKPV.nDg), actually plays Torvald mostly and does a VERY real amount of damage with it, actually causing SourceTV (The Best Monster player right now) to lose a couple of games due to his damage… Torvald does not need changing, people just need to learn how his kit really works in a team, and then realise that due to the Meta, other Assaults perform better.

I totally agree, Liquiduty and Roon still do an amazing job with Torvald.

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I disagree Torvald doesn’t frighten me when I play monster. Hyde yes Parnell sometimes Markov nope torvald lolnope Lennox yes.

Can he be used well probably but bucket can be used well too doesn’t make him a good choice in most games.

I am more inclined to take the 3 opinions from 2 very good Assaults, including one of the best, and the best Monster. It is less to do with Torvald being bad, more to do with Torvald being out of meta.

I don’t get damaged by mortars because they take 4 seconds to fall and I know I don’t need a traversal to get out of them. I also don’t take much damage from anything other than a full barrage which won’t happen cause of fall off damage and they take so long to fall.

So all torvald has is his shotgun and shrapnel grenades.

As I said before… It is NOT Torvald being bad, but players not being good.

As I said you can walk out of them so you’ll only take a partial barrage and a partial barrage doesn’t do much damage because of fall off damage and the spread.

Behemoth is only one that needs to worry.

When a hunter needs twice as much skill or luck to be 90% as good maybe that hunter is bad.

I just think Torvald is very hard, maybe a bit too hard to pick up for pub players. But he still works for good assault players.

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Well, not everyone is playing at a competitive level. If the average casual gamer which makes about 75% of the games population can only hit about 5% of his Mortars on a Monster something needs to be adjusted. Competitive players will be able to make many things work with enough practice. Like Torvald against hyper-aggressive Monsterplayers.

Fix the 5 million bugs for him, and I feel he’s in a good spot.


Monster getting consistently destroyed by good Hunters doesn’t seem like “good balance” to me.

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Anyone saying Torvalds mortars are fine are blatantly monster players.

what are the popular competitive medics? When i was new i used caira but now I’m good i find all three other medics far better. I find caira so dull to play as.

No they are not “monster” players.

Can’t people just have a different opinion and the opposing opinion not be hostile afterwards?


I shall reply my thoughts later.

You know what’s funny? I predicted how combinations of hunter could lead to the collapse of balance back when the game wasn’t even a month old and I recently brought it up again because I’ve already seen signs since tier 4’s release. The devs have taken on a very difficult road on balance with the way they have it for this game. It isn’t impossible to balance let me tell ya, but shit, it’s admirable that they took this route and chance.