Balancing Progress


When it comes to the balancing of the game it’s hard to get 100% perfection because of a ton of variables and errors within those variables. Different skill levels, different comps, different strategies, etc.

That being said, I feel we’re getting slowly closer to very good. Apart from Torvald, Bucket, Behemoth, and Kraken (feel free to add your own to this list) everything seems pretty close to balanced.

Keep in mind I’m on console and our balance might be a bit behind on a few things. I do want your opinions though.


TRS are working hard for us fans :smiley:


Lol definitely you can see the progress being made


They definitely deserve my money :money_with_wings:


The only real balance would be to have Lennox stand on one side and everyone else stand on the other.

drum crash

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I agree. Every patch brings us a little bit closer to balanced. I think the biggest gap preventing balance is being able to compensate for individual player skill levels. But because of the nature of this game, the fact that every role is crucial, this may be something that can never be fixed.

I agree with your list and have some more thoughts on it.

Torvald will hopefully get patched. I think TRS has heard us on that front.

Bucket is just Bucket. Requires a very strong team to use him to his effectiveness.

Behemoth I think will get better given a little bit more time. All of his mechanics are solid - just some reworking of the numbers might breathe a little life into him.

I dunno what to say about the Kraken. Even with a few nerfs added in, he’s still quite strong. Fix that damn Aftershock and then we can talk.

Laz is in a class all his own. The buff to his healburst and the fixing of the Reload Speed made him a lot more viable. His mere presence just alters the fundamentals of the game so much though that from a balance perspective, it’s hard to nail down exactly what’s going on with him.

Sunny has been brought to a nice middle ground. Before, picking her was an almost insta-win button. Now, with a little focus, she can be brought down too.

I love Slim but some people cannot cope with his Spore Cloud. I can but there have been others that say it’s too much in its current state. Maybe a slight tweak would help that. His healing and damage are in a nice place though.

Val was weak sauce before and now she’s a very viable choice. Not a great pub Medic though. Requires a thoughtful approach from the whole team to use her to her utmost effectiveness. Not sure anything can be done about that though - it’s just the way her kit is set up.

There are other examples but you’re right; the game is getting closer and closer to being more balanced all around. I’m quite happy with the current state of the game and the trend that the game is taking. :smile:


Lennox isnt even that OP :open_mouth:



Lol he means physically balanced on something.


Like a scale or a lever and fulcrum type thing. Duh.

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Whoooops my bad.


Not so sure about that though. Her suit weighs 4 tons. Or so she claims. 8,000 lbs. The average weigh of an adult human is 178 lbs.

178 lbs x 16 = 2848 lbs

Significantly less than 8000.

Even with some of the heavier Hunters (Bucket, all of the other Assaults) and all of their equipment, I still think they come in way below the halfway mark.


Yeah tor and kraken. Most others are balanced. I don’t think spore cloud should be touched, slim wouldn’t be effective without it. Oh Cabot needs his gun slightly buffed.

For a laugh hanks orbital strike should be changed like tor mortars, feather strike.


I’m including future Hunters…

Holy crap. 178. I’d be happy to break 140. Goodness.

Plus, the Support class has Exosuits and Assaults tend to have armor or heavy equipment.

Otherwise, without gear, Lennox is probably one of the lightest.


I got about 20lbs I can spare…


My main issue with balance right now is that at high level play, any monster but Kraken is a glorified punching bag, but in pubs it’s just stompity stomp stomp. Monsters in general need buffs (except Kraken, f*** him) and there are still problem areas.

Goliath is fine, but he should benefit from monster buffs in general.
Kraken is OP. Either buff every monster up to that or nerf him down, you choose.
Wraith is just patchy. She’s weak with one essentially useless ability that pisses people off.
Behemoth is just…Wow. Poor, poor Behemoth. The most fun for everyone involved but the weakest. Please buff the poor guy. I feel like a passive, permanent DR effect is necessary- sure he has more health, but he’s so FAT that he takes a TONNE of damage. At least 10-15%.

Maggie is fine. Val is prettymuch as good as she’ll ever be. Markov, people seem to think he’s ok so whatever. Hank is Hank.

Griffin is fine, Bucket is a travesty of the Support class, Hyde needs major nerfs- @ToiletWraith agrees- JUST KIDDING, Hyde is perfect. Lazarus is kind of fundamentally flawed but if we aren’t careful with the buffs I feel like he’ll be too powerful.

Parnell is gorgeous as is, Caira is perfect, Cabot’s railcannon needs a buff but otherwise he’s as good as he’ll ever be with that kit and Abe…I don’t know. I think the dart needs a bit of strength back.

Torvald is pathetic, seriously. Slim is the best Medic in the game right now. I won’t even voice my thoughts on Sunny. Crow’s CC is weak but apart from that glorious.

And Lennox is perfectly done.

The issue with balance comes not from singlular characters but from certain combinations. Slim + Hank + Lennox makes for nearly impenetrable defence unless you fight them in a bad spot, which won’t happen if they’re smart, and Lennox can rack up some veeeeery nice damage. Griffin + Sunny + Val = I’m sorry were you trying to run away? That’s cute. So on so forth.

As for monsters, nerf AS for the love of god. At least give it a bigger CD, it’s so fast to recharge right now. Apart from Kraken, monsters in general need buffs.

Also, Daisy needs to lose weight.

Sorry for the wall of text. :slight_smile:


Finally dropped the Caira hate I see :3


Idk how @moiser quoted you but you said Parnell is fine as is, are you mad? I mean his rocket launcher has such low DPS its not even worth looking at.


Parnell is fine, his potential evolve damage and the way he can keep up with the monster throughout the map with super soldier makes up for his lackluster rocket launcher.


I’ve fought with and against good Parnell players and yes. He is fine. I am not mad.