Balancing Needs to be Done to make the Monster Less Powerful


When the beta first came out for Evolve, the monster was slow, underpowered, and did not stand a chance against the hunters. Now it really feels like the monster is overpowered. Now, this may result from the fact that randoms do not talk to each other and all use their classes the right way. I feel like the monster is just a little too powerful but that teams not working together results in the monster winning more. But recently I had an experience where it took out the whole team on STAGE ONE. And it wasn’t barely either. It had like half its health left. This happened twice in a row with two different players. I think a good part of that was lack of team skill, but that the monster is just too plainly too strong!!! On the original beta it was like that with the hunters. Please contemplate this and another suggestion is too make more monsters!!!


This is a team game. I promise you, if you work together with your teammates, you will be just fine. If everyone is splitting up, getting eaten by wildlife, and generally not doing their jobs, you will lose.

A good monster player can be dangerous as stage 1, but if you are having issues with this repeatedly, I recommend taking some friends in to a custom game with open mics, and communicating while you play against them. Find out what you are doing wrong.


thanks for the advice, but where this is a team game not everybody actually communicates with eachother as a team of hunters. that is where problems come in and this gives the monster an even bigger advantage just because some players naturally dont communicate with eachother online. the general nature of some online players needs to change into one based on communication and class efficiency to make this game totally fair for the hunters. the other thing I find is the monster is very fast and I have usually won with it now that im used to it. its not difficult to evade the hunters early on and once im stage 3 its over for them since im a pretty good monster player. I think that the monster could just be made a tiny bit slower though.


I strongly disagree, the monster is to weak on the whole. Let me explain: the team work mentioned in the thread is true at level 40 with the hunters that have realized this the win rate for the monster (using my games as a basis and I play solo) is about 70:30 hunters favor. I say this with just over 100 logged hours in the game and something like 350 games.

When the team is talking strategy even in the most basic game mode of hunt, and it call it basic only in terms of the core idea find and kill the monster. The amount of strategy and tactics used will boggle your mind. Me and some pugs I just got out of a evac with who went 4:1 our favor were discussing buffs the monster need. Things that become second nature to the hunters after a number of games like splitting the team to flush the monster out into the trapper so you can force that engage. Or understanding a body down with the monster camping is like the monster saying “YO GUYS KEEL ME!” Just didn’t exist at lower levels.

I also Do understand losing to a level 1 monster however having been there myself at several points and even once being the monster that did it. But in every case there are things that happened which you can clearly point to and say: there that mistake or that series of mistakes cost us the game. On the hunter side a single tiny mistake can lose everything. Someone being out of position and getting knocked to far - gg.

Tl;dr monsters are so weak no average player at high levels really plays them because hunter teams rotfl stomp them.


nothing was changed. monster players learned how to monster…

just waiting on hunter teams to figure out how to plug in their mics now… any day now…


If the monster has all skillups to the fullest and your hunter party is full of new players this might go a long way towards explaining that situation.

What was the monster?

When I’m playing Goliath I only win about 25% of the time. I consider myself to be an average player. I can beat the hard mode bots every time. For me it feels like Goliath is underpowered at stage 1, about right at stage 2 and perfect at stage 3. But it is early days, most people are still learning and obtaining their power ups.


Add me to steam -

We will show you how strong a level 1 monster is. We will even let you get armor, you can even try to drop camp us :smile:

There’s a reason why most good competitive monster players RUN till stage 2.


This is how it was designed.

Stage 1 - Hunter advantage (if they don’t have strikes)
Stage 2 - Equal
Stage 3 - Monster Advantage (if he’s got a lot of health)


That means nothing. The experience of a single player can never be taken into account for widespread telemetry. The official telemetry, posted by the Devs, was a close 50/50ish something or other for high levels.

Nice job actually getting that ratio though.


True, the win rate for monsters vs hunters is roughly 50/50.

However when you break it down, out of the monster wins 70% are from Wraith. This means that Krakken and Goliath are on average winning about 15% of the time each. Those are real figures, not made up.

I know it probably doesn’t feel that way when your getting stomped on, but the reality is Wraith is OP and the other monsters (especially Goliath) should actually get a buff. My argument would be to buff them a bit at stage 1 and keep stages 2 and 3 pretty much the same.


The devs can say whatever they want to say really. Also their numbers supposedly take into account the entire player base which makes sense crappy low level hunters getting ruined by monsters and high level hunters mopping the floor with monsters should net you about 50:50.

When you get into the nuts and bolts of it the reality is the win rates are a sliding scale based entirely on the skill of the community at large and the opposite ends of the spectrum have very different experiences with evolve. Until I realized how important the cooperation was in the hunter team my win loss was near .3 or so… My val and Hyde still have the scarred records of those early games.

Oh yeah one more edit the leader boards and I assume the basis for the numbers put out by the devs are so broken it’s a bloody joke. I could take a team in and farm stupid win loss scores like some monsters and hunters on there with win rates of 90-100%. The leader board is so easy to cheat its funny they bothered to include it.


No, developers have their own tools for creating telemetry data. And yes, the leaderboards are useless trash. :confused:


Path of least resistance rules, it would be simple to pull the data for overall win loss ratio from a global data base of wins and losses like the leader board… Unless someone can find them saying that the board is not the source of their data then …

I would like to see them post a by class and monster break down, I want to see the data for my self because there is no source for this kind of info.


That is why we have @MacMan’s telemetry thread. Probably buried in there but I recall him saying so.


Check the Telemetry thread. They can even study stats per level, to rule out lvls 1-20 in their statistics.

I may not agree with everything they say or do, but I’m pretty sure their stats don’t come from the leaderboards!


The monsters are perfectly fine. The issue here is that some players can’t coordinate, communicate, or play well and just because it’s a community problem it shouldn’t fall on the monster’s side.

Also, the movement speed is already good as it is. Why punish the players who use the monsters who already have a tough time getting accustomed?


@BiobenEvolved how can you say monsters are OP because hunters don’t communicate? You’ve just solved your own problem right there.


@BlazinHaydn im saying lack of communication is a BIG part of the monster being cheap but that the monster (especially the wraith) now that I think about it is a little bit OP. I think if they patch any monster the wraith needs it


I really appreciate the insight on this topic and the different views and opinions I will see if hunters are better or not at a higher level communicating


Honestly mate you’re digging yourself a hole. The monster player cannot be held responsible if hunters can’t be bothered to plug in mic. Find a better team.

But can see you’re open to suggestions :slight_smile: fire up Twitch and find a good player. See how close games are.