Balancing issues


I’m kinda over playing as the monster. This is really ridiculous. I loved this game and being the monster, but now I feel like it’s almost unplayable. In character select before a match begins, if I see a Parnell, Wastelander Maggie, and a sunny, I just want to quit. What’s the point of starting the match if I know there’s a 90% chance of lose just from character select?
Parnell does massive amounts of damage, even when he doesn’t hit you. Splash damage is the real killer here.
Wastelander maggie keeps up with monster and really creates an awful game of RUN THE ENTIRE TIME. And, it you happen to be wraith, Daisy’s flame thrower will always go for you, even when your clone is out.
Sunny, shield. Shield. Oh, you broke the shield generator? Shield.
The healers aren’t that bad, but if you have a Lazarus, who only plays hide and seek, it gets really annoying really fast. rogue val’s heals my not be up to speed with regular val, but it’s near impossible to down her without first losing half your health to the enemy team due to her bursting to full health right before going down the first time.

Seriously, what do I do? I’ve tried every monster against this team combo. It’s a fight to see how long I’ll live for before inevitably dying to these hunters.


Sunny has gotten a nerf, WLM is no worse on the chase than Maggie (save for the chip). Parnell is Parnell. Don’t face him too much.


Parnell shouldn’t be that much of a problem against a Wraith and as for Daisy’s flamethrower targeting, I should mention that I’ve seen the Decoy AI target Cloaked Hunters in the few matches I played yesterday - so as far as AI goes you have a pretty unfair advantage as well.

This is a problem I’ve dealt with as well and the sad truth is that you simply shouldn’t focus Rogue Val first if she’s good at keeping herself alive.
You’ll waste far too much health and whenever she gets a Heal Burst off it means you pretty much wasted the last 18 seconds with nothing but health loss to show for it.

Either go for Support first or immediately after Rogue Val activated her Heal Burst. She may be focused around healing multiple targets but you can definitely apply a lot of pressure there.
Her single target healing is much worse than Val’s and like her original counterpart, she has a hard time healing Cloaked Hunters without revealing them. (it’s actually impossible after she used the HB)



mind i ask that you change the title of the thread? Although you are frustrated and have problems against some hunters, you do seem to be asking more for advice rather than complaining about balance issues. especially since parnell and WL maggie are mid tier (generally accepted as balanced) and sunny just had a pretty significant nerf and a majority of the comments since the patch seem to be accepting of the new position she’s in (from both sides). and even slim has started picking up speed once again.

I figure’d i’d ask rather than change it myself due to the meaning of the post being indirect.

As for future commentors, if this thread is an advice thread, please keep it more constructive than a general “destroy the shield drone” as thats not as helpful as it seems sometimes xD


May I ask how many hour you have as monster?

I personally got stomped for first 10 hours, frustrated much from 10-20hours. I tought I cant beat Laz, then is was Laz+Jack, which turned into Laz+Jack+Sunny. **** this game I thought. Now Ive pld 30-40ish hours, and Im starting to overcome.

Mainly I improved not panicing, rather thinking. They are right behind, so what? I take every game as learning experience and consider every game lost even at start. I really dont expect to win any game with level 40 hunters chasing me, but I do win 30-50% of the games. Just play and concentrate on hitting the abilities, and learning that the pressure is always there, always right behind you.

Because after you play monster, and go to hunt. You realize how important sneaking is… “he was right there, where is he?” Hunters have hindrances as well, which are more obvious after some tens of hours monster play


Parnell is the least assault you should think of for sure

Hyde - blitz Markov - Torvalds - lennox are better than Parnell

With the latest buff for Markov … He might have more chance of dealing damage than Parnell does you know

Parnell - Torvalds don’t need to be close with monsters … That means they can perform well - dodge better because of their kits but they require more skill and better aim

But normally … The best assault interms of damage output

2) Hyde - Lennox
3) blitz Markov
4) Parnell - Markov


No, I honestly feel this is a balancing issue. My problem with WLM is, when she’s in the match, it’s a constant flee. There isn’t a whole lot of room for stealth (especially on the smaller maps) because Daisy will just point you out. And just reg Maggie too, BUT WLM has that super long range harpoon trap THAT GOES THROUGH OBJECTS. I’ve had a lot of times where it’s needed to be attacked 3+ times in order to break it, and it hinders movement, sometimes even when trying to move towards it.

Parnell… you may have him listed as balanced and mid tier, my question and response to you is: How does he still do max damage from splash damage? Why is he rewarded for not even hitting the monster? I’m not saying take away all his damage, reduce his splash damage. There’s no reason indirect hits should be continuing to destroy you just as quickly.

How was she (Sunny) nerfed? If people are saying she’s balanced, then I’m the pope. Needs another sir. IF I destroy shield drone, then I’ve wasted time where now I’ve lost health/armor better used for some other en devour. Shield drone has no cool down, can be placed back down instantly (depending on how quickly she realizes it’s down) and goes straight back to work in shielding hunters from death. I do not have the time as a monster to destroy that thing every 5 seconds.


I have accumulated 46 hours total as monsters. If the hunter team has one weak link, I can exploit it and take them down. But, my problem is, a majority of the games where you have a shield drone get destroyed and instantly redeployed, a hunter who’s traps get you through objects and is always on you, and an assault that doesn’t have to hit you in order to kill you, is just a little too much.


Never had a problem with Torvald. Hyde, I understand. But it feels like a lot of people pick him without fulling understanding how to play as him, so most of the time so far, he’s not too bad. Lennox, tons of damage. I love her. Blitz markov, a LOT of damage, but mostly only if you hit the arc mines. Don’t touch those. You’ll poop yourself and die. Parnell, doesn’t have to hit you with his rockets, but it still does the same amount of damage as if it had. Where is the skill or fairness in that?


Never focus Rogue Val unless she’s last.

Focus Sunny first.

Daisy can be juked by walking in one direction, they sneaking/walking in water toward a different direction.

Against Laz, I would just flee till 3. If you have to down someone before then its going to be the trapper so you can get out of the dome and run. Right now Laz is kind of toxic because he negates early strikes.

Perks: movement speed, feeding speed, or traversal recharge to help you run away


See, here’s the problem I have with that though, if I go for the support first ( and most of the time it is Sunny,) there’s a shield drone protecting her from damage. I can power through it, but by the time the shield is gone she’s already at full hp or close to. Then, we start the process all over again. If I go for the generator, it’s destroyed relatively quickly, but the support/my target is already being healed up and has put distance between us. Plus, now there’s another shield generator instantly, all bright, shiny, and chrome.

See what I’m saying here?


No, WLM by herself is manageable. I can out run in most situations, if there is a sunny, she’s on me the entire game. Regardless of the movement speed perks or stamina perks.
Flee till 3 would be fine, but most of the matches I’m in, the hunters know they’re going to win. There’s no fear or no worries if the monster is stage 3. If they have a Sunny, there’s constant shield that can be replaced instantly. If they have a Laz, I’m going for him first. I’m so angry with his hide and seek games. His ability to constantly revive hunters with no penalties and hardly a cooldown. I was hitting a Laz stuck in a corner and he revived and ally beneath him. I watched a Laz revive the trapper as he was 6 feet in the air, bopped by behemoth’s fissure.

Everyone keeps saying Rogue Val is useless, but unless I can perfectly hit with every single ability on a hunter, she’s healing them through most of the damage. So I don’t see where this is coming from.


There’s your problem. Get sunny down first, then bait Laz.

If you try and get Laz, sunny will just protect him better than Laz can protect Sunny.


Not against my rage, she can’t. But, you’re right. If there’s a Sunny and a Laz, most of the time, I’m screwed. Even if I kill her all the way, he stays back waiting. If I chase, he’s cloaked, and even though I know where he’s going and am hitting him, most of the time he still is able to pick them up. (even though I though physical hits interrupted him… guess that only works a quarter of the time.) If I’m up against a Sunny Laz combo, I only pray that I’m playing as the gorgon, and my spider trap is able to snatch one of them.


This is very subjective. I would only take Hyde and Torvald above Parnell, but depending on the monster he is taking Parnell can be a pain in the butt and if the Parnell is good he can bring real pain.


If you really hate Laz, then I would suggest playing Behemoth. Once you kill a hunter, all you have to do is Rock Wall then eat the body. Feeding speed is really good against Laz.


I’ll have to try him more often then. I currently dislike behemoth, it feels he’s way to easy to kite and maneuver about.




It was just revealed last night that Laz will be getting a rework soon. Albeit some people will be iffy on it, theres much that isn’t know that may affect him and I thought you’d jump for joy at it sone, but the details are pretty much these

Revive on incap - no strike
Revive on dead - strike
Longer device cooldown will be increased
Lazarus will deal much more damage
Lazarus healburst on others will be increased
Lazarus healburst on self will remain low
Incap hunters will deal more damage with pistols


I do like this change. I felt that the fact he can constantly revive with no penalties was a bit too Stronk.