Balancing Goliath


How should turtle rock balance goliath?
I want to be able to play as goliath and have a chance to win just like when I play as Kraken or Wraith.


Goliath is perfectly (well close to) balanced.
No changes needed bruh


Goliath is and always has been well balanced. All 3 other monsters have many complaints, not Goliath. I like it that way :smiley_cat:


I just feel like I’m at a disadvantage when I choose goliath in the character selection


Maybe Goliath just isn’t your monster ^.^
I struggle severely with Kraken, I can’t even beat a random group at Stage 3 ;-;


Your right,

Pirority numero UNO

Fix his dam traversal clipping…


Movement speed perk,

I’m pretty sure Kraken’s walking is faster than his flying.


Its not escaping I struggle with, its bloody fighting, I flounder hella bad in fights ;-;


What makes you feel UP? (Not sarcasm btw)


What’s yer build in stage 2 or 3

I’'m still thinking of a good build with aftershock to counter good supports

Aerial builds do NOT pan out well when you need invis Hanks down.

Stage 2 Aerial for me is:

LS 3
AF 0
BM 1
VX 2


Kraken is the hardest monster to learn. I think that goliath’s only trouble is the fact that he doesnt have a good ranged attack. Rock throw is harder to use than lava bomb, and WAY harder to use than vortex


If you’re struggling, here’s how to play easy mode with Goliath:

  1. Take feeding speed.
  2. Take 2 points in leap, 1 point in charge.
  3. Run, run, run. Use leap to kill wildlife, follow up with feeding as soon as you hit the ground.
  4. Make it to stage 3 in 5-6 minutes.
  5. Go in, but run away whenever your armor drops.

It’s not a particularly fun play-style, but it’s practically impossible to lose with.


Yeah, I disagree, Goliath (that beautiful, fire breathing beast) is perfectly balanced (they did work on him the longest). I default to Goliath most matches unless I’m feeling sneaky, then I will pick Wraith. Behemoth is fun for me as well. And I’m with Quirkly on this one, I struggle with Kraken and I hate him for being so broken right now.

Goliath is my main Monster though. He’s very strong, very fast, very commanding.

I run, run, run at Stage 1 and always take feeding speed since I feel like, with the exception of Evolving, you are at your most vulnerable. At Stage 2 I will bring the fight to them.

Give him another chance with a different build, perk choice, play style. You’ll soon see yourself stomping the other team and come to the dark side with the rest of us. Also, Goliath is the most fun for the other teams to fight - he’s not running around a lot or flying out of range of the team’s tools. The fights with him are chaotic and fun and the action is up in your face. People like to Goliath and I like to fight as Goliath - he’s just the best Monster in the game. :revolving_hearts:


Balanced or not, Goliath is the hardest of all the monster to play with the possible exception of behemoth. I think the biggest reason for that is how easily rock throw, leap smash, and charge can be stopped by the tiniest environmental obstacle.


or how familiar people are with goliath, they know what to expect, similar to people in an mmo in a boss fight. they know most of the tricks now so they know what to expect via damage, animations etc and that familiar feeling gives people an edge.


I agree 97% only Abe stase grenade works too much on Goliath !!! Whit Kraken or Ghost 0 problem.


Abes stasis grenade is trash against Goliath, a leap, leap smash, or charge will get you out of it no problem


What you say works only in theorie, not in praxis dude. When i have Abe i can smach static grenads over and over Goliath is ever in static that is too overpowert.


No way man, Abe is garbage tier imo, never lost to an abe, and I never will (probably)
CC aint got shit


No way man, Abe is garbage tier imo, never lost to an abe, and I never will (probably)
CC aint got shit
I have problems too translate this in german.

Static on Goliath works to strong, all my frients say the same.