Balancing game against pro hunters


After playing against pro hunter with good coordination, I think winning as monster requires a lot more skill than winning as hunter , and it does not feel rewarding .

Ranked exp - I get a lot of negative exp if I loose thanks to a hacker, but if I win against a good team then I gain low amount of exp which I would have gained even if I had played against new players… just does not feel rewarding

A well coordinated team can spread out ping you and then dome you without getting too far from each other.
I so far have lost mostly due to hackers but good hunters are real pain too as matches are too close for comfort. I can’t tail them off me for more than few minutes. Once they find , they will keep chasing you . If this alone does not give them huge advantage then a well played medic who keep jet packing is another bother to deal with along with a nice support .

Suggestion -

  1. Mark wildlife on monster map this way at least it will allow monster to evolve faster.

  2. Give a little more head start to monster … fending against skilled hunters at stage 1 is really hard or populate map with more wildlife.

  1. No, you can smell wildlife and after a certain amount of time, you know where to find what
  2. No, TRS wanted to force fights on Stage one. I’m glad when I’m evolve ready at 90 seconds like I’m used to

It’s just practice, nothing else and if you, as a beginner, run into Ranked without the proper amount of time, you might get a bad experience


Wildlife is preset now its not random like it use to be. Get to know the maps and how youre traversing it.

You can fill almost half your evolve bar before they would even be close to finding you… How much more of a head-start do you need than that time at the start of the match?

Yeah coordinated teams are hard to work against and I see your point that the rewards should be higher, that definitely should be a thing if you are putting a lot of work in (stat counter = rewards?) but the other half relies on your recognition of your environment and gameplan.


actually you can get more than half of bar full before they come at you but for me it depends on map…
I know some maps but for others , I am little lost.

Considering how much leeway hunters have , monster should at least enjoy a little.


Well then yeah you know where I am coming from then dood. If you feel lost dont be ashamed try to training. Get a dippy squad of AI and just run around the maps and see where everything is. Practice makes perfect. :3


Monsters are a reactive playstyle, much more than hunters are.

In order to come close to beating a strong team, you need to keep your eyes peeled for any type of mistake they make. Both inside and outside the dome.

Make them play on YOUR terms and don’t get caught out. You have traversal and smell for a reason and can outpace even coordinated hunters.

Keep your distance, keep an eye out for stragglers, and try to get domed in places that give you the advantage.


I think TRS has the right mindset here.

Balance for Casual
Fine Tune for Pros


well I can take on coordinated teams but it feels unappealing. If you are playing mmorpg , would you like to fight a boss to get a white gear which any mob can drop . It is same here …

I hope they at least increase smell range, don’t want to waste perks on it.


That’s kind of what you have to do, though. Perks are for adapting to a player’s playstyle and helps in closing up their weak points.

If you’re overly dependent on smell and vision, then you get perks to help in that.

Just like I’m overly dependent on defensive playstyle, so I take damage reduction even when I don’t need it


This is how I’m feeling.

Sure my winrate on Monster dropped from 90%+ to being lower than the 60-80% I win on Hunter, but it’s not that I lose. It’s that it’s just not fun and there doesn’t feel like there’s nearly as much depth to it.
I’m just screwed over that they actually have the speed to keep up with me outside of Dome in a straight line, when I thought Hunters are supposed to catch the monster by cutting off at the edges of map or choke points and not just running right at them, because of being permanently slowed, permanently harpooned, while the Hunters have massive speed boosts from scan, perks, buffs, etc, that no Monster can match when executed correctly.

Yes, Harpoon right when the monster traverses is hard to pull off, but there isn’t really counter play to it. You can wait for the harpoon, break it, THEN traverse, but Hunters are so fast now they can not give you that opening and wait for you to attempt to traverse before using it.

Ultimately when I lose as a Hunter, there’s always a number of things I can analyze and see that I or my team could have done better to win.
When I lose as a Monster though… it just feels like the game screwed me over and there was nothing I could do, Hunters just have a counter for everything and all the advantages at the cost that they must work together.
I couldn’t have evaded them with a sneak because of scan, and all the various tracking abilities that aren’t only on Trackers(Trappers).
The only thing is that there are times I could have baited them into maybe doming at a worse spot, but the good Hunters won’t do that either…

And where I’m at now, level 25+, almost no one wants to play Monster. It’s just not fun. People dodge if they get monster. And these are people playing against random uncoordinated Humans, and not against ranked stacks!
There are monsters in ranked, but I don’t want to ranked with randoms.
And playing Hunter is fun, because the skill ceiling is ridiculous. Always learning new stuff as a Human, 100+ games in. But I feel I know just about everything about the Monster, but that it’s just shallow and not as fun.

I hear the next patch is supposed to nerf planetary scan movespeed buff. That’s a good start, but I think there’s going to need to be more major changes than number tweaking to make the gameplay flow right, and to have more depth and strategy and more ways for the Monster to outplay beyond just landing abilities right and doing a good feeding pattern.


i still think the strike system should be overhauled to be more continuous than binary…


True for the most part . Monsters have depth … just it is not worth as hunters can counter play it. Use sneak … useless now , hide … nop useless now … shit out of medic … nop support can give shield to everyone , oh maybe corner someone …nop medic can almost fully heal with 4 .


Keep in mind that monsters aren’t victims. Both sides get affected by this.
Lazarus, Bucket (pre-stage 2, we have yet to see how he holds up now but it looks good), Cabot, Kala, Jack and more are also kept within a low power bracket to make the game friendly for a casual playerbase.
Of course, it’s the opposite for Hank and Sunny, who are so strong they are now because the casual population can’t get enough out of them.

It might seem a little off-topic, I just felt it was needed to be said out loud, seeing the thread is about balance for pro players and only monsters improvements are mentioned.


The other side always has is easier.


I understand how he feels. the hunters should have to play smart to actively catch a running monster not be on his tail the entire time because they have super speed.