Balancing for different systems


It’s as the title implies, I am suggesting that since this beta is on PC only as of now and probably never will reach consoles before its out of beta, that we can get seperate versions of the updates. I know this has been asked for in the past and I’ve heard it’s been shut down, I don’t know why and frankly I don’t care. It’s different this time around because once the beta is all said and done, us console schmucks are going to get the end result of both nerfs and buffs that are catered to the PC players from this beta and I’d rather it not stay that way as its always been.

Now I wanted to try to avoid bringing up Overwatch just for the sake of not triggering someone, but I think they’ve got the right idea with balancing things separately. As of now there isn’t really such a prime example I can bring up that can equivalate to anything on Evolve because while Torbjorn is the one not being touched on PC it is however, a turret, not so much his character. I could say Widowmaker but she got nerfed on all platforms.

However there have been many characters in Evolve that they were too strong with mouse and keyboard or was too weak/strong on a controller. We could avoid all of this if we just let a new era of Evolve prosper and flourish and I do believe that this is but one of many steps in the right direction.