Balancing and Bugs 2015-05


Post follows. 1234567890


I think you mean 0123456789


naw he means 2345678910


How fink Abe stase grandas works too much on Goliath plz like this Post.


No he means 3456789012


Behemop smash people under the map, how have the same problem.


What is this sinister encryption!?


you started it…


I is bees with the liknig of yours postes


I feel that the title, OP or subcategory needs to be enhanced, refined or changed. Right now. This isn’t really anything productive.


Who, me? (why is there no whistling emoticon?)


Wraith underpowert. 2-3 Points more shild and +5 more speed.


Super effective, it is!


I’ve given this thread about 15 minutes to have a purpose. As such I’m going to close it down. If you feel the need to have a sort of nonsense thread feel free to make one, with an appropriate title of course, on the off-topic section.

#this be mAdne55