Balanced determined by the monster you play

Would it make more sense to balance hunters to the monsters making it different for each one? I like how it is but it feels like it would be easier on the devs because usually when they fix something it changes another matchup. yes, the characters would play a little different per monster but I’m fine with that.

I’m not sure I follow.
Are you asking if it would be better to balance the tiers according to the monster they came out with. Because in that case.

All hunters to a single monster. That way when something goes wrong you don’t have to worry about how it would effect the other monsters. An example would be Maggie’s harpoons launch faster with wraith but slower against behemoth. It may seem weird and I’m sure would upset people that the equipment works different depending on the monster, just think they could fine tune better.

That seems harder to balance then it currently is.

For all the content that’s out right now? Yes.

But I think what he means by ‘easier’, is that instead of having to constantly tweak things so everythings balanced with everything, they’d essentially just need to balance the hunters to the monsters, set it and forget it until a new hunter is added - At which point they would only need to balance the new hunter to the monster, and tweak co-operative skills… Infact I’m not even sure if any of the co-operative skills are different per character. Healing skills do the same amount of healing to every character, right?

SO yeah - It’d be a huge pain in the ass to do this right now, but… Had they started out doing it, it would’ve meant that the game could’ve potentially been a lot easier to maintain. It just would 100% nullify the chance of anything coming out requiring two monsters, instead of it being just a 99% chance that something like that will never happen.

Respectable idea - Good intent. But not gonna happen.

20 hunters, 5 monsters, just by the end of tier 5 you would need 100 balance matchups at a minimum, and that does not account for natural synergies different character combos would have against different monsters.

to balance 3125 combos is quite frankly ridiculous.

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