Balance: Wraith, Traversals and Armor Regeneration in Dome


So after my odd 300 or so games (50 of the Monster, split evenly between Goliath, Wraith and Elder Kraken), I found out what is truly broken about Wraith. Or rather, not Wraith, but a combination of two game mechanics.
Stick with me here, it’s worth it.
So his abilities themself aren’t necessarily broken. Yes they have good cooldowns, yes he can traverse faster than any other Monster, yes he has good AoE.
These are all the facts people believe (widely) are OP with him. It’s not true. Simply not true. This is what makes Wraith shine so brightly in his chosen role. His toolkit is what allows him to do this.
I don’t even mind the quick recharge on traversals in combat. It should be that way, as he mitigates most damage by not being there
HOWEVER, the quick traversal recharge allows an abuse of another game mechanic, one that is discussed no where near as much as Wraith: Armor Regeneration inside a Dome.
Now the armor regeneration outside a dome is fine. It’s frustrating but it prevents a lot of cheese tactics.
However, a dome is there for the specific purpose of trapping the monster however due to Wraith’s HIGH recharge of traversals, the relative LOW recharge rate of jetpacks (even with perks) and the large amount of hiding the Wraith is capable of, it allows fights that, when played correctly, SHOULD be in the Hunter’s favor, to favor the Wraith.
This isn’t because of good gameplay, skills, or effective ability usage. This is as simple as using one gameplay mechanic to abuse another. (I’m not saying players are wrong for doing this, I am saying the developers did not forsee this being a problem)
No other Monsters have this ability like the Wraith does due to their traversals being longer cooldowns and not as available to hide. Gorgon to an extent, but no where near the Wraith.
If the Wraith DID NOT HAVE this armor regeneration rate inside of a dome, it would be fair. Wraith itself isn’t even what isn’t fair here.

tl;dr What is TRULY broken and overpowered in this game is the combination of quick traversal recharge, ability to hide, and how fast armor regenerates while in a dome.

[side story] I even restarted a round because the Wraith we were fighting got stuck inside level up screen. (I only think that’s fair, really) and we had him SO MANY TIMES. We should’ve been able to kill him. Yes it was challenging, and yes it was an even match up. What decided it was not skill, nor reaction time and not even smart plays. It was simply abusing the armor regeneration inside of the dome.


Nah, Wraith is fine.


You didn’t even read my post, did you? Please go back, read the entire thing, then post your thoughts. I even said multiple times that the problem is not Wraith.

[edit] Let me make it clear: I think Wraith is fine. Should not be changed at all. However it should not be able to abuse the mechanic of armor regeneration.