Balance - Wraith supernova takes 20% more dmg


All ppl are complaining about wraith. Here is my suggestion to fix wraith.
Whenever wraith activates supernova he should takee more dmg.
So hunters have a small chance to counter Wraith in teamfight. I mean this idea is not bad at all, because wraith knockbacks hunters anyway and playing as hunter against spamming supernova wraith isnt fun.


Supernova doesn’t knockback.

Assualt can already shield and melt face under supernova, this would just make it worse.


Supernova is fine.

Decoy is the problem with Wraith.


Wraith need to rebalance. Wraith players just take fast eating perk and use decoy. And he can farm armor in “TEAMFIGHT” while he is invisible this is almost impossible to do damage on wraith.


So don’t shoot at the decoy, shoot at the corpses lying around in the fight.


Decoy does massive damage in combination with supernova. sadly u have to shoot the decoy.


No, you don’t. Because shooting the decoy does nothing. Unless they changed something since the beta, the Decoy is indestructable. It can only disappear via timeout or when Wraith performs an action. So fly AROUND the decoy ( or over it, I usually find ) and find the real one.


Shooting the decoy destroys it and takes Wraith out of cloak.


I would like you to back this claim up, 'cause last I was informed it’s quite the opposite. Please show me the dev statement or conclusive testing video where this is shown. Not trying to argue or anything, I’m just fairly certain you can’t kill the decoy.


First decoy, now supernova? Just leave the cloud. Done.

The wraith is fairly balanced at this point, and it just takes some getting used to. If you saw her in Beta, she had a good 65-70% win rate. Nobody could catch or find her and they were downed in seconds.

Now her supernova does LESS damage, and players can still just leave the cloud to avoid it all together. I’ve been capping wraiths easily with good teammates since launch.


+1 for Yazkin. The cloud isn’t that tough to boost out of. Can actually be kind of funny to see the Wraith standing in there after you dash out.

“Guuuuuuuys… come baaaaaaack!”


It isnt easy to escape from wraith. your jetpack is limited and everytime u try to hurt wraith he regenerates stamina and catch you easily again.
Wraith isnt fine at all. if u play against good wraith players with eating perk, u have really no chance to win this game.
he just need to snipe hunters and take them down once, escape, farm armor and repeat. everytime u get down your hp is less and after stage 3 u have zero, absolutely zero chance to recover from this assassination.


Your jetpack is limited, but you shouldn’t be trigger happy with it. Conserve it and stop flying around like moths around a flame. You’ll find yourself winning more often and dying less…

I’ve played against the beta wraith over 25 times, and the launch wraith around 14 times and counting. I’ve won roughly 10 times in beta, and 10 times in launch. You can’t get sniped by the wraith unless you are blind. It’s a giant red mass heading towards you. And when the decoy comes up, you need to jetpack straight up if you are close or you know he is focusing you, it will FORCE him to change targets or warp/abdut and remove his stealth.

I don’t understand why you are saying there is no chance to win against a stage 3 wraith. Or wraith it all. Hunters call the shots with dome and an AoE stealth. Use it right to pick fights. If you have the dome down, the monster is NOT escaping and you can dish out damage to it’s HP. If you aren’t breaking through it’s armor every time the dome is down and knocking off 1 or 2 bars of HP, you need to practice.


u havent played against good wraith players really…


Or maybe you haven’t been playing well as a hunter or you have a team that lacks communication. Getting away from monsters is as easy as moving towards your trapper’s CC and using jetpack jump to sidestep abilities. If you are getting pinned down through abilities, your team isn’t doing their job and you aren’t effectively keeping your distance and conserving fuel.


You’ll see the red feeding light if they try this. It’s pretty obvious.


Eh, I can see getting out of Wraith’s bubble being hard for newer players, but more experienced players with several hours’ worth of gameplay should be able to boost out. I always try to conserve jetpack whenever I can during a fight, and I always tell my teammates to flee the bubble when she pops it. So far…it seems that people haven’t realized that Supernova is a sphere of influence-based ability.


i explain this.
wraith has already full armor, kill wildlife for regnerating in teamfight, and all he need to do is baiting the hunters around the corpse and the trapper throws the dome and the hunters start to fight against wraith and so on. When wraith has no armor he uses decoy and farm the corpse in INVIS MODE. and the dome is time limied too. so he can escape and repeat this shit.

we have to consider im lvl 28. im a experienced hunter and i really have to complain wraith because facing against good wraith players this isnt fun anYmore.


Level doesn’t relate to how good you are, just how much you have played.

If the wraith goes invis, players need to just fire onto nothing or hit the decoy as it reveals the real wraith with flashing. You can also see the wraith feeding using it’s particles, just shoot it. And yes, the dome time is 60 seconds. It has a 60 second cooldown. But that 60 seconds allows heavy HP damage or full armor shred and minor HP damage to a stage 3 wraith.

If you are complaining about one or two bars of armor that are easily shredded in 5 to 7 seconds of the assault wailing on it, then i honestly don’t know how you will fare against the behemoth or a good goliath


shreeding the armor in 5-7 secs. i would be very happy…