Balance with Masteries/perks and without them


So, watching last stream 2k vs TRS, i have a question.
How much is the game balance shifting when Masteries are off.
When the game Masteries are ON, every character has max of 10% “extra” of everything, that includes monster. But when the masteries are off, i think that hunters are shafted, due to the amount of them. There are 4 hunters, so in reality, nerfing their abilities is not 10%, it’s more like 40% when monster is loosing only 10%. We are talking about endgame here. So assuming that everybody has that 10% bonus, this will be the new “100%” not 100+10 if you get what i’m saying.
Reason i’m saying for this is the last game from Twitch stream, where hunters lost all 4 games. Yes, there were some missteps like bad domes, but i did have a feeling that the hunters underperformed even though, they obviously were skilled in game. To top the masteries, the perks were also disabled. Now, this is even bigger change. Assuming everyody is lvl 40 and has all the perks, where monster has 1 perk that gives him certain bonus, hunters have 4 of them, different ones at that for different hunters. How much of an impact is, where actually 4 hunters loose those vs monster loosing it. Hunters loose more and that feeling of underperformance is even bigger IMO.
What you guys think. Am I making sense or it’s just my imagination. I honestly do believe that there is a high chance of 2k winning next 4 rounds due to those factors alone. I know that SKILL is also a factor, that’s why i’m not including it that much, i’m just looking for confirmation if i’m on the right track. The math is strong with me… or was it meth… not sure… LOL… jk… don’t do drugs…



But for real. What do you think on that subject :]


No problem, I never planned to. :wink:


Well when all the bonuses are off its like your playing back right when you started and its back on an even playing field where everybody is just the base character


I’m not to sure if that is “even field” at that point. Let’s say it is. So in return, upgrades make the balance of the game shift towards the hunters. That’s what i think in that scenario. But i think it’s the other way around. They went “harder” way, that with the mixture of masteries and perks, TRS tries to achieve the 50/50 win ratio.


It does go in favor of the Monsters as well since while the hunters get more damage on atheir main weapons in most cases (excluding Markovs LG and Hyde F which get range) the Monsters get 10% more damage on all their abilities, the hutners aren’t getting any more health so this becomes a huge advantage


It’s same with and without them. The reality is that Hunters have somewhat less impact from having the Masteries only partially (The Monster is affected WAY more) but it cancles out pretty well in the end.


i remember reading that @MacMan was saying that the game is balanced towards late game, that tells me that it was balanced towards perks and masteries, that tells me that “early on” is not as good of a balance vs late gameplay. So, yeah… like in my other thread

I’m waiting for the game to come out, at that point the numbers will have to be in, will have to have answers. Not saying that later on there won’t be any adjustments made, but as time goes by, there should be less and less changes. Like i said before, i like understanding things, right now it’s just fun and games, until it comes out. When it does, it’s all going to change… it will be equations and formulas for me. Call me nerd, but that’s what i do. I’ll be hungry for it.


Your maths kinda wonky, yeah since there’s 4 of them they lose 40%, but that’s out of 400. Which is the exact same as 10/100


Hmmm… Weird…

40 % lose without mastery.
and each hunter has 10%…
and monster only loses 10% … THAT IS JUST EMAZING !!

I figured it out…

40% total lose - 10% personal lose =30 % and monster loses 10% only.

30% / 10% = 3% = 3… Therefore…

40%-10%= 30%/10% =3… #HL3 CONFIRMED !


I still have this feeling that HL3/L4D3/(Maybe Portal3) will be announced together.Dota devs promised us a big update early this year(early this year could mean summer time in Valve Time).We are most surely it is the transition of Dota2 into Source2 their new engine.It would make sense all those new games to be on the new engine.Therefore i have this hunch that those games will be announced sometime after the new engine is announced.


As much as i want to play Episode 3 OR HL3, i wish that they would never come out. This game in no way shape or form will be able to live up to it’s hype. We as gamers who played HL series from the begging, we have changed. We like different things, we do things differently and no matter what happens, there is to many of us to agree on everything. So… yeah… there is that.

It is. But that’s why i’m just wondering. Unless we know about equation we are just talking in hypothetical scenarios.


Jparty was a master of masteries, perks, and not using any perks. Shame he’s not here to own Evolve anymore. When he played, nothing was balanced.