Balance Update for 2.04 - Hitting 8/3 - Wednesday

Sup Everyone,

Below is a sneak preview of the balance changes HOT OFF THE PRESS!


These are subject to change before the update, but this is the list so far :slight_smile:


Balance Changes


  • Dropship
  • Initial dropship time increased to 10 seconds from 0
  • Dropship time added when a hunter is downed increased to 11 from 10
  • Max dropship timer increased to 130 seconds from 120



  • Reduced the amount monsters are slowed down while using melee attacks to 20% from 35%


  • Rock Throw
    • Direct damage reduced to 100 from 250
    • Splash damage increased to 578|578|621 from 391|391|431
    • Splash min radius increased to 5|5|8 from 4|4|7 meters
  • Charge
    • Damage increased to 403|403|444 from 377|377|415
  • Leap Smash
    • Damage increased to 437|437|485 from 409|409|454
  • Flame Breath
    • Direct damage increased to 73|73|80 from 66|66|72

Meteor Goliath

  • Rock Throw
    • Direct damage reduced to 330|330|364 from 348|348|384
    • Splash min radius increased to 5|5|8 from 4|4|7 meters
  • Charge
    • Damage reduced to 339|339|373 from 357|357|393
  • Leap Smash
    • Damage reduced to 374|374|412 from 394|394|434


  • In-air projectile attack damage reduced to 115 from 135

Elder Kraken

  • Traversal
    • In-air acceleration reduced to 6 from 35
    • Max air speed increased to 11 from 10
    • Descent min speed reduced to 15 from 20
    • Descent max speed reduced to 30 from 50


  • Decoy’s contextual combat has been updated to support the light attack animation


  • Acid Spit direct damage reduced to 36|36|39 from 39|39|42

Slot 2 Perks (Major)

  • Fly Swatter jetpack flight reduction reduced to 30%|35%|40% from 30%|40%|50%
  • Fly Swatter damage per second reduced to 9|11|13 from 10|12.5|15
  • Mutated Claws damage per second reduced to 13.5|18|22.5 from 15|20|25

Slot 3 Perks (Superior)

  • Grounder Jetpack thrust reduction reduced to 15%|20%|25% from 25%|30%|35%
  • Grounder damage per second reduced to 19|21|23 from 20|23|26
  • Evolved Claws damage per second reduced to 28|32|36 from 30|35|40



  • Hunter passive health regen increased to 25 from 15 a second
  • Additional tuning for solo player matchmaking


  • Defense Matrix damage reduction reduced to 55% from 65%


  • Toxic Grenade damage per second reduced to 111 from 120


  • Shotgun damage per pellet increased to 10 from 9


  • Plasma Lance
    • Damage reduced to 100|150|200|250 from 125|175|225|275
  • Autocannon
    • Max spread reduced to 4 from 5.4
  • Damage increased to 35 from 28


  • Heal Burst heal other reduced to 307 from 332

Rogue Val

  • Heal Burst cooldown increased to 19 seconds from 18


  • Lazarus now gains 25% increased movement speed while cloak is active
    • Gotta go fast!


  • Heal Burst
    • Cooldown decreased to 12 seconds from 20
  • Leech Gun
    • Fire rate reduced to 180 from 210
    • Pellet count reduced to 6 from 8
    • Min and max spread reduced to 6 from 8
    • Cooldown reduction per leech reduced to 1 second from 1.1
    • Damage per pellet increased to 5 from 4


  • Heal Burst
    • Self heal and heal other increased to 300 from 180
    • Incap heal increased to 250 from 150
    • Cooldown increased to 6 seconds from 4


  • Shield Burst cooldown increased to 23 seconds from 20


  • Harpoon reload time increased to 3.65 seconds from 3.25

Wasteland Maggie

  • Harpoon trigger range reduced to 25 from 28


  • Stasis Grenade climb speed debuff reduced to 30% from 35%


  • Dual Pistols
    • Damage increased to 30 from 26
  • Repulsor
    • Reload time increased to 5.5 seconds from 5

Slot 1 Perks (Minor)

  • Infravision range increased to 10|14|18 from 8|11|15
  • Extra Force damage increase reduced to 2%|3%|4% from 3%|4%|5%

Slot 2 Perks (Major)

  • Ultravision range increased to 20|25|30 from 17|20|25 meters
  • Poisonous Rounds damage per second reduced to 5|6|7 from 5|6.5|8

Slot 3 Perks (Superior)

  • Acidic Rounds damage per second reduced to 10|12|14 from 10|13|16
  • Lethal Force damage increase reduced to 7%|8%|9% from 5%|7.5%|10%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some instances where the Spotter wildlife would not play the sound notification when Monsters are in close proximity.
  • Fixed various interactions around Goliath:
    • Issues where Goliath could not climb while using Flame Breath.
    • Various issues where Leap Smash would not register properly on terrain.

Hey, thanks for the update @Insane_521 ! Will we be seeing a rework on Torvald’s mortars eventually to make them easier to use, or are you tackling him by adjustments to shotty and damage/radious on the mortars?

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I think right now it’s about taking him one step up at a time. That’s the nice thing about this week by week thing!

I think after this Shotgun change he should be a lot easier to use for everyone. I’ve played the mortar stuff and I’m pretty happy with it. We’ll keep our eyes on things tho :slight_smile:


Is Goliaths leap smash in to climb coming back ore is it working as intended now?


You never touched her, she was fine. What makes her suddenly OP?

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This was more to bring out Val’s weakness of fighting against spread damage. We felt she was handling that too well, so we’re turning that back just a little bit to see where it places her in the next update.


no more facetanking it for a mate then… weird.

why would you EVER take evolved claws when the damage is marginaly better opposed to grounder AND you get utility?

I like the overall tone and the direction, but some things are outright questionable :stuck_out_tongue:

Why don´t you give Lennox a exponential growth in damage, so the monster would be forced to not ignore the later blows but could tank the first ones. for example 50-125-225-350. Would it make her not consistent enough? I am just curious if you considererd it and not suggesting it.

Alright, will have to see how it plays out :slight_smile:

I’m a little worried that shield supports will be even more important as you keep reducing the Assault shield, however. It’s already very risky to pick one of the non-shielders.

Used to be that way, made her a bit too inconsistent for our liking.

I personally wouldn’t take Grounder. I know it is strong, just isn’t my thing. I do favor taking Fly Swatter quite a bit tho. I still don’t on live since I just like the extra DPS, and I rely on it pretty heavily with my melee/brawler style.

Yeah we’ll see. One of the Assault shields I play with in house has 50% DR only, so it’s not that bad. We just want to make them a bit more vulnerable over the course of a match, and force them to dodge a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


Any chance we’ll have the “take a break” option come back? It was really nice to have and on occasion fixed some really nasty bugs and geometry errors in a pinch.


that´s not good, the reduction ingame says to 70%, which is the same… but not consistent.

wut have u dun my boi!?


FFS you did this to stop FT3, but now Behemoth is getting EVEN MORE rewards for going FT3.

I suggest lowering his health pool from 11/13/15 to 9/10/11 BUT he regens more health when evolving, or a slight health regen when Armor Channeling. This way Behemoth can’t go into S3 with a ton of health and needs to get damage in before S3.

Because that and the Grounder Perk won’t be a problem… Bye Bye mitigation. Hello DR/DI perks.

Hopefully now Emet won’t be worse than microwaved butter… I am worried that the HB won’t be enough. But at least the HB CD is increased.

I’m tired of spamming HB like Slim. If I wanted to spam HB I would go Slim, not Emet. But I don’t.


Can you please explain the slim’s changes?
This should improve his healing per second?

I am very bad with math T_T

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60% heal increase while 50% cd increase is hardly a buff… just saying. Not saying that it can not work, but i would not get my hopes up on reading this.

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Well I was in favor of reducing the time of the evolve dropship bonus, but increasing the hunter downed time at least balanced out the ratio.

I cant say that I agree with this one. The power of the Monster should mostly come from its stage and not the length of the dropship timer. (In other words: Please buff Stage 3 but make it harder to reach).

Imo instead of nerfing the direct damage of it, you should decrease the frequency. Right now the snowballs can be thrown every .95 seconds or so, if it was only 1.5 seconds, Kraken’s supreme effectiveness against deployables would come down a little.
Another thing I noticed while playing Slim: Being constantly hit by these white balls in the face is very irritating and not very helpful if you want to shoot back to heal yourself. So another reason to decrease the frequency.

Something I wanted to ask: I have recently picked the minor health regen perk for 20 HPS, but it didnt seem to stack to 35 HPS, but rather stay at 20. Will this stack in the next patch or will you increase the perk?

SO MUCH :heart: FOR YOU.
Now let me get my calculator…

Yay, more Cabot fun!

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Yeah I know. TRS should just revert him back to Legacy where he was fine. But upon comparing current math to legacy…

300 healing every 6 seconds = 600 healing in 12 seconds. 12 seconds was the supposed legacy CD but he only did 375 healing.


Whats the status of Emet’s Buoy destroy sound effect playing when Emet has 3 buoys up already and throws a new one?

Wow nerfing gorgon, she was already considered the worst monster, even worse than bob.

@deanimate Goliath has been resurrected