Balance Update for 2.04 - Hitting 8/3 - Wednesday

Damn it got pushed back. Oh well :).

Will parties still be able to play as monster?

Please tell us that we can. Half the fun of beating the crap out of people as the Monster is the fact that those people can be your friends, whom you can rub your victory in their faces.

People are asking me on reddit if it has been changed or anything, and tbh I have no idea.
@Insane_521 can you confirm?

Maybe this can help you out @Azmi_Anuar?

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Totally make sense. Its way too powerful in melee, but same time suck big time at ranged combat. SO nerfing melee and buffing ranged DPS is a right thing to do.

So is the patch coming out today some time or is it tomorrow with quantum caira and the new updates.

Tomorrooooooooowwwwww ~

Most likely…

@Ghost953, as mentioned in the title, it will be wednesday :slight_smile:

Wednesday is here, and I need me some patch!

Fourteen minutes!!!

That’s fifteen minutes too many!


Steam updated but not evolve so does this mean no updaterino today?

Patience, steam updates aren’t linked to game updates.

But I want my Goliath buff! (proceeds with childish bawling)

Update is live, patchnotes where?

They’re in the first post.

It’s updating now

The Quantum Surge Update is out!