Balance Update for 2.04 - Hitting 8/3 - Wednesday

lv2 rocks.

lv3 rocks


It’s great to see that you call it this instead of “ranged melee” which is a contradiction of terms.

I am talking about tournament kind of level but he certainly doesn’t have a 60% win rate there. But that’s balance for you. I know it’s not easy.

Yep, I know what ya mean.

Okay I understand that it makes sense but why then not buffing her medgun a bit more. Now its just a nerf :frowning: - I just have to use the healburst cause the medgun is not enough often. I agree with that she is not supposed to crowd heal that good, she is a single target healer but maybe then just buff her medgun a bit that I dont have to use all the time the healburst, a little buff on her medgun would fit to her role better :smiley:

I think you are buffing the wrong aspect of Torvald. He can’t just have Shotgun that is more accurate, reloads and fires faster, even if he has a few pellets less.
I think you should rather increase the effectiveness of the shrapnell grenade, which does not seem all that powerful at the moment.
What I have in mind is the following: Right now when you reapply a shrapnel grenade, the old weakpoints disappear. But what if they didnt? You could have the entire Monster peppered with weakpoints, which isnt that big of a deal anymore, since you also reduced the effectiveness of the weakpoints.
Or how about increasing the size of the spots? The do so little extra damage, that at least they should be super easy to hit, dont you think?

A very minor one. You lost 25 healing every 12(?) seconds thats 2.08 health a second. I mean I’m sure they could add that 2.08 health per second to your medgun but I don’t see it making any difference.

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But what’s his Splash damage? Ok the direct is more- but is the slash the same as og? Less? More?

No fix to Behemoth’s infinite roll ?

Why does it need a fix? Fix implies beeing broken, this one is just barely making him viable. And he is still bad.

Because Behemoth can now roll infinitely ?? As soon as he “quits” the ball form,his stamina is getting maxed out = BROKEN

So? What difference does it make. Its not making him win any more games.

For me Bob seems super strong right now,he is smashing on rankeds :wink:

Ok for you maybe, but he is really not.

lol,you played him even ? For me he is REALLY strong and idk how someone can think other way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes i did and i also played against him. Sad to say, behemoth is a clunky piece of uselessness that just sits there and waits to get damaged, sometimes he tries to chase a hunter but he is to slow in actual combat.
He needs climbing speed and guess which perk gives climbing speed. The one combined with traverse recharge. Utter poop combination for him.

@Insane_521 do we get a dedicated climb perk please?

I want to get prime with him anyway … I will git gut with Behemoth and show everyone i will get to gold with him :wink: (wish me luck lol)

So what if monsters are favored on pubs? I honestly think it’s better for the longevity of the game if monsters are slightly OP. There needs to be a certain percentage of players on pub who are willing to play monster, and as it stands monster can be a pretty punishing experience… not even in terms of difficulty, just in terms of mental fatigue. I know for me I can only play monster 2 or 3 times in a row before I have to take a break, because it gets exhausting. In your experience, is there an overabundance of players willing to play monster? Because from what I’ve seen, a majority of the lobbies I get put into have all 5 players with a hunter preference. I’ve been setting monster as my #4 preferred role and I still get it more than half the time (lately this might have to do with the parties-not-being-able-to-play-monster thing, though… but still, the first point stands).

I know this is more of a design philosophy question rather than a gameplay mechanic, but here’s my stance on this—when you lose as a hunter, how do you feel? Disappointed maybe, sometimes even frustrated if you’ve had a bad teammate or if you yourself dropped the ball a couple times. How do you feel when you lose as a monster? For me, it’s downright heartbreaking. I’m not really sure why. But I think it might have something to do with the expectation, at least in my mind as a casual player, that the monster should be favored, and that the onus is on the hunters to work together to overcome tougher odds.

It appears, from above pictures, to be 200.

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Any ETA when will we get this patch at tuesday?