Balance to prevent flee till three


Monster that are fleeing till three are annoying to fight against but it is ( most of the time ) the best strategie for them. I think that some tweak could made this strategie less viable and encourage monster figthing in ealy stage. First increase dome duration ( from 60 to 70). Second, Decrease monster armor by 20% at each stage. Third increase monster healt by 30% at each stage. And finally change the abilities point system ( currently s1 3 , s2 6, s3 9). It should be 4 point at stage 1, 7 point at stage 2 and only 8 point at stage 3 ( this way stage 3 is more a way to increase your healt). This will encourage monster to fight in early stage because they will be more powerfull and will loose more healt if they try to minigate so its better for them to engage.


Sorry for bad english. ( speak french )


Yeah when my team runs into a FT3 monster we just kill the major wildlife buffs and wait for the monsters doom.


Yeah it is annoying. But with this I feel that they would be punish for pnly relying on FT3


I wouldn’t recommend that strategy because having no strikes in a relay fight spells out doom for the Monster.

Godamn that’s a lot of health. But what of Wraith and Gorgon with their little armor?[quote=“boom23456, post:1, topic:79985”]
This will encourage monster to fight in early stage because they will be more powerfull and will loose more healt if they try to minigate so its better for them to engage.

If they mitigate very well, they won’t lose that much health. What still concerns me is how having less armor but more health is better. Armor can be regained, health, not so much. I only see Behemoth and maybe Meaty winning from this.


The devs are already working on that! :smile:


having more point to spend at s1 and s2 make then more powerfull and they wont be able to minigate enought enyway because of the 70 sec dome


Happy to ear that I didn’t know😀


I feel like the abilities and melee and such should be buffed or nerfed accordingly instead of changing the amount of points. Also, since s3 is a burden instead of being a Monster machine Imo, one thing in the end you said

doesn’t sound like a Monster buff and more of a nerf. The Monster being one point stronger isn’t that great even if they Evolve just for more health. The more health but less armor is only great for a few Monsters since other have very little armor and health damage is permanent.


It is not a buff nor a nerf. It is just a tweak. Also, how being stage 3 is a burden for a good monster ( especially kraken ) ( exept gorgon that suck at s3 relay fight)


Also having one more point at stage 2 can be the differance between an incap and a 10% hunter being shielded. It also help the monster with is ambush.


Well, we’ll see how it turns out… Deffo looking forward to the next patch where they introduce that.
But right now it’s just the only way of playing and we have to live with it. :frowning:
I admit that I also do this - and hate it when I see it, but most of the time I loose when I just run S3 and then start a relay fight.

P.S.: They also said that the system works as of right now really well and is much more fun than it is right now, because everything is much more based on the combat, but that it just needs time and it might not be ready for the next patch unfortunately (Don’t remember from where it is, too much forum the past few days. xD)


Don’t blame you every one want to win and once you have a strike on support or if u can be s3 full healt full armor there is no point of engaging earlier.


There is a tactic called “camping Relay” too (working the best vs Gorgon cause she relys at her ambush-tactics). The reason is the advantage of the environment around the relay (not directly to the relay). Both are soaking the fun out of the game.


I think an important thing to remember is that no matter what ends up happening, there are always going to be certain strategies that are better for each side. People are going to do whatever it takes to win the majority of the time.

Monsters wanted to win and at Stage 3 they had the best shot so Flee till 3 became a thing. To counter that Hunters adopted the Hold the Dome and in extreme cases Relay Camping.

TRS can do things to encourage people to play a certain way. But people will attempt to find ways to make winning easier.


In How is monster weaker in the early stage with what im proposing ?


My bad I read it wrong. You make some strong points, but I prefer the game as it is and making stage 3 weaker doesn’t sit right with me. It should feel empowering like you are Godzilla or something.


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