Balance the T4 Hunters


Playing against them literally makes me sick to my stomach. Behemoth is a joke thanks to his amazing health melting powers. The fact you released the DLC like this is just a slap in the face to the people who have forked out $100 to support your game.

Here are some suggestions.


  • Increase mortar cooldown by 1 second
  • Decrease mortar damage by 20%
  • Increase auto-shotgun by 15%
  • Give auto-shotgun a manual option (where you hold to empty magazine, it isn’t forced)


  • Increase Gobi cooldown to 10 seconds
  • Remove Gobi’s ability to see through walls (because as-is it’s super lame)


  • Decrease mini-nuke damage by 10%
  • Increase jetpack boost cooldown by 30% (or consumption rate)


  • Decrease lifedrain gun effectiveness by 10% (damage and burst recharge rate)
  • Increase lifedrain travel speed by 10% (speed the life comes back from damage source)

Playing against these T4 hunters has completely ruined my monster experience, and I imagine the amount of monster players are at an all time low because of this. We need BALANCE for this game to be fun.


  • Fix the 2x damage bug
  • Make the crit spot smaller
  • Lava Bomb: Initial press should begin casting, release to quickly so he’s not wide open for 2 seconds
  • Lava Bomb: allow aiming up until it’s leaving his mouth - why force an empty spot for a skill shot?
  • Rock Wall: Begin cooldown after wall is cast, not after wall is down (currently way too long to be effective)

It would also be nice if the game didn’t randomly glitch and freeze. So many would-be good games ruined by this obvious and frequently replicable bug (I notice it a lot when I cast fissure, but if any T4 is on the team it seems possible, doesn’t have to be Behemoth).

Months of defending you and convincing friends to buy the game were repaid with blatantly overpowered and bugged DLC. Bro - do you even test?


Crit spot is shrinking in upcoming patch, Sunny and Slim are both getting damage nerfs, 2X damage bug is also being fixed, theyre looking at decreasing Torvalds mortar damage by 10%, theyll be making decisions depending on how things go.
Id suggest looking at the telemetry thread, Macman has been talking quite a bit about peoples concerns about T4, may wanna give it a shot :smile:


Crow is fine, Slim is debatable - I would prefer a damage nerf to him, but increase the number of pellets so that a full clip with all the pellets hitting would fully charge the heal burst. Slim’s burst is the weakest out of all the medics anyway.

For Torvald, I would prefer decreasing the number of mortars by half, then doubling the damage to compensate - this is to stop capacity increase being too overpowered, and nerf the ability to drag mortars in a line.

For Sunny, fix the drone-stack, add a cooldown after it’s destruction and double the reload of the nuke. Done.


Your changes are far too sweeping. Small changes are better than big ones.

Sunny needs either a damage reduction, or a reload increase. One or the other, then a reevaluate.

Slim just needs a small DPs Nerf. Monsters will learn to handle spore cloud. I have.

Crow is fine as is. Gobi is easily countered. Just use the terrain In your favor (those orange blobs on the map are anti-gobi barriers.

Torvald needs an increase in reload speed on his mortars. Then reevaluate. Huge changes like what you’re suggesting ruin games.


Sunny needs to have a cooldown after the drone is destroyed. The jetpack booster I can deal with, that’s her thing so it should stay as it is. I’d prefer it if Crow had to wait for Gobi to return to him, wait 5secs then send him out again, minor issue really. Small damage reduction for Slim.

That’s it. Never had a problem with assault of any kind, they’re meant to bring the pain to the monster. If you get hit with a mortar, move more. If you get hit twice, stop getting hit.


Torvald’s mortar damage should be a bit lower.
Sunny’s damage should be lower, and there should be a 10 sec CD before placing a drone after first one is destroyed.
Slim’s leech gun should be 50% as effective at recharge as it is now(atm Slim can shoot of a healing burst every 1 second and is by far the best healer, as long as his aim is good) and spore launcher should have a 10-15 second cooldown OR hunter should be highlighted red once hit for a second or two(like when a cloaked hunter is shown when hit).
Crow is balance just fine IMO.

And Behemoth:
Increased damage taken bug removed.
Weakpoint damage reduced to 1.5x instead of 2x or size reduced greatly or both(he’s supposed to be hard to kill but easy to run away from).
Cooldown in between rolls should be 2.5 seconds(to stop the attack/roll spam) but he should do a heavy attack after each roll.
Lava Bomb should be aimed in the same manner as Rock Throw, that is you should be able to change its target while casting(even though it has larger radius, it’s significantly lower damage than Rock Throw, so it baffles me as to why it locks you in place when Rock Throw can be aimed up until it’s released.
And most importantly, NOTHING should be able to slow his roll by more than 25%. ATM, a harpoon will slow rolling speed by ~80%, and once you’re hit by a slow you’re as good as dead. No other traversal is affected by slows to such extent, and no other monster takes such a long time to unroll, break the harpoon, and try to traverse away.