Balance Team AMA Tuesday, 10/4 12PM - 2PM

@Shaners is it PST?

@Shaners Will another thread be opened for this, or should we return to this thread with our questions?

Now that you implemented the micro-transactions, what will be your plans about the character variations? Will they get unique animations, updated models (mostly the weapons), voice lines, sound effects (monsters’ growl for example), etc…?

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(3 - 5 PM for me)

Got a few for you:

  • When will microtransactions come out for the rest of the world? I’d gladly pay a bit to support the development.

  • What are your thoughts on the current state of medics, the opinions that slim & paladin parnell are the only viable medics, and with the amount of complaints given regarding medics, are you planning something to make them more balanced/viable/etc?

  • Are there specific characters that the devs consider underpowered at the moment and what are the plans to balance them out?

  • Can we expect co op experiences (deepest dark) to come out more frequently in the future?

thnx for your time :smiley:

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There should be another one on the weekend.

I’m gonna use this post to jot down any questions i think up before the AMA. Probably be more than one edit before then.

How much can you tell us about moving forward with consoles? I know you can’t be 100% transparent, but anything is appreciated.

What were the thoughts behind the Battle Cabot design? What made you think up the rather cool ideas? Oh, most importantly. I’m assuming that his shield grenade will work like Hyde’s gas grenade, what’s the radius? Is it going to be 30m starting at the center of where you lob it? Larger? Shorter?

Is there any discussion in the studio about possibly refactoring Gorgon’s mimic? Of the 4 abilities, that one feels the most useless. Spider trap can be useful in many situations, but mimic gets shut down easily.

Speaking of mimic, how’s everything going on Wraith’s Phantom? Are the damage numbers as expected? Is there room for improvement?

Any plans to lower the health on sunny’s drone? I may not be the consensus, but i feel like it would be better lowered a bit towards Kala teleporters.

Do you feel Cabot’s damage amp is in a good spot?

Would there be any precedence to move Bucket’s damage a bit more into the turrets again? Not all of it ofc, but the turrets feel… lackluster now. I tend to use his turrets in solo matches as monster to extend timers while i wait for the dropship.

Are there any plans to change Waggie? She feels not so hot. Pun not intended.

I know someone asked but this’ll be to remind myself if i don’t see the answer/question… any plans to help the Medic class? They seem to need it, besides parnelladin and maybe Slim (who after having gotten some advice, feels more balanced now)

Ho ho, it just occurred to me. Where do we stand on Tyrants returning? I miss our crocodile-esque friends. :frowning: Also maybe Elite Dune Beetles?

Will add more when i think of them.

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I only have one question… I need to know more about the Wraith Adaptation (provided if this is a valid thing to ask about but since it’s balanced related questions probably not).

Since OG Wraith is now what everyone considers a “Brawler” (which has bothered quite a few people) are we by any possible chance getting a more “Speed” and/or “Sneak” based Wraith?

I miss when Wraith was fast because she felt and was different and as far as she feels now on Legacy she feels… lacking… almost too similar to the other Monsters. I get that some people hated how other players used her but it feels unfair for someone like myself who actually fought back (Gasp!) instead of fleeing til Three.

And honestly I feel like my playstyle was punished because of a different playstyle from other players. And also the lacking of skill on some Hunters parts (because honestly not every Wraith win was because she was “OP”).


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Any estimated time when the Kraken refactor is finished? Currently waiting for that to start playing again cause he is my most loved monster.

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What timezone?

Do the balance team really think the following characters are balanced?

Quantum Caira
Rogue Val
Wasteland Maggie

I hope they get buffed because no one ever picks them unless they’re new players.

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“Ask Me Anything”


Normally found on reddit but we felt it made more sense on our official forum where all of you guys are!


Are we going to just have one thread that everyone posts on? Or something else?



Traditionally AMAs are kept in one place, to make it easier for future readers to go through it without much confusion


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There will be two threads. One thread for all questions, & another for dev responses where they will quote the questions to organize it all. :slight_smile:

I would go with Anything you think they would have insight on. :slight_smile:

PST! :slight_smile:


Just to be sure, you mean PST, as in PST with no daylight time, right? Or are you observing PDT now?

And also, is this thread the question thread, or will a question thread be created later?

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Are we allowed to start asking now? I have seen multiple users ask their questions. Plus I’ll be in school while this is going on, so I can’t participate (I hope there will be another one on the weekend).


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@SnakeSound222 Can you have someone else ask your question for you? :slight_smile: