Balance Team AMA Tuesday, 10/4 12PM - 2PM

Hello everyone!

We know things have been a bit quiet the past few days and we want to make sure you know we’re here for you and we are listening!

We want to make it up to you by running an AMA right here, on our official forums.

You’re probably asking, “But Shane, we’re normally able to reach you real-time! How is this different?”

It’s different because from 12PM - 2PM the entire balance team will be available to answer your questions and concerns.

That means all these guys right here:
@Insane_521 @LordDeath @KaiserTim @GentlemanSquirl @TheGuidance

Make sure to use this weekend to plan what questions you’ve been dying to know the answers to and they will try their best to address all questions.

Thank you all for being such a engaging community & we look forward to the AMA!



Will this be a livestream or forum posts?

Forum posts!

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Awesome! I’ll get my questions ready, thanks so much.

Nooooo, it’s on a Tuesday! The site won’t work at my school so I can ask any Sunny questions.

Okay, I may not have access to S2 right now, but I feel that this is a questiuon that does need some answering, as I’ve seen posts about the site about it.


How do the balance team feel about the thoughts of various pro-level players on the subject of Medic balance as a whole, and how they feel that there is currently only one viable medic in high-level play?

Do you think you could pin this topic?

It’s in the #turtle-talk category

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Is it a AMA by the balance team, as in the balance team answering “anything”, or is it a balance-related-only AMA?

All the boiz are assembled!

Each crew member as powerful and dank as the next.

I’ll see ya’ll there.


I hope the balance broness is ready.


Bump, @Sentry_Gun @Takran this should probably be pinned so more people see it, though people can find it by checking the dev tracker. People need to know about this!



Spread the word around, I think some of you may have questions. :slight_smile:

Also pinned the topic.

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What timezone is this? Pst?

I know what I’m going to ask…

I shall prepare accordingly.


Question for @GentlemanSquirl What time era is Battle Cabot from?

@Shaners What does AMA stand for?

[quote=“The_Specialist, post:18, topic:104139”]
What does AMA stand for?
[/quote]Ask Me Anything.

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This is a great idea.